A lot of water has followed under the bridge since the highly disputed municipal elections held in the country on 28 November 2012.
The United States had recognized for the first time in more than twenty years the new Somali government under the stewardship of Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud even though Somalia still remains the breeding ground for extremism and piracy, drug and human trafficking, safe haven for criminals, and despite the fact that Al-shabab still retain the capability to shake the ground under the feet of the highest government officials including the president and the prime minister.
Britain had warned its citizens against traveling to Somaliland, and against staying anywhere in the country- a country that was once dubbed as “the oasis of peace and tranquility in Horn of Africa”. This sudden and unforeseen announcement hit Somaliland government officials like a lightening bolt, sending them scurrying to find out what went wrong. Instead of facing the brutal truth and putting their house in order, politicians and government officials especially the bumbling and gaffe prone minister of internal affairs, Mohamed Nur Arrale, found it easier to pin the blame on Britain by staging counterproductive nation-wide demonstrations against Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s travel warnings. Others had drawn up a lousy appeal letter to the FCO, foolishly pleading with the British government to withdraw its travel warnings against Somaliland or in other words to forego the security and personal safety of its own citizens.
The United States heaped more bad news on Silanyo’s government after it has thrown its weight behind Britain warning its citizens and other foreigners against travelling to Somaliland. The government is on the verge of buckling under the weight of the internal turmoil coupled with this unforgiving diplomatic strain. Needless to say, the Somaliland foreign ministry has lost compass, drifting aimlessly in a sea of diplomatic confusion. We failed to make our case to the world. And now we are paying the price for our failure.
An incipient rebellion was blown into the open when senior officials of the ruling KULMIYE party, disclosed that president Silanyo will be the party’s presidential candidate for 2015. Based on the Burao Accord, Silanyo handed over the baton of leadership to Musa Bihi some three years ago seemingly paving the way for Bihi’s presidential candidacy. But this apparent reneging of the agreement dealt a mortal blow to Bihi’s presidential hope. For his part, Bihi muddied the waters by saying anyone who is a member of the central committee has the right to become the party’s presidential candidate, meaning there will be more spoilers than genuine presidential candidates. The in-fighting and backstabbing among party members is unlikely to subside in the run up to April Convention 2013.
The scandal of a vulnerable woman who had been arrested over text messages allegedly insulting the minister of presidency, Hersi Haji Ali, and the president’s family has rocked the nation, prompting headlines and blistering condemnations from around the world. In a rare show of decency, the not-so-independent judiciary acted against Hersi who is widely rumoured to govern the country. On the order of the judge presiding over the trial, Hersi was ordered to appear before the court. The hustle and bustle of downtown Hargeisa came to a virtual standstill as Hersi arrived at court under heavy police escort amid fears of attacks. In the end, Hersi found out that he was only scared of his own shadow as there was no single security problem.
While the government is determined to prosecute this vulnerable woman to the fullest extent of the law it has shamelessly denied justice to the relatives of the children massacred at Ahmed Dhagah by the British funded police. Yet, president Silanyo parrots “Somaliland is a place where human rights and international laws are observed.”
President Silanyo and his Vice-President Abdirahman Zeili are embroiled in a toxic dispute, which could leave the country paralyzed if not resolved sooner. On his departure from Hargeisa on Tuesday 5th February, Silanyo was seen alone at the airport after his Vice-President flatly rejected to see him off. In an effort to resolve the dispute hastily, the president postponed his flight but unfortunately there was no meeting of minds. Earlier, the Vice-President has threatened to spill the beans about what is going on in the presidential palace that sent him packing.
A media horde descended upon his residence gleefully waiting for the Vice-President to wash their dirty linen in public but, in the end, they did not have the field day they hoped for. Constitutionally speaking, the Vice-President is meant to deputise for the President in his absence but Hersi will be watching him like a hawk during the president’s absence. As they say, the Vice-President is literally a heartbeat’s away from the presidency but now president Silanyo wants to amend the constitution so as to appoint another Vice-President that will not only render Zeili’s post irrelevant but will also prevent him from becoming the sole heir-apparent to the presidency.
To complicate matters further, Zeili openly began cajoling government critics by receiving them in his office except HAKSOOR members who are considered by far the largest and most fierce opposition to this government. The Vice President seemingly believes that his political enemies are lurking around every corner of the presidential palace, hatching joint plot against him. Zeili took no chances and orders the bomb disposal unit to sweep his office for any possible IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). If the Vice-President cannot feel safe in the most heavily guarded place in Somaliland how can we possibly convince the British and American officials that Somaliland’s security is up to scratch?
Surely, Silanyo will have a tough time convincing Zeili that, after all, there is no bogeyman hiding in the presidential palace.
More seriously, the dispute between HAKSOOR supporters and the embattled government of Ahmed Silanyo over the disputed municipal election results grew steadily worse as both sides firmly entrenched in their respective positions.
HAKSOOR supporters firmly believe that they have the moral high ground and will literally not give an inch of ground to what they perceive as purveyors of deceit and injustices- the unholy alliance of the National Electoral Commission and the government.
This intractable internal turmoil is tearing apart the fabric of the nation as Silanyo opted to slam the doors of justice in the face of HAKSOOR, alienating an entire people at the country’s peril.
Silanyo’s only solution to this vexed political problem is, until now, to stick his index fingers in his ears, and engage in a perpetual state of denial to avoid the painful reality on the ground. For their part, the dogged HAKSOOR supporters keep piling on the agony for Silanyo, leaving the government on the ropes.
This abbreviated list of afflictions is formidable enough to render the government paralysed but it remains to be seen whether Silanyo has the tenacity, political skill and energy to tackle these intricate problems or whether he will bury his head in the sand, as usual, hoping that the problems will simply go away.

JamalMadar adammadar@yahoo.com


  1. All i see is a list of current events being used as ingredients for a story. It is unimaginatively dull as far worse things occur in a democracy to threaten it's existence.

    Our people were once completely evacuated from our land and if you knew us then you will know us now even after 22 years of campaigning for Full Recognition.

    – Eritrea war of independence 30 years————– 1 September 1961 – 29 May 1991
    – South Sudan war of independence 55 years—– 1956 — 9 Jul 2011

    The Road to Recognition is never paved with GOLD ;). Insha'allah Khair.

    • Viva SOMALILAND…..AND GOD, YOUR LORD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS., I coujdn't have said it better Buuxiye, afka caano laguugu qabay.

    • You see, what you forget is, Allah is just. And they say ''what goes around comes around''. You funded and created Al shabaab, and now they are turning against you (separatists). Good luck. You see, Allah is always just. I just hope the casualties will not reach the innocent Somalilanders, but instead only those who created it in the first place.

      • The SNM WERE mujahideen because they were defending their land and people, the same way Khaatumo are mujahideen because they are defending their lands from outsiders or enemies/rival clan.

  2. Take example of DDSI…..after a long war of attrition they choose peace than a turmoil…Do you advice your ppl..to go through that kinda indegnity and turmoil for a system of governtment that you are not sure the outcome…especially there is no enough resource to wage a war of that long..Bear in mind those period of the cold war between the supper powers is long gone and today powers seems they are against your dream..To add more the bad news your handout will not help the plan..I had the same vision of an independant Somaliland government but because of the period length and some unfortunate unexpected mishappens come out since..All in all Things doesnt look good for me and I advice an alternate..Sometimes to give up a plan doesnt mean failure..I am sure those in power turned every stone to reach their goal

    • 22-Years Somaliland had nobody to speak to in Muuqdishu. From Warlords to Pirates to Gravelooting Sheikhs to Puppets non were fit to hold dialogue with.

      Secondly people go to war against a country that has something to loose. Anyone who wants to wage a war against Muuqdishu that looks like the aftermath of a nuclear strike is mentally unstable.

      22-Years of Independence struggles is nothing and we are ready to continue another 220-years till we achieve our objective. The harder it becomes to achieve it the more it becomes sweeter for us to chase it.

      No Retreat, No Surrender until we reach our goal of Full independence 🙂

      Who can deny our Majority Democratic RIGHT?

      Surely no Democratic Government can ever deny our RIGHT… Right?

      Now Write after me in CAPITALS.


    • LOL.. DDSI as an example? R U SERIOUS? this is home to warlords killing innocent people and out of control corruption, and what peace are u talking, the entire region is engulfed in war. from Babili to Wardheer, the ONLF is getting stronger ever day and their attacks are getting closer to Dir Dhaba, Jigjiga and Harrar. u must be one of the delusional ones that listen to the propaganda of ESTV and Universtal TV and think everything they say is true, when in reality its all propaganda that even a 4 year child can see and understand.

  3. TO MR Buuxiye
    Thank you for telling the truth to somalilland haters. tell them how resilient are our people. they think a little pressure will make them to give up their Dream .

  4. If southern Somalia is plagued by Al-Shaba terrorists, let us make it clear that the top leadership of this nihilist group are from Somaliland; the leader of Alshabab Ahmed Abdi Godeni as well as the other top ranking officers are from Somaliland. Most of the foot soldiers of Al-shabaab also hail from Somaliland and Puntland.

    Now that Al-shabaab were defeated in their strongholds in southern Somalia, many of these criminals moved back to their homes in Somaliland and Puntland; that is why the Americans and British are issuing security warnings for travelling to Somaliland and that is why your so-called Vice President of Hargeisa administration is checking for IEDs under his bed. to even make matters worse, the media carried news that some Al-shabaab terrorist suspects were released from Berbera prison by undisclosed parties in the administration last month.

    Separatist can always point a finger at southern Somalia for instability to support their misguided agenda of independence. But, the fact of the matter is that Somaliland is as vulnerable to Al-shabaab terrorism like any other spot in Somalia. Let us not also ignore the current fighting and kidnappings that are taking place in Sool region. Let us not displace our problems onto others and bury our heads in the sand. The collective action of Somali people is required to get rid off the scourge of Al-shabaab terrorism out of our soil.

    • Allemagan.

      It seems your clueless,"most of Al-shabab foot soldiers also hail from s/land and Puntland", this is very good excuse. 90% the territories Al-shabab use control are all inhetant of hawiye clan and digil mirifle.so, how come as you mention all Al-shabab foot soldiers came from Puntland and s/land.

      One thing is for sure, seven out of five top Al-shabab leaders came from somaliland. put not FOOT SOLDIERS.

  5. ha …ha…ha…..
    The author just woke up….kkkk
    There is no entity called SL…..LooooooL
    It only exists in the minds of the tribalists…ha….ha….ha….
    Go and get life……kkkkkk

  6. Why do you secessionist use words like our people are you in denial about the fact that you are Somali.
    Even if you bleached your skin and looked like Micheal Jackson, you would still be a Somali.

    Wallahi it seems us "southerners" are serious about our Somalinimo, despite our dysfunction. While Slanders and Djiboutians are willing to consider becoming part of Ethiopia, just to spite us "southerners".

    • Actually Djiboutians are more Somalinimo than the separatists can ever be. The only Djiboutians you here spiting the south are the kinsmen of the separatists (if you know what I mean).

      • To be honest, I have nothing against Djiboutians. But a recent article I read on this very site Kat (aka Qat, Chat) is Grave National Security Threat to SomaliaKat (aka Qat, Chat) is Grave National Security Threat to Somalia.

        The article stated their current president considered joining Djibouti with Ethiopia. Now I know there is possibility that its not true. But the very thought of it has up in arms, yet I wonder why they haven't gotten rid of him. Plus they few djiboutians I know are kinda of F'd when comes to being Somali.

  7. Hey Buuxiye got any more rape jokes, you know the one's you usually make when you run out of things to say. Aside from two state solution and blah,blah,blah. Making Somaliland&Somalia seem like Israel and Palestine.

  8. Excellent article detailing the flaws of this doomed regime.Siilaanyo has demonstrated that he is not fit for the presidential seat unlike those before him Riyaale,Cigaal,Tuur!

    He should take his rightfull seat in the house of elders alongside Xaaji Warabe as they are about the same age, this regime is something out of a horror movie on governence.

  9. They say ''what goes around comes around''. You funded and created Al shabaab, and now they are turning against you (separatists). Good luck. You see, Allah is always just. I just hope the casualties will not reach the innocent Somalilanders, but instead only those who created it in the first place.

  10. The people of Somaliland should stand solidly with their government now and forever. There are signs that the wicked IC and the Government of Wanlaweyn are trying to derail Somaliland guest for statehood, among them the author of this stupid article and the one before that he wrote. The people that he hails from are the true patriots of Somaliland and we should not label them, that he speaks for them.

    Mr.Hassan Isse has spoken and show his true color, therefore, we should not listen people Jamaal Madar.

  11. It is obvious the author is bitter, because his uncle Issa Jama lost an election. I always thought Jamal was bit smarter than this, but he is following the direction of Hadhwanaagnews, the most clannish website in Somaliland.

    I do not think this indecent women that was found guilty in the court of law deserves all that hip and you guys should be ashamed to associate yourselves with this immoral woman unless you share the same values and qualities with her.

    Haksoor has no power to do anything and will be dealt through the courts of law if it tries to transgress the national norms. Their problem is of their own making and they are trying to get around the legitimacy of the Somaliland electoral system. This is unacceptable to all Somalilanders.

    The rest of your long and incoherent talk is nothing but a spice for these two issues, namely Haksoor losing the election and the immoral women case. Please grow-up and end this unfruitful tantrums.

  12. Jamal Madar is looking for someone to mud-wrestle with, but no true Somalilander will come and challenge him. This is stooping to the low of the lowest and should be ignored and not given credit to.

  13. Allemagan, Truth10, Kayse, all those who are aagaintst Somaliland secession.

    Best suggestion, I beliieve, is that we give war another chance, and turn to each other's throat. The reason is that remanets of Faqash failed and still continue to fail look up to Somaliland people. Only war will make them understand

    • C'mon Hanad, these guys are losers and have nothing better to do than sit in front of the computer and troll. I'm sure they will all commit suicide on the day Somaliland sovereignty is recognized. If they were this patriotic why can't they go to villa Somalia AMASOM guarded fortress and take the bullets for their helpless leaders in Mogadishu.

      I bet they will be impregnated by Hawiye if they go any near to Mogadishu

    • It's ironic, the same separatists who use to complain about Siyad dictatorship, want to dictate the future of the people outside their little triangle region (Hargey, Burco and Berbera called Waqooyi-galbeed and north-west Toogdheer). Remember you separatists, you only represent those area. So if you want war, remember, everyone ells surrounding that region is against you let alone the south. You would have no chance I'm afraid. Plus, we all know, separatists, are always good in chanting war, while they use civilians as shelters. Quit begging others to join you I suggest, because they made their choices the same way you made your choice.

      • @truth10

        Well lets put that to the test and really see what you daroods are made of, we all remember how it ended last time, only this time there won't be an excuse that will save you. The whingers of east africa will be eradicated

        • In 1960 Somalilanders did not listen when they all yelled "La ya Garad" to Ali Garad Jama.

          Ali Garad Jama and Mohamed Ibrahim Cigaal both stressed the NEED to investigate the fundamentals of UNION of the 5-Regions. Did anyone listen to them?

          No because their choice and wisdom was the voice of the minority. It did not mean that they had no rights nor that their words were not valued however the Ignorant MAJORITY demanded UNION without reservation and without pre-conditions.

          In a society when the Majority demand is expressed the minority wisdom is seldom heard. We are bonded together by the Au charter of statehood and the inalienable territorial integrity of a state is bound by the borders with which they gained their independence in our case 26-jun-1960.

          If the population of Somaliland-Republic are given the opportunity to express their political aspirations and choice in a democratic fashion:

          – Will this give every group a fair voice?
          – Will the outcome be accepted regardless of whether Independence or Union?
          – Will the Territorial integrity of Somaliland be acknowledged and accepted by Somalilanders unashamedly.

          The TASK that remains in my humble view is a CONFERENCE to be held within SOMALILAND for all it's people's true representatives.

          – Somalia has had 17 Conferences since 1991.

          – Somaliland has had 2 Boorame and Burco is it time to host one final conference in Buhoodle so every clan in Somaliland can agree the political relationships between us all???

          Democracy can accommodate the pluralism that can make Secessionists & Unionists work together to develop their country and still hold a United front against those foreign elements that exploit our internal disputes to gain advantage over us.

          Somalilanders like Ali Khalif Galydh and Ismael Ahmed Samatar were DESTROYED in Muuqdishu… Because politicians from Somalia-Italia are mature enough to put aside their differences when they need to…

          It is time Somalilanders learnt the Art-Of-War…

          • KFC

            May Allah protect the Non Harti who settle in Sool and Sanaag for surely Allah sides with the innocents.

            You are welcome to hold your villages hostage and prevent their development in an already landlocked dust bowl i guess your intelligence is your curse.

  14. You wrote "President Silanyo and his Vice-President Abdirahman Zeili are embroiled in a toxic dispute, which could leave the country paralyzed if not resolved sooner. On his departure from Hargeisa on Tuesday 5th February, Silanyo was seen alone at the airport after his Vice-President flatly rejected to see him off. In an effort to resolve the dispute hastily, the president postponed his flight but unfortunately there was no meeting of minds."

    Now enjoy this:

  15. Who is the man walking on the red carpet with the president on arrival in Hargeisa Egal Airport? you guessed right he is the vice President Mr. Zeili. Do you have anymore rumors to add ? since your real motive behind this piece is now in the open? Your real motive was the MSM immoral women, possibly your girl friend.

  16. Omer,

    Waaa la og yahay cidna u ma hadlaan qoladay doorashadii dawikhisay markaa la is kuma mashquuliyo. Waxay moodayaan inta yar ee marfashyada ay kula kulmaan in ay Somaliland tahay ama ba reer Axmed dhagax tahay. Dadkay meel kaga dhacayaan.

    • Hargaysaawi

      Reer Axmed dhagax waa halyeeyo, Xassan Ciisana waa kii inoo sheegay sida ay Somaliland ula qiimo badan tahay ee lexejecladu uga hayso. Dheg loo dhigi maayo qurba joog wareersan oo marba qoraal been ah soo xarxariiqa. Adugu waxaad tahay geesi key boardka ku dagaalama ka waran halgankaad Horufadhi aad ka waday?

  17. These Qabo and Jamal and their group do not represent the honorable residents of Axmed Dhagax district and the two must be separated. Qabo group are crazy because they were badly affected by the conservative cuts to the UK community organizations.

    In fact they need to sort out their real problems instead of bad mouthing Somaliland leaders and siding with the MSM lady.

    • The benefit changes and UK government's cuts will be affecting more to those in Silanyo's government who left their children and wives behind and claim benefits still. Qabo and Jamaal Madar are both hard paid workers, good fathers to their children and husbands to their wives. In fact they are trying to advocate and save Silanyo's diaspora government/leaders from Somaliland community who have no foreign passports.

      Any ones who live in the UK would know the backgrounds of Silanyo's leaders from UK in the Somaliland and whether they ever had jobs in here or not and if any what type of jobs.

      • Sirad,

        FYI – All the main ministers in Silanyo's government had prober and highly paid jobs abroad. Just to name few: Mining Minister Hussein used to work Chevron the american oil company. Foriegn Minister Mohamed is a qualified Doctor. the Planning Minister Sacad also had different highly paid jobs here in London so what are you talking about?

  18. Jamal Madar (real name Aadan Dheere) shame on you! You cannot even use your real name that's very sad! Get a job please and stop disgracing Mujaahid Hassan Esse (your uncle of Haksoor) who lost the election and did not even managed to get any votes outside of Ahmed Dhagah district in Hargeisa and Baligubadle.

  19. @Allemagan

    I disagree the biggest perpetrators are rahanweyn, habargidir iyo murusade since these clans inhabit where al shabaab is strong Bay and Bakool, Hiran and Ceelbur (Galguduud).

  20. I am with free expression because Somaliland is a democratice country. But what most of those who work in the press think of as a free expression is sometimes derogatory or insulting comments based on tribalism or personal interests. Sometimes these people propagate fabricated news because they don't have the capability to verify any incident. I call these people the journalists of the kat meeting houses. If Somaliland continues to depend on these fabricators for news, the country will loose direction.

    • MR Hassan

      Your article is just a piece of nonsense full of crap and hypocrisy. Your party lost the election dear be a man and get the reality otherwise you can go to xamar like your other sickly tribal colleaques.
      Spoilers like you will never succeed to derail Somaliland’s progress and quest for recognition and all true Somalilander should counter and deal with this spoilers within and teach then a good lesson.
      Somaliland’s freedom was fought for hard and many true somalilanders lost their life’s and properties, other were decapitated for life and those who easily, already forgot should be given no single minute to try and play with our minds.

      For those hyena eaters from zoomalian who daily curse and cajole Somaliland here well, what I can tell them is go and put your house in order though as the say goes “dofar ma Daahiro. is what they are and a dofar will never period.

      Viva Somaliland viva bauxite true somalilander.

  21. The election season is over and we need to move on. Let us all use our time for the benefit of our beloved people and country and not waste it on trivial articles like this one.

    Remember, Somaliland needs us!

  22. If you think that this is not working to our advantage you would be surprised the more they hate us and post on here the more people both Somali and non Somali will see just why Somaliland has left the union. I used to be one of those pro union people before I actually met some real union mofo s and found out just how much they hate Somaliland and in particular my clan, its a mess they cant cover up.

    Its like Hitler trying to argue for unity with Jews, or Colonel Sanders making a statement hes a vegetarian! Its so transparent it works in our favor!

    • Bro

      90,000 of their Refugees are cared for in Somaliland. Compare that with every Somalilander in Somalia is either a rich business man or woman or someone milking their political system.

      The contrast is the reality of the Future to come.

  23. i dont know why you somalilanders are repeating " waan go,aynnaa,dowlad baannahay Koonfur ma rabno?" do you know that the only thing you contributed to the Union was Heeso iyo hadal?
    Maah_Maah: gadhoow lagu daaye kafur dhaaf;

    • Nuuro,

      What you just stated as contribution is called "culture", we have given culture to uncultured people, Somalia.

      Waxaad sheegtay ee Somaliland ku soo kordhisey Somalia, waxa la yedhaa dhaqan. Somaliland dhaqan ayaay siisay dad aan hore dhaqan u lahayn oo ku noola Somalia. Sidaas darteed, wax dhaqan ka fiican oo cid la siiyaa majirto.

      Somaliland idin deysey ee idinku hadaad doontaan ku noqda dhaqan la'aantii.

    • Your negativity and insults are defeating the purpose of this open minded forum and puts a damper on intelligent conversation of Somalis trying to understand and rebuild a nation of civilized minded people. Stop the foolishness and narrow minded beliefs, people like you contribute to the ongoing downfall of our country. So if you have noting good to contribute sit back and learn from the world around you.

    • Information without objective and verifiable source is useless and worthless. This exactly what Irir has cut and pasted here.

      Who was the person giving this information? the author can prosecuted here in London if he continuously spreads false and miss leading information about the Foreign and commonwealth secretary.

    • Personally i believe any true relationship between Somalia's government and Somaliland's government is dependent on the mutual respect they have of each other's legitimacy and pre-independence territorial integrity.

      1. Two-State united to from the Somali-Republic between 1960 – 1991.
      2. The two states had their distinct borders.
      3. Somali-Republic is not longer an option and New relationship will require innovate approach that is beneficial to both states.

      The path forward and the only means that the two former states can have a proper mutually beneficial dialogue is to develop a mutually respectful recognition of each other's territorial integrity and authority. It is an encouraging SIGN that the dialogue process is being conducted along the 2-state's territorial borders.

      Pre-Conditions to a true relationship:

      1. Mutual acknowledgement of each other's Pre-independence territorial integrity.
      2. Equal political platforms as two equal share partners with unequivocal and distinct individual territories.
      3. Mutual respect and acknowledgement of each other's authority within their own territory
      4. Mutual acknowledgement of each other's Sovereignty in their Pre-independence territories.
      5. Voluntary political engagement as two equals able to enter into and discontinue all relationships as two sovereign states co-existing as neighbors.

      The Purpose of a UNION: Somaliland and Somalia entered into the 1960 UNION as part of a 5-region Somaliweyn dream, Hassan Mahamoud made it unequivocally evident that Somalia's Government no longer wishes to Unite all 5-regions.

      If we as Somalis can live with the END the dream of SOMALIWEYN in as much the same way. The Muuqdishu government must consider it's vision.

      – Hassan Mahamoud respect Ethiopian territorial integrity, why is Somalialnd's territory any less value?
      – Hassan Mahamoud has accepted NFD choice to remain with Kenya, doesn't Somalilander's choice have the same value?
      – Hassan Mahamoud has accepted Djibouti as an Equal Neighbor instead of potential UNION-partner, why can't Somaliland also become an equal neighbor?

      Afterall we Somalilander sacrificed everything, abandoned our independence, capital, sovereignty and rights to invest in the 1960Union where we witnessed less then EQUALITY in 30-years of the Union. 22-Years of reclaming our independence we Somaliland's Majority do not see any changes in the mentality of our former partners nor do we see any provisions they have made to change all the wrongs that made the 1960 UNION a total failure.

      Let us all begin a new path towards peace as equal neighbors and forge mutually beneficial relationships that are advocates of peace, development and regional stability.

      If Federation is beneficial for Somalia-Italia territory please keep that concept to yourself. Somaliland-Republic is free of the disease of Federalism and see this political model as a means to a never ending conflict and clan-feuds.

      We will continue to proceed with the 2-state dialogue process to establish the future working relationship of:

      Somaliland-Republic & Somalia-Italia-Federal

  24. The writer is out of ttouch with the Somaliland politics. Unfortuntely his article is misleading and prejudice on the government of President Silanyo. This government has done a lot within short time compared to the previous administration of Riyale and his group who fleeced this country million of dollars. The writer needs to wake up and stop inciting the Haksoor supporters to break the law. Somaliland has a tradition that is envied by Southern Somali and that is solving problems through elders. The haksoor problem will be solved. Regarding his comment on Vice Prwident and silanyo are not in good terms, I do not know where did he get this piece of gabbage. Vice President was at the airport both times to see of f and receive the President. What a lie, misleading, misconceived and utterly irresponsible comments.

  25. Irir,

    That is the most outrageous advice that one can suggest to the people of Somaliland. Perhaps they mean confedaration, lol! I'm just being light as I know that can never happen. It's a child like Somalia dream! I know people are keen to declar south awar zone and relocate the govt to Hargaisa but it's just a wishful thinking.

  26. This guy is one of those Arabs who believe that Siilanyo gave everything to the Sacad Muse. They cannot stand a Sacad Muse guy becoming something. This is guy is their leader. Shame on you. You are still fighting a tribal skrimish that ended 50 years ago.