15 Convicted Pirates Escape from a Maximum Jail in Bosaso two days Ago

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Ever since the current head of state of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland came to power the security situation there seems to be to be getting out of hand.

The region has recently seen a rise in the number of unsolved murders taking place with the latest in being the military commander of Puntland forces fighting Al Shabaab militants in Galgala region who was killed when an IED device exploded destroying the vehicle he was travelling in the coastal town of Bosaso.

In another development 15 convicted pirates are said to have escaped from a maximum prison in Bosaso on Friday the 4th of April after being assisted by some senior prison officers assigned to the correctional facility.

The inmates, most who were convicted pirates managed to escape in the early morning hours; although authorities in the  semi-autonomous region claim that they have caught most them there is no way of independently verifying their claims.

One custodial official said, “We have already launched investigations into how those convicts managed to escape from the prison which is heavily guarded. The official confirmed that a total of 15 convicts had the escaped and that only a few of them remain at large.

Puntland citizens are starting to have second thoughts on the leadership of the Harvard educated leader ability to rule and who since assuming power security situation in the region seems to be deteriorating by the day.


  1. What evidence do you have they are having second thoughst brother Goth? Are you quoting anyone?

    anyway we should not take any delight in our neighbour having problems. In fact Puntland is our (unintentional)strategic firewall against Somalla invasion and al-Shabab. It is vital we support them and influence them instead of being their enemies.