FEBRUARY 6, 2016

AMISOM PR/013/2016


Mogadishu, 06 February 2016 – The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia and Head of Mission, Ambassador Francisco Madeira has noted with concern falsehoods in the media purporting that AMISOM troops in Marka have abandoned their defensive position.


AMISOM troops in Marka are undertaking a re-adjustment of their position, which has been in a built up area and is increasingly getting populated, to Marka Ayub, which is about a kilometre from the previous position. This decision is obviously influenced by tactical considerations. It is further influenced by AMISOM’s concern for the safety of the local population in Marka incase of any combat engagements.


It is for this reason that AMISOM troops’ leadership was in Marka this morning to re-assure the inhabitants of this port town and to allay fears of their abandonment being peddled by enemies of Somalia. It is therefore, a falsehood that Marka has either been captured or re-captured by Al Shabaab. The visit was also an opportunity for AMISOM (Uganda People’s Defence Forces Contingent) to share with their local friends in celebrating ‘Tarehe Sita’ National celebrations being held today in the Republic of Uganda.


AMISOM re-affirms its commitment to continue working hand in hand with the people of Somalia and with the Somali Security Forces to ensure that Somalia is finally rid of agents of destabilization and terrorism who are bent on spreading insecurity and preventing the people of this great nation from living in peace and prosperity.



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