Managing director of Somaliland Airports Authority Mr. Omar Abdillahi Adam (Omar Sayid) has unequivocally confirmed the hatred and ill will of Mogadishu towards the government and people of Somaliland. The MD pointed out that FGS leaders now use public resources to fight the development of the people Somaliland.

He noted to incidents whereby Somaliland youths immigrants who had been repatriated back into the country through Adan Ade International Airport in Mogadishu have been manhandled, imprisoned and maltreated simply because they originate from Hargeisa.

He urged the FGS to stop politicising Somaliland youths problems following their repatriation to the country.

Addressing the press during an award ceremony held for staff of Somaliland Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Organisation, he said “They have now resorted to harming refugees who have been repatriated from other overseas. They claim you have violated our airspace and flimsy accusations. This shows the FGS can stoop too low to violate the human rights of migrants youths of Somaliland origin. Needless to say they have gone to the extent of misappropriation of public funds to justifying Somaliland development sabotage.”

He went on to state that the FGS president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who has been busy undermining Somaliland progress cannot visit the town of Afgoye which is a few kilometres from Mogadishu because of insecurity.

He stated that all Somalia institutions have been working to ensure they sabotage Somaliland economic development instead of focusing on their war ravaged cities and towns.

The MD reiterated that Somaliland will over come all challenges put on her way.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir