Somalia’s president has asked the prime minister to resign, in a blow to the rare political stability Somalia has experienced for the past year.

Sources within the Somali government said that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud asked Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon to resign on Friday, on the grounds that Shirdon has been ineffective in his job.

The sources said the situation was unresolved as of Monday.

The president and prime minister came to power a little more than 12 months ago as part of a U.N.-backed process to give Somalia a stable central government after more than two decades of chaos and conflict.

Shirdon was a political newcomer at the time, having previously worked as a businessman in Kenya.

The country has enjoyed relative peace and a budding prosperity since then, though militant group al-Shabab continues to carry out periodic attacks in the capital, Mogadishu.

If Shirdoon were to resign, it would be the first major shakeup in the government since Somalia’s parliament elected Mohamud as president.

Previous Somali governments often fell apart because of infighting – a situation that hampered the governments’ ability to defeat insurgents and exert authority.

Al-Shabab was pushed out of major cities mainly by African Union troops.

Even now, the Mohamud government has found it hard to settle power struggles within Somalia, where many towns are under the effective control of various clans, militia groups or al-Shabab.

 Source: VOA


  1. To be a Somalilander from the great republic of Somaliland gives me a sense of selfrespect, pride and enhaces my patriotism becayse I belong to a great nation who, unlike the wild tribes of Somalia namely Daarood-doofaar (or in short DD); and Hawiye Afar-qooble, we decided to govern ourselves, and to do just that resorted to our sense national wisdome and nationhood. We applied the means within our reach and refused foreigners to dectate to us what what to do and what not to do. Those wild tribes of Somalia, after more two decades of slaugthering each other destroyed their statehood, and sense of humanity. They are no more than subhuman creatures of the worst kind looking for handouts from the international community. WE THE GRAET PEOPLE OSOMALILAND REPUBLIC HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE DAAROOD-DOOFAAR AND HAWIYE AFAR-QOOBLE. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC OF SOMALILAND. LONG LIVE SNM FOR EVER AND EVER.

  2. If the report is credible, let's then see how this new development conducts itself!.
    Let's see how things add up???

  3. The president who was anointed by Qatar during his selection just being the offshoot of Muslim brotherhood(Damu-Jadid) is the problem.The relation of the president with his prime minister including the foreign minister started long a go as I observed.Just like Mr Morsi of Egypt did Mr Hassan also surrounded him self by his Bhopal University Islamist ignoring many issues.

  4. Here we go again! This is the beginning and the end of Hassan administration.It is time the world community smell the coffee. There is no reasons why you keep drugging Somaliland people in to this mess.
    The people of Somaliland will never accept anything less than full recognition and for that the ball is in the hand of world community and please move the ball in the right direction by recognizing the wishes of Somaliland 3.5 million people.

  5. Hassan Mahuubo will most likely Select a Dhulo to replace Saaqid as a precursor to initiate further instability within Gerowe and Gaalkaciyo.

    The Aim is to capitalize on the Jan2014 SELECTION process in Gerowe to instill a pro-centralist Governor in Gerowe…

    The Road-Map Benefactors working towards a Somalia-Italia Election process of ONE man ONE vote by 2016.

  6. Wow bc you know praying at afwaynes grave wasnt a fire-able offense noooooooo lets wait a few months and fire him on some other shy te this is exactly why Somaliland wants nothing to do with Somalia that and the 100 million that nearly went up in smoke if it wasnt for a Lander screaming thief!