By Marion Kanari

Over five hundred thousand Somali refugees will be repatriated back into the their country after the United Nation High commission for refugees and the Kenyan and Somali governments signed a tripartite agreement for a voluntary repatriation and reintegration exercise.

Deputy President Willam Ruto who presided over the signing of the agreement called on the Somalia government to expedite the reintegration exercise as a way of rebuilding the horn of Africa nation.

The international community and both Kenya and Somalia have pledged their support for the action plan.

A tripartite commission will also be set up to expedite the reintegration process and find lasting solutions to the refugee problem.

Deputy President William Ruto while pledging the country’s support for a voluntary repatriation exercise called on the refugees to use skills and capital gained to contribute in rebuilding their nation.

The country has been a major host of mainly Somalia refugees in the horn of Africa a situation that has led to a humanitarian crisis and challenges of terrorism, banditry and organized crime.

Kakuma and Daadab refugee camps presently host over a million documented and undocumented refugees half of whom are Somalia refugees.

In the wake of the Westgate terrorist attack, members of parliament increased calls for the closure of the refugee camps as terrorists were said to be using the camps as training grounds.

UNHCR representative to Kenya  Rauof Mazou and Somalia foreign affairs minister Yusuf Adam have also pledged their support for the  repatriation roadmap.

Source : KBC


  1. During the former President of Somaliland, HE Rayaale, had a similar exercise of Somaliland
    Refugees from Ethiopia and Djibouti which were successfully reintegrated into all the
    Somaliland Regions..thanks to the wise leadership of President Rayaale's bold commitment
    and accomplishment. In Similar moves, the Somalia refugees should be repatriated and the FGS
    should shoulder their reintegration within the roadmap Signatories territories of Somalia.
    The sooner that this exercise takes off the better for both Kenya and Somalia. After that,
    the borders between Kenya and Somalia would be more controllable from both ends.

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