May 3, 2016 (MINNEAPOLIS) A Transportation Security Administration employee alleged in testimony before Congress last week that he was instructed to racially profile Somali-Americans.


“It is an issue of grave concern given the allegations”, said council member Abdi Warsame the first American of Somali descent to serve on the Minneapolis City Council. “Our community, the Somali community of Minnesota, has made great contributions to this city, this state, and this country. We should be treated as such.”


The manager from Minnesota revealed that he was instructed by his supervisor to provide the names of Somali-American leaders visiting the agency’s office so they could be screened against national security databases.


“This is a serious allegation,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges. “I echo Senator Franken and Congressman Ellison in urging the leadership at the Department of Homeland Security to investigate this situation and ensure that if this is happening, it stops immediately. The Somali community is a hugely important asset to Minneapolis.”


This latest testimony has revived concerns that security screeners may have engaged in racial profiling at MSP international airport.



Jama Bulhan
Ward 6 Intern
Minneapolis City Council – 6th Ward