The move by IGAD mercenaries to airlift bogus delegates to Kismayo last
week in order to attend illegal meeting aimed to approve the invasion of
certain clans including refugees from Kenya and Ethiopia, was enough to be
considered as a declaration of war against the people living in Jubba
Despite knowing the fact on the ground, instructions of some western
countries have made IGAD mercenaries to approve blindly illegal clan
communiqué issued under the name of IGAD last year.
The communiqué issued by clan warmonger Mahbub Mohamed, the current
Secretary General of IGAD, indicated that the Ogadeni refugees from
Ethiopia and a new bunch of Ogadenis from Kenya are the genuine owners of
Jubbaland regions in southern Somalia, while labeling the majority groups
in the region as minorities. The unhidden truth in the region and among
all Somalis is that there is only one district all over Somalia, which is
inhabited by the local Ogadenis, who are lawfully Somali citizens.
Kismayo conference
The conspiracy of conducting the Kismayo conference was announced by
Sheikh Mohamud Aw Libah, self styled Ahlu Sunna leader, who himself comes
from central Somalia regions. With instructions from Ogadeni officials in
Kenyan government, officials from the so called Puntland region (there is
no official region called Puntland in Somalia’s constitution and history
as well), and officials from Zone Five region in Ethiopia, Aw Libah
denied that the conference was being sponsored by the IGAD puppets.
While enjoying the support of few western countries that have resources
interests in Jubbaland, the refugees, who call themselves the future
leaders of Jubbaland, tend to forget that the word has come out long ago
to make sure their conspiracy fails.
In 1960 there was a shooting at Sharpeville, in South Africa, which
resulted in proclamation of a state of emergency and the declaration of
the ANC as an unlawful organization. This is what the great hero Nelson
Mandela said after the event: “My colleagues and I, after careful
consideration, decided that we would not obey this decree. The African
people were not part of the government and did not make the laws by which
they were governed”.
By quoting this piece of Mandela’s speech, the people of Jubbaland have
one responsibility which is to respond to the declaration of war made by
IGAD. Their first and last responsibility is to fight by any means.
History tells us that no community in this world has acquired its rights
and liberations with mere talks. Many people in the world preferred to
fight as a result of unrest and frustration because the perceived foreign
rule or invaders’ rule to be a form of exploitation and mistreatment,
which served only to further economic interests for the enemy . Like the
case of Wagosha community, they have to bear in mind that in order to
disrupt the plans of the enemies, they do not need to have military tanks
or modern sophisticated weapons. Your role will simply be a role of
destroying which is always cheaper than any other thing.
The Wagosha community was always ready to engage in talks, when deciding
the future of their land, but when all these calls were ignored, the
alternative, which is armed struggle, has to work.
Kenya, Ethiopia conspiracy
The shaky government of Ethiopia and Kenya, who are struggling with
political and ethnic divisions in their countries, do always come up with
plans which risk the stability of the region.
An official in the Ogadeni armed groups in Ethiopia, told western media
that their group was offered a settlement in Jubbaland if they stopped the
fighting against Addis Ababa, when peace talks between Ethiopia and ONLF
held in Kenyan capital, Nairobi last year.
Another international diplomat said it’s the western countries that are
pushing for Jubbaland bias plans, that favour the Ogadeni armed refugee
Despite waiting for many years, finally, in 1991, the people of Hiiraan
region in central Somalia and Somaliland succeeded to kick out the Ogadeni
armed refugees from their lands. This has not come through dialogue but
armed struggle with genuine cause, like the cause of Wagosha community.So
its always possible when there is a will.
You were born free to decide for your future, and not to wait others
decide for your fate. Kenyans and Ethiopians will not be here in Somalia
forever, because even the dictator Siyad Barre had to go by force after
many years of settling Ogadeni armed refugees in the country.
Using guerrilla war the armed liberation struggle
Bearing in mind that the enemy has more weapons than the indigenous people
is not a genuine reason not to fight for your rights. During the
Vietnamese war the local people operated within their own districts. When
necessary, small regional units would unite for large scale attacks. If
enemy pressure became too great, they would break down into smaller units
and scatter.
For the most part, recruits were young teenagers, who were motivated by
idealism, confidence and their ability to fight heavily armed and
well-trained American soldiers.
In this holy war, you have even a strong reason to fight, because the
Islamic religion allows you to defend your sovereignty and rights, even if
it amounts in killing enemy soldiers and their supporters.
Wagosha people have also another genuine reason to turn their weapons to
the enemies. When the unreported genocide of thousands of people took
place against Wagosha in 1990ties, yet the international agencies allowed
humanitarian aid to be diverted and used to fund warlord General Mohamed
Said Morgan, who led the massacre of the innocent people.
The armed struggle has to be in gradual steps like in the Vietnamese war,
where local guerrillas were given only a basic minimum of infantry
training, but if they were recruited to a main force unit, they could
receive up to a month of advanced instruction. Additionally, there were
dozens of hidden centers all over South Vietnam for squad and platoon
leader, weapons and radio training. To ensure that the guerrillas
understood why they were fighting, all training courses included political
Many weapons, including booby traps and mines, were homemade in villages.
The materials ranged from scavenged tin can to discarded wire, but the
most important ingredients were provided by the enemy. In a year, dud
American bombs could leave more than 20,000 tons of explosives scattered
around the Vietnamese countryside. After air-raids, volunteers retrieved
the duds and the dangerous business of creating new weapons began.
Local forces also designed primitive weapons, some designed to frighten
intruders, but others were extremely dangerous. “Punji traps” — sharp
spikes hidden in pits — could easily disable an enemy soldier. Punjis were
often deliberately contaminated to increase the risk of infection. This
kind of a weapon is not different from the traditional weapons the Wagosha
people used in the 17th century to prevent the invasion of Somali pastoral
clans from capturing the Goshaland.
Having all these tactics empowered with modern techniques, it’s obvious
that the struggle will reach another level until the final liberation

Death to the invaders,
Victory to Wagosha liberation
Fight for your rights, failure to it you are breaking Islamic values
Goshaland will be liberated at last
Wagosha News Desk
Kismayo, Somalia


  1. Those men look like they smiling at something???

    Maybe something the Somali troops do not taste and must steal?

  2. The natives of Juba Kismayo must free themsves from Faqasg remanets and those who support them. Thye have a holy war against the imigrants from Majertenia and others from Ogadenia.

    • why is it a bad article is it because you dont respect the wagosha peoples right after all jubaland is their homeland others were imported there by apoo siad. the jareerweyne are 20% of ex somali italis pop. so they will defend themselves and kick the squatters out. the prodigal son abu zubair will show them the tactics to blow your @$$ up.

      • Neo

        You're comment has a lot of profanity in it. So I'm not going to give you why this article is bad and if you want to ask people why they made the assessment they made.It's better not to insult them oh btw I have nothing against wagosha people or any other Somali community.

  3. How come can this Jareerman from Mozambique call the Kings of Waamo/Jubba as Refugees? The Ogadens were once who brought your grandfathers from Mozambique as laborers, now you are calling them refugees? Nin walboow Allaah Sugu!

  4. kkkkkkk wagosha aka isaq darod haters aka jalouas losers keep dreaming kismaayo and the 350 square km around it is inhabited by darod and they are like 90% deal with it. god made them majority they are your neighbors in Ogaden on the other side khatumo and everywhere kkkkkkkkkkkkk .

  5. Would any of you say something if they weren't Darood. The answer is no, so except that Daroods are factor in the Somali nation.

    If it is all about tribalism just know Daroods are all over the place, North, South, West, and East.
    But such realities don`t effect haters. Especially the Secessionist section of the Issaq clan. Who are only interested for the sake of instigating animosity. Which the secessionist suffer in the north due to the Daroods refusal on secession.

    By the way how come no one wants talk about the process of creating a state in Bay and Bakool regions. Oh yeah that's right it`s not Darood lead initiative, so there is no issue and it`s not worth talking about even though they are odds with federal government, just like jubaland. Stop the BS

    Stop posting garbage articles, which the sole purpose is to create animosity among communities of the Jubaland.

    Here`s a question though, how come no one has lifted a finger to fight this Jubaland initiative if people are about to lose their land

    Wouldn't `t you fight if some one was trying to take your land, even if the odds are against you
    You know sort of like SSC (Khaatumo).

  6. these ex slaves jareer bantus from Congo will be eaten alive if they think they can go head to head with ogadens.

  7. I am just shocked to know there are some Bantus who are now saying they want war. What;s going on? Its Bantu troops that invaded Kismayo and are handing it over to Ogadenis so the Wagosha should only blame their Bantu brothers. I am not making this up, I was born and raised in Jilib deep South and when the civil war erupted in 1991 we all fled to Kenya. Bantus were welcomed with open hands while we the Somalis were rounded up and put in camps in Hulugho Kenya. So my advice to the Bantus is to stop blaming people, you rejected Somalis and claimed to be from Tanzania so since when did you become a Somali citizen.

  8. buxisye

    DO you know now YOU have a million and half problems.
    -No recogntion
    -No direction or lost direction
    -Everyone rejected blahblah fake sovereignty nation call "somalilan region".
    -The last kick on butt give you the british.
    -twenty years of lies now come up on the surface.
    -Every door is close, no where else to knock.
    – Next london conference there will be no 2 STATE dialogue.

    How much more humilliation secessionist want, if this is not enough then more will come.

  9. This artical has nothing to do Bantu in JUBBALAND. this artical was writen either secessionist or their relatives, but what they should know is always majority will rule Jubbaland that is for sure. Hassan culusow done what ever means to stop Jubbaland creating own local goverment, but failed badly locally and internationally.

  10. Though I do not know who the Wagoshas are, however I do agree on one thing with this writer. I don't understand how a settlers who emigrated to Jubaland some hundred of years ago, claim the land of native people? Its like the European colonies still claiming some African Counties because, they use to own land and plantation.Give me a break!
    The Marjerteens and Ogadens are the settlers of Jubaland, they emigrated from Eastern Somalia, Ogaden region of Ethiopia and some part of northern Kenya. For them to claim an ownership of Jubaland is a colonial mentality and I support the native of this region, to use every means necessary to get back the land.
    If there is no justice anywhere, there is no peace everywhere.The world communities should ratify this injustice and let the true people of Jubaland be the owners of this land.

  11. Jubaland owners are the mighty Somali Clan of daarood and it’s associates such as sheekhaashi and bajun ,non of this wogosha (congolose)are known in jubaland except a very small settlents along the juba river ,where they were brought to help farming enterprises

  12. Another propaganda from abgaal elders who think they run a government. The Abgaal elders know the fact that they can't stop the formation of jubbaland so they invented this propaganda about jareer owning jubaland since history shows us Jareer were captured by Arab traders from tanzania and brought to jubbaland as slaves. If abgaal truly cares about jareer wll-being why can't they resettle them in mogadishu, Jowhaar, Beletweeyne or Marka?

    I would like to warn darood bro on Hawiya activities I myself half hawiye and half darood. The hawiya are racist people they can't stand the sight of Darood. Hawiya would rather give Darood resources and fertile lands to Bantus. I am originally from mogadishu but we had to flee because some hawiya morons youths where sharpening their knife to behead us.

    I believe the ogadens are a strong clan they can chew the jareer and spit out.

    Viva ogaden.

  13. Waxaa nasiib daro ah,in dadku badanaa ayna ku fiicneen akhrista taariikhda siiba tii oow ku soo jeedo.
    Ceeb ma aha in wadankeena oow yahay dal (multi cultural).
    Laga soo bilaabo Raas Kiyambooni ilaa Djuma ama la Terra Di Juma(Boqortooyada ree Goleedka),ka badan ilaa labo boqol tuulo iyo magaalo ayaan haynaa oo ay ka soo jeedin magac Absame ama Ogaadeen iyo Darood oo dhan.
    Kisdmaayo,Mgaambo,Araara Maringoto,Libaanga Kamtaande,Mdhooka,Kafiinga iyo inta kale.
    Wax kasto hala sheego,ma taqaanjiin Boqor Nassib Buundo(Boqortooyadi ugu dambeysay reer Gosha).
    Marka waxaan idinku gubaabinayaa in aad akhrisaan taariikhda ummadiin.
    Dhulkeena waxaad soo gasheen idinkoo tuugsaneysaa(Megen Allaay) hadana waxaad ku doodeysaan
    in aad leedihin dhulkaa.
    Anaga qofna korsaa kuma nihi ,dagaal diyaar ayaan u nahay.