By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-The spokesperson of the Somaliland National Electoral Commission Mr. Mohamed Hirsi Gelle has today in a press conference announced that the national identity card /voters registration process will begin in earnest this coming September this year and at  the same time the commission shall begin recruiting staff in  April ,2014 and shall acquire the necessary materials needed for the process .

The NEC spokesperson also revealed that the electoral body shall deploy state of the art equipment such as eye scan machines for registering eligible voters and the issuance of national identity cards.

Mr. Hirsi went on to say, “We have meet with international donors recently and I am glad to announce that they have assured us that they’re willing to work and assist us in the preparation for ID/Voters Registration process and they have assigned us an expert who shall help us in the tender and contract awarding and procurement of electoral material and equipment and we expect the process to begin in early September but we shall begin the recruiting of staff and procurement of material later this month.