Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam, who was the leader of the Ras Kamboni Brigade— a paramilitary group in Kismayu— has been elected President of the new Jubaland State of Somalia.

A General Fartag from Gedi region was elected Vice President.

Sheikh Islam, popularly known as Sheikh Ahmed Madobe, was elected by a majority of community delegates at the Jubaland Constitutional Conference in Kismayu, a statement from Office of the President of Puntland said Wednesday.

“Puntland congratulates the people of Jubaland State and the new President-elect on organising a community-led consultative conference, adopting a new State Charter, and electing a new President today,” the statement said.

Puntland said the formation of Jubaland State was fully in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC) of Somalia.

“Puntland calls upon the Somali Federal Government, Inter-Governmental Authority for Development, and the wider international community to recognise and cooperate with Jubaland State,” the statement added.

The Jubaland Initiative started in 2010 with an aim of establishing an autonomous region modelled along the lines of other autonomous regions such as Puntland and Somaliland.

At that point, Kenya was said to have shown support for the initiative in order to create a buffer zone between itself and Al-Shaabab insurgency in southern Somalia, a claim that it denies.

Ethiopia was on the other hand opposed to the plan as it would undermine its military offensive against the Ogaden rebels who are seeking independence.

Source: The Nation. KE


  1. Congratulations to the people of Jubbaland federal State Of Somalia. We Puntlanders support our sisterly State.

  2. Let us wait and see because this game is at its infancy. The government of Somalia and its people cannot accept the fiasco that is shaping up in Kismayo. Proclaiming Ahmed Madobe Islam in a hurry and at a time when 300 of the original 800 delegates boycotted the gathering will create a situation of war. If folks from Qorehei and Puntland think that they can pre-empt the efforts of the legitimate government of Somalia and create an exclusive and illegitimate administration in Lower Juba, they are totally mistaken.

    Furthermore, Ahmed Madobe was a member of Al-shabaab terrorist organization and to reward such a man to impose his will on our native population in the region is not acceptable see here

    Instead of being declared head of a region, Ahmed Madobe should be brought to justice for the crimes he committed as a member of a terrorist organization.

    • The fear is Since Shabab control 80 of Jubaland this will give Madobe an advantage over other candidates.

      Alternatively anyone who apposes Madobe may fear Reprisal from Shabab.

      Either way if this is accepted it further erodes the minuscule legitimacy the Road-Map-Government of Somalia-Italia had left. Considering Kenya will forever have a puppet controlling jubaland on whose ocean they seek to begin oil exploration.

  3. Allemagan smear your face with mud your a complete moron.

    congratulations to the people of Jubbaland If ANYONE ever deserved peace its you 15 years of warlords and 5 years under al qaeda terrorists strict rules.

    Jubaland hope you build on this legacy of peace to develop your region by building new infrastructure like roads, hospitals, schools, airstrips, water wells, and dams for the Jubaland river.

    And Please educate the youths of Jubaland the danger of mingling with al qaeda terrorists.

    VIVA to Those Somali bro/sis who choose peace of war.

  4. That is the end of your wicked agenda in Somalia. People will not allow you to claim a land that does not belong to you. I am sorry you [Somalia] are going back to the black hole once again, even though the IC are trying to help you.

  5. Mark my words, it's not going to work. Simply the SFG in Mogadiscio would neither allow
    nor accept these illegal and ill-fated moves of unilateral declaration. The SFG central high
    command would have to adopt centralized regional provincial powers in the same ways
    of the Somaliland institutions and constitutions. Every Somalia Regions should be governed
    by a politically nominated Governor by the SFG central high command of Capital Mogadiscio.
    All other episodes would be more chaotic disaster and further mayhem. Strengthening his
    power the President of the SFG HSM would very much depend how he would reconcile with
    the more expert powers of Somaliland and their political concept.

    • It will work for SIMPLE and CLEAR reason because people in Jubbaland want own local government and believe no one can stop them. there will be no authoritarian central government in Somalia NOW or the FUTURE in Somalia that thing is over. as i said many many times Central government will not have full authority over semi-autonomous states in Somalia including Somaliland region.

      What you should do is Isaq folks like you instead of keep circling recognition stuff think about how you should govern in your region. also Somaliand region"isaq", they have to reconcile 42% residence in northern Somalia.

    • mo cheers

      u said what jubbaland people have chosen would not work yet you said somaliland wll be recognized coz ppl want what a hypocrite

  6. This election was over due, to those folks who use to think Jubbaland state of Somalia can not be created they were WRONG as usual. the fact is when people decided take their future in their hand no one can STOP and this one is GOOD example.

    > People in Jubbaland decided to form own local authority within federal republic of somalia ( Jubbaland for fill this condition)

    > Somali federal constitution says two more states can form regional authority if both agreed ( Jubbaland for fill this condition)

    > All clans live in upper Jubba, middle jubba and lower jubba participted in this process OVER 500 delegation (Jubbland for fill this condition)
    Hassan Culusow he's argument is

    – Still there are clan missing in this process, which it's not.

    – Hassan Culusow does not believe what the Somali constitution says, him self was elected in this constitution.

    – Hassan Culusow why he never look the problem in lower shabelle people been forced out from their land, the new occupiers came from Guriceel, Caliyaale, xarar dheer, Galgaduud, dhuuso mareeb, Galmudug, instead of jumping Jubbaland local issue. well, people in Jubbaland said this is our own affairs mind your business.

    Puntland State of Somalia.

    – Will always welcome ANY two regions in somalia wants to establish own authority within federal republic of Somalia because it's in Somali constitution. their POSITION is very clear.

  7. This will be the making of president Hassan sheikh, he needs to demonstrate leadership here and not allow this so called jubaland to be formed even if it means resorting to use overwhelming power to get his way. He simply cannot allow an autonomous state to be formed so near to his seat of power in Mogadishu.

    • It's not whether he the CULUSOW allows or not that is not the CASE here. people in Jubbaland want own ADMIN and it's in the constitution as simple as that. when you talk about force. well, Jubbalanders have enough manpower to protect own territory. in fact if it's necessary they will attack and the war will not confine in southern somalia will reach faster than bullet northern somalia that is for sure.

  8. Ahmed Madoobe was born in Jigjiga as I heard, not sure if it is true. Would that make him Ethiopian Somali rather than Somalian of Somalia. Anyway I believe ppl from the area have a right to setup their own admin as long as it is all inclusive. Though there has been some hastiness in the process of setting up Jubaland.

  9. @Daljir,

    Before you comment get your facts right, did you know TARZAN the thug mayor of Mogadishu he was born MUSTAXIIL ETHIOPIA??????, he came mogadishu 1970. so, tell us why he became the Mayor of Mogadishu?

  10. Abdul&@Daljir,
    TARSAN WAXUU KA YIMID CiDHIFKA KORE EE Wabiga Shabeele iyo Iimeey Galbeed, laakiin Sababta aan loo odhan xagaas ayaad ka timid " Waa Hawiye" Isaaqa Daroor ama Awaare Ka yimid Hargeisa waxuu ka ka yahay Waddani laakiin ogaden Ceel-barde ka yimid Waa laaji markuu joogo Yeed ama Xudur!

  11. @ ALI,

    kkkk, waa la'ogyahay TARZAN inuu yahay Hawiye MORYAAN. WAXAASA mahada leh in maanta soomaliya ilaa shan magaalo oo waaweyn laga dhisi doono. Mogadishu will not be the power house it use to be, i was born and grow up there.

    Tankale wax baad isku qaseysaa " yeed ama xudur" waa dhul raxanweyn kkkk.
    Ma'og tahay Ogaaden in uusan lahji ku aheen jubooyinka waa dad ilaahey badiyey degana.

    Afmadow District
    Badhaadhe District
    Jamaame District
    Kismaayo District
    Xagar District
    Bu'aale District

    • Are you on drugs Jamaame Bu'aale is not OG Kismayo is properly the most diverse Somali city even in Afmadow you live with the Surre Dir what is left out of those names for the OGs 2 villages lol.

      • Ogadeen are the majority in these area that is for sure, if they were not the majority the IC would not back them. have ever heard Majority rules, this is what is happening in jubbaland.

  12. Let the people of Kismayo have their own government. The weak and powerless Mogadishu figment is tryin to over stretch its limited power. In fact it has no power, without the Burundi and uganda ragtag miliaitas financed by the bankcrupt west, he will be eaten up. Oluso is speaking from his feet and acting he is in charge and has a government. the Mogasihu figment will evapoarate less a year from now. Indign=enous forces who aleady in place or just beyond the horizon every where will make a move and the disrptive figment pretending to have a power in Muuqdisho will be over. the few thousand Burundi, and Uganda militias will be defeated and and their remanents will be hastily withdrawn. Western retreat and defeat is already going on in Afghanistan, happened already in Iraq. The old warlords will soon reign in Mogadishu. Uluso was part of those warlords the likes of Yalaxo, Tuuhow, Dhuxulo, Mohamed dhuure, the notorious Indacade, Qaybdiid and others. The power is already growing. Hassan Uluso will be be soon on the run, and his fake pretentious figment will fissile and disintegrate.

  13. We welcome the new Jubaland State of Somalia. Long live Madobe who is a true Jubalander and the hero who took down al-shabab remnants from kismayo.

  14. These OG's just don't know what kind of fire they're playing with they don't know that the Habashi/Bantu have come up with a brilliant plan to kill Somaliweyn.

    They tried it the physical way to convince Somalia in doing away with Somaliweyn and failed now (even tho they're still using the physical part) they've added the mentally part where they are saying look the same people you want to free so badly are doing this to you which i've got say is working better than their physical part.

    Just look at him being looked down upon by his master this people for a more than a century have known nothing more than being the Habashi/Bantus favourite house negro even in Sayyid days they were a bunch of treacherous people so no way in hell are they gonna bring Somalia down to their level.

    We have already the Habashi (who by the way bullies Nairobbery) shaking inside their boots and limiting their invasions of Hawiye territories and instead concentrate more down the D&M areas which even there they are having a hard time.

    Phase two will be operation make none Hawiye territories seem like its Hawiye territories to our neighbours then close the borders throwing the middle finger at the OGs then make a deal with Aids & Robbery that in order for Somalia to forget Somaliweyn they should stop their crimes against none OG members let them have their own autonomy while with the OGs they can do as they please with them.

    Yes i have come to that level !

    • You don't know what you are talking about, none of the things you said make sense. If anyone can talk without facts then Hyenas will laugh too

      • kk, irir samale and wadani stop talking to yourself, have a manner. we know your one person.