1 December  2013

 “Deeply concerned” by the recent outbreak of violence in Somalia’s northern Sool region, the top United Nations official in the country called today for calm and urged all parties to resolve political issues through dialogue and reconciliation.

“Violence cannot and will not resolve political issues. All those with a stake in the area must show calm and pursue reconciliation,” said Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, in a statement issued by the UN assistance mission in the country (UNSOM), which he heads.

Mr. Kay deplored the loss of life and offered his condolences to the families of those killed in recent clashes. Some news agencies have reported at least 10 deaths and dozens of injuries in the latest fighting in the area.

“Political differences and competing claims should be solved by dialogue. Peace and stability are also critical to the Puntland election process”, added the envoy.

According to the statement, Mr. Kay and UNSOM colleagues are in touch with regional leaders to urge restraint and offer support for dialogue and reconciliation.

Mr. Kay wrapped up on 22 November a three-day visit to Puntland with stops in the cities of Garowe, Galkayo and Bosasso ahead of the Puntland Parliamentary selection process in December and the presidential elections scheduled to take place 8 January 2014.

 UN News service


  1. I thought Taleex was part of Somaliland or part of the so called colonial border, how come Somaliland SNM Militia did not come to help Khaatumo lol Its not funny that innocent civilians might have been killed but people need tolearn to talk peace and solve problems and differencies in a peaceful way,

    • Why come in and help khatumo out of all people lol they're just going to turn on us tomorrow.. I gotta an idea why doesn't the fgs in Mogadishu come help looooool what a joke

  2. I believe somaliland should help the people of taleex. I also believe somaliland government knows puntland's action and is in agreement.

  3. This photo, are they the Khaatumoist or the Puntlandoist? The Somaliland Garison in the area
    should pick those Warsanjeli toughest soldiers to teach both the Koist /Puoist a good lesson
    that they would never forget. Okay.

  4. These people have no brains if they wanted to live in peace with their neighbors they could take a chapter from the Gadabiirse and Warsangeli everyone in Somaliland that wants to thrive is thriving all they fa qa sh care about is tribal bs. That is the reason their areas arnt developed bc they dont want to work with people and are trapped in the siyad era mindset. This is exactly why Haglatosie or whatever his name is left their camp. He knew they dont have any solutions for the population.

    They remind me of the republican party in the United States all they do is scream about Obama etc but have no real solutions to go forward.

    • sadly the darood family have been brainwashed by siyads leadership, siyad got them to believe that he was the next prophet and that darood were chosen people.

      The sad reality is far from that, darood family is just another minority in a land lead by issaq and hawiye

  5. certainly the greatest obstacle to peace in khaatumo state are the Ethiopian cockroaches stooge SNM who are executing the strategic plan of Ethiopian to divide Somalia.

    Puntland should respect the choices of Khaatumo people and Khaatumo state should work with Puntland for peace and unity for their beloved country Somalia.

      • u got that right khdar ….. by the way geezer the new report of un came out and there is no surprise Somalia is one of the most courpted countries so hell yeah we wont to divide and separate from this cancer called Somalia will rather to join Djibouti or Ethiopia than that so called Somalia your joke parlman is bea & moshtree

    • There is no something called Khatuma . it is just a joke.
      The place is part of Somaliland. Do not forget that Somaliland is strong nation. It has very powerful army
      Crockroach is not Ethiopia. Ethiopia is our strongst ally and regional superpower.
      The crockroach is one who called himself Darood one time as member of the Puntaland, and again fight
      when they did not pay him. Somaliland is majority with DIR tribes: Isaaq, Samroon and Issa.

  6. Answer to Dahir Hawiye from Issa DIR man from Dirir-Dawe.
    Dahir be proud that you are Hawiye cousine of Dir. Today thanks to God, that there is three free countries of IRIR SAMAALE. Jabuuti, Somaliland and Somalia. Somaliland is yours because your cousins Isaaq,
    Gadabuursi and Issa are majority. Daroods are manority.