The scenario has changed with Turkish involvement in Somalia, in a way that prompts me to ask what it is that the Turks have done differently, to win over the hearts of the people of Somalia.

The battle of Mogadishu in 1993 between the United States forces and the Somali militiamen loyal to the self-proclaimed president Mohamed Farrah Aidid, led to the killing of eighteen Americans and the downing of a US helicopter, the Black Hawk, with RPG’s (rocket-propelled grenades)  by Aidid men. This was the bloodiest battle involving US troops since the Vietnam War and remained so until the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004.

Somalis did not believe that the Americans came to Somalia to secure a safe environment or for humanitarian operations: but they believed that they were using the humanitarian crisis as a cover for exploiting the natural resources of the country and to serve their political purposes in the region by having power where the former Soviet Union had once been influential.

The failure of the UNOSOM II mission certainly had a significant impact in US foreign policy; we saw what a lesson it was, as well as the profoundly negative impact of this failure on the worsening conditions in Somalia. Any triumph attached to defeating one of the most powerful countries in the world, conversely only gave the war lords a stronger reason to continue fighting, believing that they were impregnable. This in turn led the country into a series of civil wars, the invasion of Ethiopia, piracy, terrorist activities and ultimately its notoriety as a fallen state.

In my view Somalia has been isolated for twenty years as a sort of punishment for humiliating the Americans, while they used it as a test case of a failing state, recently invoked for example in the fears expressed by some world commentators that Syria may became ‘the new Somalia’.

Somalia was used as an experiment for every sort of corruption you could imagine: illegal fishing, dumping chemical toxic waste, fuelling and supporting terrorist groups like al Shabab and other war lords, using the country as an arms trafficking hub to serve the political and economic purposes of other countries, mainly their neighbours. Somalia was on stand-by for any dirty jobs needing to be done.

Due to the invasion of Somalia and the neglect the country has suffered for twenty years, Somalis have lost faith, hope and trust in the international community. It was never safe for foreigners to travel around in Somalia unless if they had armed bodyguards around them for protection. The only people who used to be pleased to see foreigners were the kidnappers, so they could use them for their own advantage. Especially in Mogadishu, you didn’t expect to see foreigners walking with confidence.

However, the scenario has changed with Turkish involvement in Somalia, in a way that prompts me to ask what it is that the Turks have done differently, to win over the hearts of the people of Somalia.

Two years ago when famine hit East Africa, the Prime Minister of Turkey Tayyip Erdoğan was the first leader to visit Mogadishu with his family in twenty years. Mr Erdogan told the BBC that they wanted to refute the notion that the city was a no-go area. Single-handed, he thus succeeded in again bringing the attention of the international community and the media to a country torn by war and desperately in need of help.

His visit to the country had a huge effect on the Somali community. They felt that finally they would not be allowed to suffer in silence and that this time, help wouldn’t be confined to food aid that would just prevent the Somali people from to starving to death but that perhaps it would offer more help than that for the future. His physical and emotional support has touched the hearts of many people and been seen as very genuine.

In Somalia it is important to show that you are sincere in your dealings with others. In my country, what you see is what you get, and I believe that this is what the Turks managed to understand from the beginning. Turkey’s rising role in Africa has brought good fortune to Somalia, by bringing some peace, stability and above all hope to a nation brought to its knees by civil war.

In Mogadishu now you will see a Turkish flag fly next to the Somali flag whereever you go. Somali people genuinely love the Turkish people and want them in their country. They have become a sort of comfort.  One of my friends in Mogadishu said to me, ‘Now Turkish people are part of our daily lives, everywhere you go you will see Turkish people moving around the town without any security, building hospitals, treating casualties, and if there are any accidents you will see ambulances driven by Turkish people rushing to the rescue’. She adds, ‘they are the only foreigners who you see driving cars, swimming at the beach, playing football and building the country side by side with Somali’s. They believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. And they are determined to be part of a modern Somalia.’

The commitment the Turkish government has given to Somalia has helped to bind the two countries together. Turkey is the only country in the world that has engaged their locals to help Somalis rebuild their country. If things continue in this way, Somalia will become a success story: a dead country brought back to life, by the Turks

By Amal Ahmed


About the author

Amal Ahmed works in the technology department at the Guardian. She has also trained as a video producer, made several films for the Guardian’s website and written articles for Alquds Alarabi newspaper, London.


  1. The only reason I clicked on this article is because of the lady in the picture. Mama Mia

  2. "Waa qalanjo yaablow qurux iyo ilaahbaa u dhammeeyey qaayaha illayn way qarsoonayd" girl wonder were you are and you're conditions in life

  3. It's so sad and embarrassing to digest that the only thing my fellow country men could comment about the article is the lady author's shape. What a shame!!!!!!!
    To the author, I would say humble apologies to you on behalf of those idiot fellows.

    • @ Osman my brother, as a single man my eyes are alwayz wide open. Its not my fault that this girl is beautiful and to make the matter worse she chose to expose her beauty. May be it is Shaydhaan or devil that has to be blamed.

      • Adan
        She's not expose but it would have been wonderful if she cover head and she still would be that beautiful.

    • Thats because you love men ! thats the only logical explanation to your comments. Beauty is as obvious as fact so sorry we can't help but admire her.

  4. Cold-Turkey is the code word.

    The long addiction to failure experienced by Somalia has finally been addressed to confinement of aggressive treatment via the Cold-Turkey method.

    A Friend and a work colleague uses a very ancient proverb "Beware of a a Greek bearing gifts".

    If the Turks are in Somalia to treat it's failure via the Cold-Turkey methodology it sure is going to be a very painful experience. The reality is they are reviving the most fought over city in the world without consideration to why it happens to be the most destroyed city in the failed state.

    Muuqdishu was a shared city that was home to every clan of a people who's clan affiliation out ranks their nationalism. This city is no longer a shared city and is in the grips of the clan that caused the city's original annihilation. The city is an occupied city where the properties of other clans were illegally confiscated.

    Rebuilding Muuqdishu rewards the warlords that have stolen the city from it's nation and it illuminates the city in the darkness of a failed state. The Cold-Turkey approach to revive a nation by building only Muuqdishu is akin to building a naked flamed in a night for moonlight starved moth.

    Beware a Turk bearing Cold-Turkey!

  5. Why are you hating you know im telling the truth you lair and I know Amal will agree with me if she gets this message

  6. Turkey naive approach in re-building Mogadishu as the source of solving Somalia problem is incredibly disturbing. In fact, Turkey is being misled and re-inflating the same core reason for the destruction the Somali Republic. Central, de-facto city state of Mogadishu. Remember when Mogadishu was the only proper functioning city in Somalia, the only city with well-funded universities, hospitals etc

    The City State of Mogadishu is in the making with a weak dysfunctional city gov that is dependent on 17,000 AU troops and police officers the patrol the streets of Mogadishu……do you consider this to be peace….?

  7. "Peaceful civilised side" of what ? Somalia ? i tough you were a country ? or you just a "side" of somalia now?

    • amiira I would love to give you some attention if youre a goodloking Somali girl like her

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  11. loool last time i checked your people was still worshiping the planes that bombed hargeisa. They even built a little autel for the wreck of the plane in the middle of the city ! claiming to have killed the "MONSTER" with rocks and knife kkkkkkk

  12. The game ”Ikhawanij-yeh” (we are Muslims brothers) by Turkey Qatar and Iran in the battle field of Somalia is to get influence and power to shape the future of Somalia. First as defined by the new Somalian constitution article (1) and (208-1) demands Federal systems however the assumed components are not willing or none existent. In this confusion Turkey is flexing its mussels’ as moderate Islamist power Qatar as honest broker herding religious scholars to train as Judges, Iran is eyeing the old Air force base Balli Doogle taking to train Somalian Air force. In this context the major power players of the region see this as denying their effort in stabilizing Somalia. They see the effort of Turkey Qatar and Iran as Vexing devil. Somalia has a long way to go. Thanks.

  13. Guys, as much as I enjoy the dog fight leave Somali girls out of your childish arguments, btw Xarbi, Mudfac, kilo and other million names is the same disgraceful person also known Kaboon.
    and Ayanle I'm disappointed in you brotha, maxaa ku qatay, 🙁

  14. @Ayanle
    Yes I do agree Isaaq woman want to be looked after well since they all adore strong Somalia male because they feel protected. My wife constantly tells me that I am the best husband in Hargeisa well for a start I don't blame her I mean look at the state of Isaaq men they worship white people they want to revive a colonial british border and No Isaaq woman would like the taste of that.

    My wife give me permission to marry another Isaaq woman Bless her I won't disappoint her my offspring are talented they gone lead these useless Iidooooors fools.

    • If you are half the man that proclaim to be, why not tell the world who you really are……a man with no balls and who claims that he is married to an Isaaq woman and that you live in Hargeisa…… are nothing but a piece of crap who wants to hang around any Somaliland news thread. A real man tells the world who he is and stands his ground….be ONE

  15. I value a turkish guy more than i care about those waste of space who are calling themselves "somalilanders" they are constantly used by the ethiopians and arabs to spit their venem on our country. They are disgusting people with no values or diin.


  17. All Somali women, girls are beautiful. You Would be surprised how all my non Somalis friends all want a Somali girl.

  18. The Republic of Somaliland and its people have also helped the peopl of Somalia immensly.

    1. Somaliland has welcomed 400 000(four hundred thousand refugees from Somalia) and provided them a safehaven from the war in their country.

    2. Thirty five thousand(35 000) kids from Somalia are enrolled in Somaliland schools where they get educated for free.

    3. The people of Somaliland offered aid to the people of Somalia durin the famine and also to dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

    4. Somalilands government and people never supported any of the warring factions of Somalia with weapons and money like other neighboring countries did during their endless war.

    5. Many of Somalias biggest businessmen made Hargeysa their new center for their business operations especially the Mogadishu businessmen and women. People from Somalia also own a lot of businesses in Somaliland.

    6. Thousand upon thousand of people came from Somalia for treatment for medical problems to Somaliland hospitals such as Manhal eye clinic in Hargeisa and Borames fistula hospital for womens problems. These people were usually broke because they had fled the war so they got free treatment.

    7. Many young and adults from Somalia attend Somaliland universities.

    8. Due to the war in Somalia many people from Somalia brought their kids for vacation to Somaliland so they could experience Somali culture(dhaqan celis).

    9. Somalilands people opposed that foreign troops should set foot on Somalias soil and Somalilands people helped topple the abdullahi yusuf government that was bombing mogadishu with itoobiyas help.


    Somaliland has also helped neighboring Somalia in many more ways such as showing them an example of how to run their affairs that is why they are copying us now with jubbaland and previously puntland followed our lead. And now puntland is copying our political system and is making political parties. Somaliland and its people are indeed the pride of the somali people.


    Somaliland ha noolato!!!!!!!

  19. please for the sake of the writer and your people stop fighting publicly its embarrassing and show how narrow minded people we are and we will never move forward as nation if we keep thinking like this!
    talk about the article instead of qabeel.

  20. please for the sake of the writer and your people stop fighting publicly its embarrassing and show how narrow minded people we are and we will never move forward as nation if we keep thinking like this!
    talk about the article instead of qabeel

  21. @Ayanle and the others, please stop your hate! take your disgusting mind some where else, you all should be a shamed of your selves, because of people like you guys we were in a mess for 22 years!
    you are an embarrassment and we will never move forward as nation if we have people like you hating each other this in our country.

  22. To truly understand what she's talking about you need to read the original

    We the Hawiye single handily not only humiliated the only World Superpower but also brought their evil NWO to a full stop until they got cocky again nearly a decade later and invaded Afghanistan only to be Karbashed again by the mighty Khorasan Pashtun people remember that. AUN Aideed

  23. The current president of Somalia was infact one of those many people from Somalia that used Somaliland as a safehaven where they could operate from. He used to live in Hargeisa. Adde muuse found safe haven in Somaliland when he was at war with Abdullahi yusuf and just like the current president of Somalia mr. Adde muuse became the president of puntland. Many of puntlands elite politicians and clan elders are infact currently in Hargeisa due to differences with faroole not to mention their business people. Kids u live in the internet world the tribal nonsense u r engaged in is far from reality.

    Many groups from somalia are constantly in hargeisa asking for money and weapons to make power moves in somalia. They range from majerteen groups wanting to overthrow faroole to groups wanting to take over kismaayo and religious groups such as ahlusunna who infact is heavily influenced and supported by powerful somaliland islamic groups.

    If we didnt like our brothers and sisters in somalia we could have puntland in civilwar and shambles within months and chaos all over somalia. But even now we keep the peace between u guys.

    As you might be aware Djibouti is inhabited by somaliland clans so who do you think just donated weapons to somalias government. We do a lot of things through djibouti and they do a lot of things they want hidddn through us.

    Just than Allah that u guys have Somaliland as neighbor. Turkey is great country but indeed Somaliland got ur back more than anybody.

    • lol. simple. because we can't trust you. The mu'men can't be bit from the same hole twice.

  24. I think this is a lesson not to publish Zoomali dirt articles. They are all here protesting why an article by a person who never set foot in Zoomalia and only associated with warlords by tribal association is on a pro SL website.

    Any normal SL person here who can read would turn away when they read ignorant lines such as
    "In Mogadishu now you will see a Turkish flag fly next to the Somali flag…"

    Ethiopian flag is a Somali flag, Djibouti is a Somali flag, Somaliland is a Somali flag. What flag was flying with the Turkey one or is it a Kurdish one?

    They cant even tell the difference between ethnicity and countries.

  25. @ irir samale project.

    Aideed Mad Max moryaan and his millitia have not achieved anything accept looting and destruction and so forth. they could not come other somali region such as northeast and Deep south. Today those foreigners who were in mogadishu 1993 are still calling the shots in mogadishu. if AMISOM leave mogadishu today the Moryaan will eat each other.

    Don't ruin our view while we are watching this beauty, throwing in Aideed Mad max moryaan on the table.

  26. Alitahaad al islaami was started in somaliland

    Alshabaab was started in somaliland

    The darawiish movement of mr. Mahamed cabdullahi hassan(sayidka) and ina shixiri and suldaan nuur was also started in somaliland.

    It was somaliland who created the somali republic by uniting north and south.

    It was somaliland cities hargeysa and borame that bore the brunt of the 1977 war with itoobiya when tbe itoobiyan airforce relentlessly bombed these two cities. Also it was somaliland military commanders that played a crucial role in the capture of jigjiga after heavy and difficult penetration of the itoobiyan line of control.

    98% of the nationalist songs were written by somalilanders.(reer waqooyi)

    Somali music as you know it so called qaraami started in somaliland

    The xawaalo system u use to send money started in somaliland

    The only somali airline for a long long time started in somaliland it was created by one mr olaad his name backwards becomes daalo.

    The scools in southern somalia had mostly northern teachers. After all the father of somali education was from somaliland and he was infact fawsiyas father. Thats right the current foreign minister of somalias dad did more for somalis then is possible to put in words.

    The only somali to become united nations representative for itoobiya was infact from somaliland mr cabdimajiid

    In the sports field Cabdi bille and now mo faarax are both from somaliland

    Saado cali. Hibo nuura. Khadra daahir. Mohamed mooge. Cumar dhuule. Xasasan muumin.xudeydi. Gaariye. Hadraawi. Xassan geney. And thousand more of the big names were infact from somaliland.

    Somlilands people were so influential in positive ways in the former union that with our absense somalia just cant get it together.

    • Alitahaad was created by Sheikhaals mainly (my tribe), it was never started in Somalia. As for the Darwish and Adal empires, you Isaq separatists have no roots in it, and those two empire use to fight the British colony. Darwish (Khaatumo) never signed the British treaty, therefore they are not part of Somaliland and never been. Those two empires use to crush you Isaq separatists for siding with the British and Habashi.

      As for the unity, you Isaq separatists, it was Adal and Darwish who pushed for the unity, never the Isaq separatists. They were against it, but Adal and Darwish pushed for it. And it is them again who are pushing for the unity.

      You Isaq separatists are known and good for the being the best artists of Somalis, which I gladly admit.
      As for the rest, they all BS.

  27. Turkey is only recreating the destructive City State of Mogadishu. For Somalia to recover from the decades long conflict we must, we must have a decentralized gov, where wealth and resources is equally shared among regions and cities in Somalia. Concentrating power, education and health care in Mogadishu will only fuel regionalism, competition over resources and further clan-base conflicts and hatred.

    We must learn from past mistakes and have a equal shared resource income, decentralize power and respect the wishes and self-determination of the people of Somaliland!

  28. The highest mountain in somali territorries is in somaliland(surud ad)and the tallest somali is a somalilander(xuseen bisad).

    The richest somali is a somalilander/jabuutiyaan(ibraahim dheere) over one billion us dollar in net worth.

    The richest somali women is the somali/yugandees women aamina xirsi mooge and she is you guessed it from somaliland

    Faanku ma wanaagsana indeed bragging is a bad thing but when people from somalia fail to appretiate that somalilands people were the thing that kept the somali republic functioning and when we left it shut down and cant restart.

    Somalia needs Somaliland to become officially recognised more thsn we do. We are doing just fine without recognition. Can somalia say the same thing with recognition? I think not.

    Somaliland is the magical land of PUNT a blessed land with a blessed people anybody mess with us and the everlasting destroys them.

    In aan calanka dheer nahay baan caawa ka hadlayaa.

  29. Sheekhalman(i doubt u r sheekhaal or somali)ur comments were stunningly idiotic.

    Alitahaad al islaami was created by sheikh cali warsame in burco somaliland. This is a fact.

    As for these kids obsessed with tribal sparring they should be aware that it is part of modern it warfare for countries to post things in enemy countries websites posing as people from that country. Hence it should be clear to some of you that certain comentators here are not somalis. Which countries spy agency i cant say but based on some comments i suspect certain places.

    Counter offensive clandestine internet guerrila warfare involves posing as a foreigner on ur own countries websites to offset the message, aim and goal of the foreign intruder.

    Anyway this girl wrote a great and passionate article about her country somalia and i really hope the turks stick with helping somalia. Somalia on the other hand need to help somaliland by officially giving us recognition so the somali people can really make progress. Jabuuti. Somaliland. Somalia. 3 countries 1 people.

  30. Turkish and Mogadishu can be friend but the question is how long for this to sustain. I beleve that Mogashu does not have the mentality to utilise this opportunity and I leave rest for the history.

    I am amazed that some people are feeding wrong and misleading information to audiance in terms of where Alithihaf is originated in Somalia. Itihaad was a sect of Wahabi Group and they had been first established in Bosaaso and Garowe or Puntland and their aim was to spread this Wahabi sect the rest of Somalia. Yes there had been some individuals from every corner of Somalia as they fell in to their trap. The group was elimated by Abdulahi Yusuf with the help of America and Ethiopia. The group regrouped in Mogadhu where some them specially leaders remained in Puntland . They joined With Islamic Coutrs and they later became known as Alshabab.

    Please get your facts right before leashing a clannish and hated opinion ito another people who have nothing to do with this .

    • Habargidaar,

      Well, AL-SHABAB is 10x worst than wahabi and we know where Al-shabab came from samalilan region than Hawiye Moryaan too AL-SHABAB different version more extremism.

    • Don't you mean Hassan Dahir Caweys created Al-Itisam in 1993 in Bossasso and when his groups almost took over Bari, Nugaal and Mudug Abdullahi Yusuf ran to Melez Zenawi to rescue him???

      Hassan Dahir Caweys has traveled countries like Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and has made a lot of Wealthy friends The whole concept of Islamic extremism began with the Hawiye people and today Hawiye has Monopolised the political sphere of Somalia-Road-map territory. They are the secular government (Hassan Mahamoud) and they are Shabab(Hassan Caweys) ONE coin two sides in a flipping contest they win with HEADS, they win with TAILS…

      • Correction, Aweys was a refugee living in Bosaso, and he was kicked out by reer Bosaso when they learned about his true intentions without anyone's assistance. And that's the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Trust me my sub clan comes from Bosaso I know that city better than you outsiders.

      • No no no no no no, You gotta wrong buddy. The extremists shabab are lead by non other than your isaaq cousin Ahmed Godane. Aweys was kicked out from the Shabab leadership, so he created his own group called Hizbul Islam which it self was absorbed into Al shabab so basic Mr. Awey is retired . So please try to be accurate in the future.

      • Do you know his mentor was none other than Sheikh Abdulkadir Nur Farah AUN himself get out of here man with your daily BS Al-Itisam was created in Bosaso (some say Burco).

  31. Somalilander

    You are correct Somalilanders essentially had a stranglehold on Somali arts, media, culture and enterprise. Every poet in the Somali language in history is either Somalilander or Ogaden. Every playwright of any note is from Somaliland. Every innovation in Somali music from Hees, Balwo, Raaxeeye, Qaraami is from Somaliland. it is indeed remarkable. No other culture in Human history had one region exerted such overwheming and complete dominance of a national cultural life as this.

    You are also correct about enterprise although I am not so sure about your boasting of the fanatic organisations you mentioned.

    So a Somali from the South might ask: so why are you seceding brother? why not remain and build and continue dominating the culture you essentially created?

    Just playing the devil's advocate here

  32. @Soamlilandpress.

    Stop deleting all the comment if no offending anyone. this the best picture you published for the eight years.

  33. @Somalilander.

    Can you stop this nonsense fiction stories you writing. i don't think any Puntlander will go s/land and seek protection no no no.

    All the names you listed, who the hell is hussein bisad and by the way if he's the tallest person in somalia how come his name is BISAD. bisad must be something short. get your act together kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  34. BTW someone needs to tell these prideless Somalis in Mogadshu falling overthemselves in praise of the Turk, that Turkey gives less than 10% of what Britain gives in aid to their country. Never gets a single thank you. Thery might notice that.

  35. Part 1)

    "This Turkish friendship is not more than a geo-political role."

    Unfortunately, some of you neither have understood the good intentions of Turkish people nor the Turkish government ruled by the Islamic moderate AK Party (The Justice and the Development Party). Clearly, you have little readings on International politics and highly influenced by the conspiracy theorists who believe there must be some hidden agenda because no good can or should occur without a secret agenda…

  36. Part 2)

    First, let me answer a common question that has been often raised in forums and probably confused so many Somalia natives or Diaspora about the recent collaboration of the Turkish State. Why Turkey and why all of a sudden? It is not all of a sudden. Since the establishment of Turkish Republic in 1923 from the ruins of great Ottoman Muslim Empire, Turkey was ruled by highly autocratic socialist/fascist governments backed by the Turkish Military. Turkey has suffered the devastating results of the broken empire for decades; after that, it was the World War II. Although Turkey did not participate in the War and encountered immense pressure from the European nations such as Britain to fight on their side against the Soviets (spread of Marxism) and the Germans (nazi-facism), the nation suffered economically for the following decades. Right after the World War II, there was the expansion of Marxism, the fear of Soviet occupation and the effects of the Cold War between the East and the West. Turkey was in the epicenter of the Cold War. The global conditions influenced the domestic politics and the political powers in addition to ASALA Armenian terror activities in the 1980s and the PKK Kurdish terror activities since 1970s.

  37. part 4)

    Turks have great pride. They see that they have achieved great things in the past creating so many great and long lasting empires and nations; the Ottoman Empire is the last of them in a very unstable geography. The Turkish Muslims are very proud of their religion and believe it is the teachings of their religion that allowed them to succeed. Whenever they strayed away from their beliefs, they have also suffered. Under the leadership of the AK Party and Tayyip Erdogan, a very proud Muslim, they believe they can contribute to the volatile world in a positive way where we all can live in peace. They believe Muslims have the responsibility to change the negative perception of the world about Islam. For that, the Muslims need to act according to the teachings of Islamic belief: Muslims must form true brotherhood.

  38. Part 10)

    But, Turkey wants Somalia to set example to the rest of Africa. Now, we all are convinced that neither the U.N nor the western nations such as the U.S. and the EU states can bring stability to Somalia. Turkey has nothing to lose by trying its own method that has succeeded in Turkey. The numbers of major constructions Turkish AK Party has done in all over Turkey is immense. The things that were said "impossible" for decades became reality within a few years. So many major projects have been completed in a short span of time. It is amazing! Turks now have the confidence the replicate that development elsewhere. Venezuelan government signed an agreement with Turkish state to build 500,000 homes. Airports, thousands of miles of roads, railroads, tunnels, subways, metros, bridges have been built and are being built in Turkey only in ten years. Turks believe they can replicate it in Somalia.

  39. Part 11)

    So, it is time we stop looking for conspiracies but believe in ourselves and the good intentions of others, Turkey in Somalia case, to move forward. God willing, with hope, Somalia will achieve great things. Turks will be providing as much support as they are capable and Somalians need.

    Peace and Salaam.

  40. John one thing Africans the continent over have learned is this never trust anyone, and everyone has an agenda especially when it comes to Africa.

    So all these little articles of yours are falling on deaf ears, love for muslim children my left nut! What is it your country wants come out with it, we were not born yesterday!

    • Huh! Wasn't the same sentiment told Turks for 80years that "Turks have no friends other than themselves!" You ask any Turks today, they will tell you "Yeap, that is what we have been told!" Today socialists/Marxist bloc still question why all these foreigners are coming and investing in Turkey. When a property was sold to a foreigner, they would scream from top of their lungs "The country is being stolen, foreigners are buying the land." My brother with strong nationalistic view including my folks would agree with him. I would answer by saying "did't your Turkish government establish the laws regarding property ownership? Don't you have property tax?" "Don't you have elections and foreigners can not vote?" Yes to all! Then, explain to me how they have rip the land off ur country and took it back to theirs?

    • …Turkey has a lot more positive relations with its neighbors whom considered like hayinas surrounded Turkey waiting to get a piece of it as they before the end of the World War I. But, that sentiment made Turkey one of the most militaristic and autocratic regimes in the world. So you have to teach yoursel how to retrust others. When one of your family members or relatives make wrong to you, you don't say "I am done and trhough with you forever!" You have to learn to build trust unless you want to continue in your little segregated world.


      • John, I Don't know much history but I respect your views. I also think that the Current civil Govts of Turkey are by far the best Govts that great Turkey saw since the defeated Ottoman Empire
        Era!. Good luck buddy.

  41. Call the west all the names you want, their laws and secular society is the best thing going on this earth. Last thing we need is a country like Turkey that is like you said 67% conservative Muslim to start sticking its nose in Somali affairs whatever region that is, enough is enough. Africans need to purge the nonsense and look at it from a standpoint of what is actually working in the world. And conservative Islam isn't it, its societies based on secular laws and separation of religion and state affairs.

    • Btw, not that it matters whether Turkey can ever be a member to the European Union but the conservative Muslim government has brought Turkey closer to EU membership more than ever before. Those staunch secularists (The Kemalist whom the Western world believed the only democratic bloc in Turkey) suddenly appear they were not secularist in reality which the conservative bloc have explained to the EU for so long. Just like there are Christian parties in the West, the AK is the Muslim version of it. Respect for individual rights! It is not that they have only improved the country economically but they also have great improvement in civil laws. They are the ones pushing the country to adapt a new constitution that will put Turkey at par with the EU so that Turkey can fulfill the requirements of membership and not leave any more excuses to the EU to deny membership to Turkey. But, many of us with so many Europeans believe the EU is also changing and not pursuing as much freedom and equality for all.

  42. You wanna change the negative image of Islam start with making sure you condemn the sexual slavery the prophet and his companions meated out on those their conquered. I will provide the Hadiths and the Tafseer if you wish.

    Younger Africans are getting sick of this religious stuff that clouds our minds, Christianity and Islam have been nothing but diseases to this continent. If you want to help, help us minus the religion or your personal interest! Then we can talk

  43. The meeting between Hassan Culusow NGO his government and Biyomaal Community in lowe shebbele ended unsuccessful, because Biyomaal community want their land back and appoint own leadership. also they demand all folks from middle somalia should leave they said twenty years is enough. but the sametime radio mogadishu run by moryaan culusow his addmin broadcast the meeting was successful.

    Watch this video from Biyomaal community,

    • Abdul
      well done,I will ask all the people i know to post this video whatever mean of communication they're using it. And I hope some of so-called defenders Mr NGO Culusow will take off their blindfold for the sake of this Somali community that's actually experiencing the real threat of outsiders taking over their land by force and sanction and finance this gangster government led by this thief Culusow.

      • Hassan Mahamoud will do the same to Kismanyo and Gaalokaciyo in time to come…

        Biyomaal should defend their won land before they are evicted to camps in Dadaab and Dollo ado.

        • Sorry were not that weak and the reason they're in marka and trying to steal biyomaal land is what's happining in gal;guuduud in baraxley.So let me say forget about gaalokaciyo you should see the well train army that Ethiopia has been training for jubbaland this processes has been going on for last four-years, It's obvious some people just woke up..

      • Abdul.

        Thanks for your information, this is good information. i was born in marka and know the siituation there very well. Habargidir moryaan they came twenty years ago left their camels. but today folks in this region are not acceptings thugs.


        Everybody knows Culusow he just NGO nothing more. everything is failing him domistic policy and foreign policy even as we speak the US government are putting on place arm embargo Hassan NGO HIS government for amny reason. few weekas back large quantity of weapon stolen from Villa moryaan.


        Darood are too big and strong not same as you.