Minister of Information, Culture and National Awareness Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehaan) has strongly refuted Mogadishu claim over the Southern tip of the Red Sea Gulf. He stated that if truly the Somalia Federal Government ruled over the area it would have been ravaged by pirates, terrorist and illegal arms dealers taking control and making it a safe haven of all outlaws.

The government spokesman stated these on a post in his X account (Twitter). He affirmed that Somaliland governs and controls the area since it is under her territory and brushed Somalia claim as mere propaganda.

Minister Ali Marehaan said that Somaliland government had cleansed southern tip of the Red gulf from pirates, terrorists, illegal arm dealers and criminals.

He added that Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was looking for sympathy from the international community while pretending that he controls the important maritime route of Baab Al Mandaab.

“Somaliland governs the Southern tip of the Red Sea Gulf and, had the Federal Government of Somalia had the control of this area it would have been an outlaws’ haven and a theatre of insecurity.”

He said “Somaliland Red Sea coast has a secure maritime pass way where international shipping move without hindrance.”