The executive committee of Wagosha Movement of Somalia has rejected and opposed the outcome of the recent Jubba reconciliation talks held in Mogadishu.

A spokesman with the group Hamadi Chivalla in Kismayo said the Mogadishu conference was unfair and intended to be a platform to continue the persecution of the people in Jubbaland.

The chairman of Wagosha Movement, Eng Yarow Sharif Aden, told Wagoshanews that warlord Ahmed Madobe, who is a refugee from Ethiopia’s Zone Five cannot represent the people of Jubba regions.

“The Somali government has committed an absolute mistake by trying to force the people of Jubba regions to support the illegal and one clan dominated system of warlord Ahmed Madobe, and this will never be accepted by our people”, he said.

Mr Hussein Mohamud Musa (Bantu), a parliamentarian from Jubba regions, said the government is forcing the people to allow the unacceptable plans of Ahmed Madobe, and this is putting the government in a position that it can lose the confidence of Jubba residents.

He said, though he was part of the delegation of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s recent visit to Kismayo, he did not support the wrong approach of the government towards Jubba reconciliation.

The leader of Wagosha Movement Eng Yarow Sharif Aden, said the shameful process in Mogadishu and the unfair distribution of the delegates of the participants, was a clear sign that the government and warlord Madobe are calling for fresh bloodshed and hostility in Kismayo and the entire Jubba regions.

“The government distributed the delegates in a very weird way, as done by Ahmed Madobe and his clan minded allies. This was not right and it will just  fuel more violence, since the innocent people have run out of tolerance’, said Eng Yarow.

The chairman has also called for a free and fair process to end the Jubba crisis by inviting all clans at a table, so that each clan will clarify the areas it inhabits in Jubba, instead of the current situation, where clans from outside the regions are claiming to be the owners of the region.

Mr Yarow has also confirmed that the Wagosha Movement of Somalia has made contacts with the Mombasa Republican Council in Kenya, (a group that stands for the rights of the Mijikenda Swahili people in Kenya’s coastal areas).

He said the two groups share a lot since they belong to one community of Mijikenda, that created the famous Shungwaya empire in Kismayo areas, before the colonial powers divided the community in two parts, one living in Kenya and one in Somalia.

He insisted that the two groups share the idea of achieving their goals in peaceful and diplomatic channels.

Mombasa Republican Council has been is struggling to achieve their rights in peaceful manner, and has been in legal loggerheads with the Kenya’s government, led President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is indicted by the International Criminal Court ICC over 2007-2008 election violence.

The leader of Wagosha Movement, Eng Yarow and officials in the central committee of the group are currently visiting some European countries and North America, to lobby for the rights of Wagosha people, who are the majority in Jubba regions.

Wagosha News Desk

Kismayo, Somalia



  1. Wagosha are the majority in Jubba regions? Ogaden kicked the Marhans out you think some jareer ex slaves have a chance? Ogaden should have deported you slaves long ago back to your jungle.

    • Ogadeni brothers are complaining that the Ethiopian Empire annexed majority Ogadeni Somalis in to Ethiopian territory.
      The Wagosha Swahili speaking Africans majority in Jubaland complain the northern chocolate faced out side Daroodis annexed Jubaland into Somalian State

      Mr PuntlandGeezerPIS,Don't you think Ethiopia and Somalia have the same problem?.

  2. Wogosha where are they now, did they get bushed into Kenya? The peicefull Bantu living in both jubas are supportive of Jubba admin. After getting tired of al-Shabbabs and other dark forces over the years.

  3. The Wagoshas have full rights to be represented in Jubaland peninsula like anybofy else.
    Am supportive of the Wagosha rights.

    • Why don't first stop the discrimination against Gabooye people before talking about the rights of non Somalis.

  4. I was born and raised in Jilib, Somalia deep South were Mongoes grew and Banana, i never heard of Wagosha its a name that just came up, these people were called reer goleed or OOJi in other word Bantu Sawahili speaking people, these people used to scare me to death when i was little growing up in Jilib, they practiced Magic Fudu and witchcraft, they spoke two different languages Kisangua and Swahili some spoke somali mixed with another dialect, when the civil war broke out these people denied being Somalia and at some point even ignored when yu spoke to them pretending as if they did not understand, now i am talking about those who had a chance to flee to Kenya and the West so my point Wagosha are not Somalis period, they should be repatriated back to Arusha, they have no rights to Kismayo or Juballand.