MOGADISHU (AFP) — A warlord in southern Somalia’s Jubaland has declared himself “president” of the region, clan leaders said Thursday, shortly after the election of another militia commander to the post.

With tensions already high, the move raised the risk of clashes between rival factions in the southern port city of Kismayo, a former stronghold of the Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab, where Kenyan troops in an African Union force are now based.

The city was quiet Thursday, but residents have reported clan militia reinforcing their positions across Kismayo.

On Wednesday, former Islamist warlord Ahmed Madobe was elected Jubaland’s “president” by a conference of some 500 elders and local leaders.

Neither the title nor the region itself is recognised by the weak central government in Mogadishu.

His supporters — including the powerful Ras Kamboni militia — fired heavy machine guns into the sky to celebrate his appointment, residents said.

“They were firing guns late into the night…the situation is calm now but the city is tense, there are fears of clashes between militia,” Kismayo resident Hassan Mohamud told AFP.

Madobe is a key ally of Kenya, and his appointment risks opening a rift between Nairobi and Mogadishu.

But shortly afterwards, former Somali defence minister and warlord Barre Hirale, who comes from a rival clan, declared himself also president after a separate conference.

“I was nominated president of Jubaland by the elders…I call on the people to support my presidency to assist me in bringing peace,” Hirale told reporters.

“The conference where I was nominated was organised and belonged to the people… while the other conference was organised and pushed by Kenya,” he added, calling on people “to lay down their arms and help rebuild the region.”

Hirale, a veteran militia commander from the Marehan clan, has in recent years been backed by Ethiopia to battle Shebab insurgents.

Both elections are understood to be opposed by the central government in the capital Mogadishu, which is keen to stamp its authority on the lawless and war-ravaged nation, not to see further regional splits.

There was no immediate reaction to developments from Mogadishu.

“If fighting breaks out in Kismayo, it will be the Somali government that will take responsibility for the bloodshed, because they are creating instability between brotherly clans,” Madobe told reporters.

Residents in Kismayo said they now had two leaders.

“Today we have two presidents, and one of them is aided by Kenya’s army…the city is quiet but people are not moving in the streets as they are worried,” Kismayo resident Ahmed Ali said Thursday.

“Clan militia supporting either side are reinforcing their positions across the town,” he told AFP by telephone.

Jubaland lies in the far south of Somalia and borders both Kenya and Ethiopia, and control is split between multiple forces including clan militia, the Shebab, Kenyan and Ethiopian soldiers.

Jubaland joins other semi-autonomous regions of the fractured Horn of Africa nation, including Puntland in the northeast — which wants autonomy within a federation of states — and Somaliland in the northwest, which fiercely defends its self-declared independence.

Invading Kenyan troops — now part of the AU force mandated to support the government in Mogadishu — captured Kismayo alongside Madobe’s troops in October 2012.

Madobe, from Somalia’s Ogadeni clan, was once governor of Kismayo and a key member of the Islamic Courts Union — whose armed wing was the Shebab — that was toppled by Ethiopia’s 2006 US-backed invasion of Somalia.

During the invasion he was wounded in a bombing raid in southern Somalia, and was captured and taken to Ethiopia, spending at least two years in jail.

After his release, in late 2011 he switched allegiance to battle his former Islamist comrades by fighting alongside Kenyan troops.

Source: AFP


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    Somalilandpress is becoming more like low level news outlet. Jubbaland state of Somalia have only one president, and believe me if Barre huraale try to do something his own clan will kill him on the spot before others. huurale does not even have fifty men fight for him, he can not face fifteen thousand strong well arm forces.

    PRESIDENT Hon Ahmed Mohamed Islam is the ligament elected president of Jubbaland with the full support of international community without doubt. time will tell, again those use to say Jubbaland State can not be form proof wrong and this case also the same.

      • Hawdsil,

        NOTHING will happen, there is no game here jackass fack*ng sh^t this is REAL. mark my word all those trouble makers will be deported. LET THE PARTY BEGAN.

          • Hawdsiil,

            What type, as i said before nothing will happen. the truth is already happening in Jubbaland, it's official Jubbaland state of Somalia became third semi-autonomous state in somalia. LET THE PART BEGAN.

          • Hehehe do something then stup!d I dare you all the traitor marexaans will be executed soon as the rightfull president bare builds his cabinet.

          • aw libaax in gedo the leader ahlu suna waljamaaca said jubbaland have only one president and that is Ahmed mohamed Islam. Barre Huraale or Amin aamino will be arrested soon. the international community is backing this new admin in jubbaland.

            CULUSOW NGO left the picture for good kkkkkkkkkkk.

  2. The game is aleady on and Uluso will runaway and commit suicidebecause he is trying to excercise a power he does not have

  3. A third one has just declared to be the elected president of Jubbaland. They keep coming.

  4. By the way, I think Somali language experts should sit down together and find a word for governor. Too many presidents around in Somalia.

  5. The Official elected president of jubaland state is Mr. Bare Hiiraale, move-forward and restore the peace,stability of that area, all eyes on you Mr. President Dis-arming tribal militias, like those of Ahmad Madoobe , reconciliation between tribes and religious communities are important.

    • add that with the 100's already there + the 1000s armed Kismayens and we can call it a rap for Mr Blackies supremacy a lesson for all never think you can go against Mogadishu's and win even if they're at their weakest.

      This blackie guy all he had to do is cooperated with Mogadishu and his tribe would of been leading Jubbaland but no his Nairobbery master powers got the best of him now he's relegated at best to be the mayor of Kismayo which even that is temporary and will be pushed back to Afmadow then last across the border where he belongs.

  6. Barre Hirale has no support among the Mareexaan clan he's a sitting old duck and if he makes a move we will kill him in the spot.

    Ahmed Madobe has the biggest support among the largest clans in Jubaland aka Ogaden and Harti Darood.

  7. I think they should both step down and elect someone from the minority clan, like Tuni and Wagosha or Gaaljecey or even may be Madhibaan to keep the peace. Faroole in Puntland and Kenya are meddling in the affairs of Juballand, plus Culusow is putting his weight behind the Mareexaan while the Ogadens are getting support from Kenya, I think its a matter of time before war breaks up between these two tribal Militia, Juballand has became a test for Culusow who has no authority beyond Mogadishu and his Abgaal stronghold. If anyone thinks South Somalia is out of the woods then this should be an example that old wounds are again being scratched. Its on all over again failed State with no hope. Now its between Kablalax Daarood VS Sade Daarood and soon it will escalate to Daarood VS Hawiye with Abgaal fighting in the side of Marexan while Habar Gidir siding with Ogaden.

    • elect who? wagosha? Are you out of your f*cking mind? You want to give our fertile land to ex Jareer slaves captured by Arabs traders from Tanzania and Mozambique?

      I respect somali minority tribes like Tumal, Yibir and Gaboye I don't mind if there elected as President of Jubaland but Wagosha are bantus they have a country to go back to its not like their country less.

      We shall deport all Jareer from Jubaland back to their ancestry land Tanzania and Mozambique.

      • KKKKK Yu are one funny guy bro, what is the beef between you and Wagosha people? I was born and raised in Jilib where majority of the sourounding town were Wagosha or ooji as we called them at the time. Infact most of them were good people, farmers other than the ones who refused to speak Somali and instead spoke Kisingua a language spoken in Tanzania and Mozambique. I think they should remain in the South and be part of the government, having said i think i have lost my cool with the whole situation of two people claiming to be president. this news become a laughing stock for the enemies of Somalia.

        • Wagosha folks are part of Jubbaland government, there is no two people claiming Jubbaland president, there is only one and that is Ahmed Mohamed Islam. anyone call the media tell them i am the president of Jubbaland it's part of free SPEECH.

          85% people in lower jubba,upper jubba and middle jubba + international community back the new president of Jubbaland state of Somalia Hon President Ahmed Mohamed Islam. also, the leader ahlu suna waljamaaca in Gedo Mr Aw-libaax welcome the new government in Jubbaland, rest are spoilers sent by moryaan will be rested soon.

  8. What is with these autonomous states just popping out of thin air. This is why somali's are the laughing stock of the world. We can't get our house in order!!!!!!

  9. Another Walweyn high stakes drama. The same actors but with diferent namce, and under new sponsors. The whole thing is facilitated by Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. All the above sponsors are fromhighly fragmented and unstable states where civil is either going on or will flare up at any moment. Three self-styled so-called presidents are emerging. Nobody will know what will happen threre. let us wait for Ulusow's response to this high stakes game and brinkmanship.

  10. There was more celebrations in Jigjiga & Garissa for Blackie then in Kismayo or Jubbaland as a whole heck i'm even hearing in Jigjiga is still in the party mood.

    Also what's more funnier is that there are more congratulations coming from Puntland than anywhere else (talking about being ungrateful to the Marehans for you know why) while at least with Barre his people are celebrating for him in his strong hold of Gedo.

  11. This is from the Times dated June 02, 1924. Where is this Jubaland, did it exit before? or is it a different Jubaland……………..

    Having reached an understanding with Premier MacDonald of Britain on the subject of a cession by Britain to Italy of Jubaland, Premier Benito sent experts to London to settle the precise terms of the agreement.

    Jubaland is part of British East Africa and, according to the terms of the Treaty of London (1915), under which Italy agreed to enter the War on the side of the Allies, Britain and France agreed to compensate Italy should they extend their territorial interests on the African continent.

    At the Paris Peace Conference, Lord Milner offered to cede part…

    Read more:,9171,…

    • Maryoolay,
      There no Jubaland after the post Independence 1st July 1960 todate. The Independent
      Somalia of 1960 overrode all colonial correspondences here and there. Forget it dude.
      The SFG central high Command in Mogadiscio would be fully responsible for administering
      all the roadmap signatories territorial Regional Provinces of Somalia. None else should that

      • Mogadishu can not over rule semi-autonomous states including Somaliland region in somalia, it's not gone happen. how do you understand things.

  12. Puntland is committed to safeguarding the Harti Darood populations and their properties in Jubaland and therefore Puntland will deploy troops into Kismayo to fight and hunt down Barre Hirale and he's associated Sade militia

    Ahlu-Sunnah Waljama from Gedo must distance itself from Barre Hirale Sade militia.

    • HEHEHE keeping dreaming bro bintiland can't do sh!!!t, Nobody messes with us. The Ogadens with their Kenyan supporters cannot even dare do sh!!!!T, what do you think a bunch of pirates will do.

    • HEHEHE keeping dreaming bro bintiland can't do $h###t, Nobody messes with us. The Og@dens with their Kenyan masters cannot even dare do sh!!!!T, what do you think a bunch of pirates will do.

      • Sade the guy is nothing more than a chest beater with no action don't you regret rescuing these ungraceful MJ's from Aideed claws.

        These MJ clearly want to be the Darood leaders of Somalia so badly to do that they need to neutralize the real 1 the Marehans they know they cant do it physically themselves so are using the refugees instead bunch of wuss.

        • @Irir Samaale

          who rescued us? The sade militia have always been our enemy number one because we consider them as Hawiye lap dogs they even (Sade) united with the habar gidir morons to root out the majerteen from Kismayo but majerteen alone defeated bot of them and kicked the Sade clan out of Kismayo.

          Now majerteen have their own lab dog aka Saad mohahahahahahha

      • @Sade Xtraordinaire

        Your Sade militia have no business in kismayo Gedo Yes But not in Kismaya, Kismayo has always been Harti Darod and Ogadens majority.

        I can assure you Harti Darood have been waiting much too long for the return of Kismaya and Nobody can get in our way let the Sade militia know that that if they start any problem in Kismaya they will be eating their food through straw.

        The bodies the Sade militia would be left in Kismaya's heat until their clothes rotted until their bodies are almost completely decomposed.

        We just crushed the mighty Iidooooor (SNM) the Sade militia are little rats hiding under another rat (Abgaal)

        • Don't be a moron we know history they rescued your asses from the Galmudugians period while in Jubbaland it was Gedo who gave you all a safe heaven and under Hiiraale you first defeated USC in Gedo turning the tide capturing Kismayo but then again it was only because USC were busy fighting each other in Mogadishu.

          What you are talking about is 6 years later when the SNF split with OG'/Harti under SPM and Rahanweyn vs Marehan/Habr Gedir and some OG under Allied Somali Forces ASF later known as the Jubba Valley Alliance.

          Now About Kismayo you should know by now it is the jugular vein of that region he who controls it will create a great revenue for himself to use it to control the rest of Jubbaland.

    • Iam a jubbalander, a khatumo born, a puntlander, a somalilander, a makhir supporter. Iam Darood and proud to live all over Somalia. But mostly iam proud of Being a somali person. I love Somalia and all somali people.
      Tribe and federal states dont matter, The important thing is that we somalis are unique, smart, and has The most resourceful Nation on earth, let us Work together to improve lives, not take lives.

      • It's okey the way you are thinking, but you have to start it from Somaliland. Let the people there to live in peace and co-operate to each other so that they can develop their land without interference or intimidation.

        • Iam. Doing my best from khatumo, simply i because that is where i can do a difference for now. Once we somalis hold hands and forgett The past, then it will be possible for me to do a job for the greather good. We all know that federalism and somaliland included is nothing more than tribal states. But if it is what we have now, let us not destroy it but improve it. And once we become civilized enough The we can rejoin and achieve so much more. Brothers and sisters i have read so mang of your comments, and it is just waist of time and energy. Dont be an internet fighter travel to The land wherever it might be and do a difference. Spend money there and time it will help.

          • @ Somalis aren't smart jama sxb. We have a great country but we have messed it up and ending up refugees every corner of the world. Shameless

  13. I don't think any of you Darood read the books! The Lannisters are the last House you want to be like, 4real. Especially, considering how Tywin and Cercei will die. Goes to show Darood arnt exactly the smartest tools in the Somali shed.

  14. in all this mess….majertens are the right in the middle….so the real problems of somalis is majerten….
    they every where even the sea (sea pirate)…..the somali'S HIV=MAJERTEN

  15. @ Samale project,

    I have been telling folks like you this will happen and no one can hinder ( Formation of Jubbaland State) WITH or WITHOUT Culusow. time will tell, people in Jubbaland will steam ahead. it's not the people in jigjiga celebrate but people in Jubbaland as a whole did.

    Barre huraale is just one individual also Amiin is another one they do not have any power to destabilize Jubbaland as some folks wish. the leader of ahlu suna waljamaaca in gedo shiekh Aw-libaax is backing Jubbaland government. so, those who think jubbaland will face problem they were wrong before and wrong NOW.

  16. I have no idea wwhy you erased my comments while you let the comments of other nastier than that

  17. for all the darood m uppets, who haven't read the Game of Thrones books and think the Lannisters are a good bet.

    Enjoy b y tches

  18. Barre Hurale is the better option to sustain the unity of Somalia-Italia. The same people who invited 70,000 Ethiopians into Muuqdishu are now the champions of this strategy to give Kenya an advantage in the future of Juba valley and it's oceans.

    Fiqishini have as much right to claim Jubaland as any Harti!!!