Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Mogadishu – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, today welcomed the deployment of the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) to Somalia, calling it a “paradigm shift in relations” between the EU and Somalia.


For the last three years the EUTM has trained over 3,000 Somali troops at a base in Uganda, and today the full training operation opened in Mogadishu, where the Third Mandate will continue to support the training and mentoring of Somali security forces. By the end of 2013 all EUTM training will be conducted in Somalia.


The President said: “Our partnership with the European Union is of immense value and has proved that recruitment from across the clans, disciplined training and effective deployment of good soldiers is totally achievable.


“Thanks in large part to the EU, we are beginning to see the development of a Somali National Army (SNA) that is diverse in origin as well as structure, and a force that is accountable, inclusive, proportionate and sustainable, and with a respect for the chain of command, the rule of law and human rights.


The President also underlined the critical shortage of arms and equipment that restricts Somalia’s security capacity.


“Security is the priority concern to everyone and indeed an essential prerequisite for further progress in all spheres of government and development. But our forces today lack critical capability, and suffer a critical shortage of equipment and supplies that restrict our capacity to protect ourselves.


“Therefore I emphasize the need for adequate and sustained training and resourcing for our armed forces and I am very grateful to the EU in leading this support.


“I wholeheartedly welcome the European Training Mission (EUTM) to Mogadishu and our Minister of Defence, the Force Commander and other military officials will work hand-in-hand with you to further develop structures, policy and processes that will produce a self-sustaining Somali force for the future.”


Source: Office of the Federal Republic of Somalia


  1. Somalia is dead rotten dead body but the international NGOs try to captaize on that dead, because by doing this they can always always get funds for their own use from foreign government. Those NGOs will always maake sure that the wild tribes of Somalia mainly Daarood-doofaar and hawiye Afar-qooble slaughter each other, so can both remain week and feeble. Viva Somalilad republic. Viva all patriotic people of Somaliland. We are the true nation who defeated the faqash army and militias of Siyaad Barre and after that held foreign intervention at bay.

    • Maryam,
      I give you full marks bcos your comments are positive only take off darod-doofaar and
      hawiye afar-qooble, being lady you are exempted. Bless your soul.

  2. @ Maryan i will keep my mouth shut since i cannot respond to a lady, my mother taught me to alwayz respect ladies right or wrong, but my suggestion to you is that yu should leave politicts alone especially name calling and Khabiil, go pray and raise your children, having said that it is a good news that the EU will train Somali troops in Somalia. Somalia needs strong troops to defend its borders and defeat terrorism, The new troops needs to be educated and should denounce Qabiil and defend the country. I would like to congratulate the new president elect in Juballand, The federal government should not meddle in the affiars of the Juballand State, to do so would be a disaster, Juballand, Puntland and Khaatumo will build strong relationship in terms of building national guard army to defend the three States.

    • Somalilanders should welcome any and all progress bringing about last peace and propensity for our follow Somalis from "Somalia". Creation of viable security forces in Somalia is the interest of all Somalis in the 2 natiosn – Somaliland & Somalia, so Maryan, laga wanaagsan sida aad u hadhshay. Walaaleheena reer [Somalia] koonfureed ixtiraam iyo walaaltinimo ayanu isku leenahay and we should all ways wish them well, acknowledge their success as well provide helping hand were possible. Stay away falling into entrapment and provocation PuntlanGazer's and his ilk.

  3. Can this long dead and defunct horse do anything for hiself. I doubt it. It is a long dead and lifeless carcas who still talks. Talk, talk, talk, and nothing else. Viva the sacred Republic of Somaliland

  4. It is no secret the International community have settled for a political model of empowering the Hassan Mahamoud and his clan to become the dominant force in Somalia-Italia. Similar to DJbibouti (Ciise domination), Kenya (Kikuyu domination) and predominantly majority of the African continent.

    It is a model that can work only when Somaliland-Republic is recognized to minimize the Clan composition to be accommodated. With a reduced clan composition Somalia-Italia will be able to redistribute the political power sharing to appease the remaining clans.

    This strategy has merit and a Dissolution of the 1960-Failed Union into TWO sovereign states would be advantageous to Somalia-Italia in that the strategy of a dominant Clan is made a reality as the clan composition in Somalia-Italia would give Hawiye a 39% population stake.

    The Higher Hawiye population percentage in Somalia-Italia post dissolution of the 1960-Union is supportive a dominant clan strategy to stabilize Somalia-Italia-Road-Map government.

    This strategy is tested in Most African countries and it works as it is supportive of a semi-democratic Clan society where the voters will vote along clan/tribe lines. However flawed this type of system will be accepted by the various clans. The UN, EU, AU and Amisom have all chosen to invest their effort into a strategy that will empower a one clan domination. They are also very clear on the need for a TWO-STATE separation of the Union for the strategy to work.

    The Two-STATE dialogue process must end with a TWO-Recognized sovereign states as this is the only path to consolidate peace, security and stability without conflicts.

    • Blaa blaa blaa "somali-diid-land" blaa. ONE SOMALIA saxib. you can be a keyboard warrior all you like

    • It is no secret the International community have settled for a political model of empowering the Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to become the dominant force in Somalia would of been better.