FCO warns that it believes terrorists are in the final stage of planning attacks in Mogadishu.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice on Somalia has been changed to reflect concerns about a terrorist attack in Mogadishu.

An FCO spokesperson says:

We have amended our Travel Advice for Somalia. Our advice makes clear that there continues to be a high threat from terrorism and that the FCO believes that terrorists are in the final stages of planning attacks in Mogadishu. We advise against all travel to all parts of Somalia. See the GOV.UK website for further details.

The safety of British Nationals abroad is a major concern for the FCO. We therefore attach great importance to providing information about personal safety and security overseas, including an assessment of the level of threat from terrorism, to enable people to make informed decisions about travel.

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    • It's evident that the US & UK administrations are facing a new front of hostility, the USA, in particular is regretting by it's recent approach as it tried to re-engage with the failed state of Somalia.
      It seems deja vu all over again to me…

  1. The strategy is for Arab league to provide New Heavier weapons to the Road-Map government while Ethiopia and Kenya arm the Repel groups. Then they all stand back let it rain bullets?

    The final destination is a FULL AU-Trusteeship.

    Where Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and South Sudan who do not have any access to Sea will have a permanent colony that serves the interests of their ever increasing population that cannot be sustained via Air lifts and reliance on Neighboring countries.

    🙂 Somalia-Federations of AU.


    Uganda – Banaadir-State of Uganda
    Ethiopia – Galgaduud-State of Ethiopia
    Burundi – Shabelede_dhexe &Hiraan {Shabraan} -State of Burundi
    Rwanda – ?
    S.Sudan – ?
    Kenya – might as well aim for the Juba hoose so as to gain the coastal territory it has been pursuing for 22years. That is why they will keep 3500troops along side the 850 from sierre leone to protect their investment.

    These countries also share a common strategy on the Nile river and it's future potential to enhance the livelihood of their citizens. It was a mistake for Hassan Mahamoud to side with Egyptian strategy on the Nile issue,while troops from these countries are stationed within his borders.

    Can Hassan Mahamoud attend the May conference if a war breaks out in Muuqdishu?

    • Buuxiye

      lol, about your comment, if a Somali guy in the horn of Africa reads it, He would say that the only Somali tribes that you did not given up their lands are isaak harti and gudubiirso

      or in english/politics somaliland, puntland, khatumo correct

  2. if you think we will cry foul good luck. This is Mugdhisho, once known as hell on earth. What's a suicide bomb every now and then……life goes one….and the next day you can flock back to get your passport, papers and all else.

  3. To begin with it this was Madam Hillary Clinton debacle. Which we all know what was motivating her and let's just say not well thought out strategy how they were going to achieve their goal.And lately the U.S.A has become synonymous of rushing in to things and not pursuing well crafted foreign policy, Which will service their interest more effectively and could net them health engagement with the Somali people.having said all that, this is a message for this so-called president his atrocious behavior he has been exhibiting since he took the office and they're reminding him that he was put there, And if doesn't do the job of implementing federal system he was selected on it and start working with his neighboring countries in particular Kenya and Ethiopia than his days are number. That's why his so-called prime minister is getting the treatment from Ethiopia the trip he's on at this moment in Addis ababa the kilil 5aad representative received him. Not only that the gangs they send to enforce the law in baydhabo has been doing anything but that as usual they started raping and looting the same population they were suppose to service.And the result baydhabo is lost to alshaabaab.and the population may prefer alshabab over this gang and do you blame them.And we already new what's taking place in marka not to mention the disappearing of weapon from vila muuqdisho.therefore it's time for him to follow directions instead of wondering his own…..