By Bashir Goth

Recently the British Dailymail carried the amazing story of a British teacher, Ray Coe, 53, who donated a kidney to his young student, a Muslim girl, Alya Ahmed Ali, 13. The story was emailed to me by a friend who also said in his email:  “What would Al Shabab say about this act?” he added: “Before Allah, isn’t it better to save a life than kill one.” My reply to him after reading the story was: “Al Shabab would probably demand the girl be killed as she now carries an infidel’s organ in her body.” This is not an exaggeration as one would not expect a better response from a group that makes it their duty to extinguish life and everything beautiful in it.

As heroic as it is, the noble action of the teacher to donate his organ to the girl is also what we should expect from every person with decent upbringing, who learned as a child what it meant to be good and kind to your fellow human beings. 

Mr Coe says while he was pondering the donation he remembered a verse from the Bible that says: “Maybe you were born for such a time as this”. And he said: “It clicked and I knew then that it was right.”

We know and every Muslim knows that the Quran is full of similar beautiful verses that command its adherents to be kind and charitable. One of these verses says: “Whoever kills a soul unless for a soul … it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one, it is as if he had saved mankind entirely,” Al Mai’da, 32.

But the text is just a text as wise words can either be put to good use or construed in a distorted way by its followers. So while in the case of Mr Coe the line from the Bible brings the best out of him, it is unfortunate that the Quran has itself become a severely abused victim in the hands of its own people.

This British teacher saves this Muslim girl’s life not because he wanted to make a statement, not because he wanted to settle scores with anyone, not because he wanted to show that his religion is better than others, not because he wanted to convert the girl and change her religion, not because he thumped the Bible in the night and woke up in the morning with a vision to change the world, and not because he wanted to create a media stunt and grab headlines; but on the contrary this kind teacher, a special educational needs coordinator,  thought only of what he could do as a human being to help alleviate the plight of little Alya and her parents, and he did the right thing. And as the school head teacher said: “Mr Coe has gone above and beyond the call of duty with this selfless and noble act.”

His only comfort was to see Alya’s reaction after he told her that he is going to be her organ donor:  “When we told Alya, she just gave me a big squeeze and her face lit up. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of that,” he said.

However, in stark contradiction to the teachings of the Quran, Al Shabab followers wake up every morning with a plan on how many lives they can take, not how many lives they would save; they read Quran in the night and in their demented minds they come up with wrong self-serving interpretations. For them the Quran is not a holy book aimed at the betterment of life but a manifesto for war. While the British teacher made this great sacrifice to give life to a young girl, breaking all walls of division such as background, religion, and skin color, Al Shabab and other extremist groups in the Muslim world every day slaughter their own country’s children, women and the elderly in schools, mosques, and restaurants. And while the smile of Alya brought tears to Mr Coe’s eyes, the grief of mothers and children who lost their loved ones in Al Shabab’s attacks does not bring tears to Al Shabab’s eyes but instead they shamelessly shout Allahu Akbar and invoke Quranic verses. 

Given the choice to either go with Al Shabab of Somalia and other extremist killers in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and elsewhere to wherever they go afterlife or to go with Ray Coe, it is clear who I would choose for company.  And this is exactly in keeping with the true meaning of the Quran.





  1. Humanity is above everything including religion, race, and color. Since human beings are one species and share common attibutes comapred to the other animals, humanity surpasses all that things that connects people to each other. People are humans regardless of their physical features and culture. If the people of the world give more importance to humanity than religion, race and tribalism, the world will be peaceful and mankind will share its resources equally.

    • Yes but we are cursed with religion, tribalism and race all bc allah wanted us to get to know each other according to him smdh as if that makes sense.

  2. Ray Coe's kidney donation to a young Somali girl is really a noble deed that shows the quality or state of being kind to other people. Honestly it is an act that transcends what contemmporary muslims can do for or offer to each other. Frankly speaking, muslims only excel at jealousy, envy, greed, hate, tribalism, nepotism, corruption, conspiracy, incessant conflicts and clashes of idea.

  3. This is really too much exaggeration and unfair comparison. Everyone has a positive and negative sides and that applies to both Alshabaab. Shabab is not a one person and I believe the sameway that you can find bad British, there are also good Alshabab heroism deeds. I am so surprised how u narrate versus of the Quran and backbite Alshabab and make assumptions that they may killed her because of an "infidel organ" while u forgetting this Quran also teaches us: "O you who believe! Avoid much suspicions, indeed some suspicions are sins. And spy not, neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting)[] . And fear Allâh. Verily, Allâh is the One Who accepts repentance, Most Merciful." Al-Hujurât 12. But its not surprise though coz people like you don't see the benefits that farmers get when Alshabab stopped WFP and other beautiful examples. The point here is not that Alshabab are perfect and don't do bad actions but at least if I can't say fair from them will prefer to keep quit rather than listing exaggerated and hatred points. Thanking Coe does not have nothing to do with religion and his country. Imagine if Muslim British did the same, I am sure you wouldn't even burdened to taken your pen and compare him with Alshabab. However it seams, as the writer concludes "wherever they go afterlife" that all these verses of Quran you narrated are merely a justification objected and not based of what you believe as there is huge difference between them. The same way u said, I think you are just invoking Quraninc verse to justify your assumptions while that Quran is one the who teaches us to be fair even in our words.

  4. It brought tears to my ayes when i read this article. my lord the man is a good humane bein, he is an example to us all. humans share same feelings and same aspirations, if that little girl was me i can not imaging how i would feel, of course not! but the writer is unfairly compare al-shabab to the noble man. im glad i know there is good humans left on this earth. may allah forgive yo sin's mr coe.

  5. "Given the choice to either go with Al Shabab of Somalia and other extremist killers in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and elsewhere to wherever they go afterlife or to go with Ray Coe, it is clear who I would choose for company. And this is exactly in keeping with the true meaning of the Quran."

    May Allah guide us all! Somali newspapers and their writers are highly compromised by certain forces. They have knowledge of other things except their religion and they spread their ignorance of the religion with fancy words. Al Shabaab is a deviant and evil organization just like most of these different groups tied to Al Qaeda. However, that doesn't mean that a kafir will enter jannah because he did a good deed or a million good deeds. A kafir at the end of the day is a non-believer of his Creator, the one that created and sustains him. As for individual kafirs who have never received the message of Allah then we say that their final destination is with Allah after they are tested by Allah on Judgement Day.

    This individual columnist is known to say many things that oppose the religion of Allah and claim that it is from Islam. He's writings spews of secular humanism than anything else. Al Shabaab is a reactionary group created by circumstances, but the writer rarely writes of what caused them. He's ready to denounce them and feed us Western propaganda, but rarely

    Our humanity does not surpass the purpose of our creation and that is to worship our Creator, Allah! These same people that came up with this notion of secular humanism and other destructive ideologies are the same ones that have killed more of humanity than any one else. They are the biggest plunderers, pillagers, racists, and war-mongers. They claim one thing, but do another. Unfortunately many from amongst us who follow them are quick to remind us of their good deeds whenever that happens, but they don't have the courage to stand up to them and question them. For every organ donation they give, they are killing 100K of people through different means. They kill using bombs or the IMF depending on how they feel or better yet, revolution and civil war in the lands of the poor. The West will never be the flag carriers of humanity and all that is good for us, but they definitely have a good head-start when it comes to hypocrisy and destruction! Wake Up people! I commend what the teacher did in this article, but please leave out the propaganda!

    Hopefully the admin will allow me to post this, insha Allah!

    • Standard default of salafis answer to anyone who questions their interpretation of our beautiful faith is to say "oh you dont know Islam"

      But we do Mr Salafis. We had our Islam for 1000 years so yes I will say we know it quite well. And it was not Salafism. It is Islam of Hanafi and Shafi' and Hambali. And we defended it once against your predecessor the Mad Mullah. This country lost almost a third of its population defending our Isalm against the salafism of the time

      So please take your Salafism back to where it came from and where your heart is: Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Not wanted here. Thank you brother Salafi but please Irhal!

  6. One of the most bizzare analogies I ever read. How can you make a coherent analogy between a crazed terrorist organisation and a school teacher?

    Perhaps a better comparison will be your average Somali/Somalilander middle aged man in the UK and this teacher. How many Somalis will volunteer to donate their organs to a Somalil child let alone a non Somali one? Heck how many Somalis will donate their organs to their own child?

    Ok to be fair part of is just ignorance. The idea of ripping yourself apart, pulling out your inwards, taking out organs just sopunds to the semi-literate old Somali man.

    But there is more. Only certain races and this tiem it is only the White Western ones, appear to have the deep wells of human kindness and courage needed for such feat of generosity.

    I carry an organ donor card. But I will be reluctant to give a kidney alive

  7. What made this guy compare a life giving teacher whose educational credentials and criminal records are checked , and a"Al Shabab" who popped out nowhere like Casper scaring away everybody they came across?

    It does not do justice when a person reading a positive article is confused with some other weird agenda as if they were trying to muddy a good deed.

  8. Somalis have had Islam for 1k years? Ok since you claim to know what happened that long ago can you tell me what our people were before then?

    Islam is quite recent to the somalis and I think them taking it on was either violent bc nothing remains of our peoples early history bc lets face it no one abandons their traditions so easily and then destroys them completely or it was a political strategy to keep us independent from both christians and muslims by picking a side.

  9. Abdallah said that if he doesnt have nice things to say about shabab he will simply keep quite about the bad that they do, thats basically the same as being complicit in the bad that they do.

    What good is your dissent with the bad things that they do if you wont even stand up to them, what incentive is there for them to stop doing the bad things if people like you stay quite.

    Imagine if we had turned a blind eye to Siyad, see how that works……?