Somaliland Diaspora Agency in Somaliland, is highly appreciating thecourageous and the nationalistic steps, which has been achieved by the Somaliland community in Sheffield-City, England. The extensive effort and the hard work of the Somaliland Diaspora community in Sheffield City, which has convinced to the Councilors from Sheffield City in UK, to recognize the Independence of Somaliland, has proved the effort and the dynamics of our population in everywhere of this world.

Somaliland Diaspora communities have long played colossal roles on national building and development as well as supporting   the Case of Somaliland Recognition, and they have over decades   remained strong movement and dedicated to rise up their voices in support of   Somaliland Sovereignty.  Thousands each year march and show to celebrate for the historic regain of Somaliland Independence 18 May in the many states they  live in the world.

Somaliland Diaspora Agency highly appreciates the well done achievement that Sheffield-Somalilanders as well as Somaliland-UK communities realized today as Sheffield City Council recognized   Republic of Somaliland as Independent State on 2nd April 2014.

2nd April will mean a momentous day which will be annually celebrated as the “Day of Somaliland Diaspora” or aspirations ‘’Day’’ for Somaliland Independence.


Honesty, bravery and the  moral character that has conducted by Sheffield City Council  Assemble members, sent to the clear and loud messages to the other Metropolitan Councils, Parish Districts, etc, in UK and world states to follow suit and announce recognition the independence of Somaliland,.


Hassan Ahmed Yusuf

Director of   Diaspora Relation  Dept

Somaliland Diaspora Agency


Tel: +252-63-4081527




  1. Well done, and congratulatiion to Somaliland disapora living in Shefield, Britain. Somaliland is proud of your honest efforts. God and history will remember what you had done and would do to your own country. Keep it up. Viva Somaliland.