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Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

*We believe in the right of self-determination for all nations who wish it.

*We believe that the international community should recognise nations who decide to assert this right.



-Somaliland is a thriving democracy, a success story in hard circumstances. Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991. Yet the United Kingdom will not recognise its former colony’s right to independence (note: Somaliland was a British colony, the rest of Somalia was not). Somalilanders do not deserve to have their democratic project threatened due to lack of recognition by foreign governments.

-We demand that the British Government recognise Somaliland as an independent state.

Created by:

Bryan Parry


17/02/2015 12:31


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  1. Oh no not yet another petition to the old colonial master. Look Britain has made its policy loud anmd clear and it is not going to change unless the political or strategic landscape in the region changes dramatically. There is no such on the horizon. So the FCO's focus is to prove to Foggy Bottom(yest quite sad but that is how it is – Britain's main foreign policy is strateguy these days is to please washington) that Britain can 'deliver' a stable, united, peaceful Somalia. Somaliland is actually seen as a bit of a nuisance they would like to go away by many in the Africa desk of the FCO.

    Somalilanders have partially themselves to blame. They elected a serial, chronic and incurable Anglophile for President. If the FCO asks him to take his trousers down and sit on a block of ice he will do so without a grumble. He trusts them totally and unquestioningly.
    History is strewn with the carcasses of nations and races who trusted British diplomacy and paid the price for it.

  2. Somalilanders are also to blame for the humiliation that is inflicted upon them by the so-called international community. They should've focused their efforts on Africa rather than on Britain. Actually a more effective petition at this particuilar stage will be to petition the Duma and Putin.

  3. Dheeg or whatever you call yourself, if you are not going to support Somaliland’s independence please keep your ridiculous comments to yourself. My country was recognised by more than 34 commonwealth countries and now we are seeking for independence again, it’s sad but we blame ourselves for uniting with those people who didn’t appreciate us. Somali Landers have been kidnapped, killed and our capital was levelled to the ground, if you think we will forget that and call for unity again you are insane brother. We can forgive but not forget. I would like to thank the British government and all those who supported Somaliland’s independence and development.

  4. To talk about politics is like stepping into a mystical feminine-energy zone which interiorizes one's intellects completely. As one offers the traditional hugging compled with olive followers to mother of Hawa, it seems to smile indulgently at one’s thoughts of whether the possibilities and probabilities come true to accept the offering.

    A momentary feel of possibility, not probability for recognition is still palpable, as one stands like a child in front of confectionary shop. sticking his/her tongue out indulgently at his/her desires.

    Across the world, the evening chants are in progress. Is she (Somaliland) at the root of this? Is the world will come to reality? I wonder, or is the world still just its illusion of mind at the end? Confused, I look again at the mother of Hawa– her smile gives no answers, but seems to bestow immense grace and love.

  5. beg, beg again, and yet again, more begging!!! It is unbelievable how blaitant they are hahaha…and they call it what? "determination" we call it "licking boots"

  6. I am no faqash. I am patriotic Somalilander. I am just a little ashamed at this desperation of haranguing the old colonial master to recognise us. This is what the third petition? I can assure you it wont happen. It wont even raise our profile beyond our own media and the few principled supporters we have in the British parliament. We need a different strategy. One is Africa. Other is Russia/Iran/Syria/North Korea etc.

    Another is to go full whack rogue. Just stop implementing international laws. Invite allcomers to invest – no questions asked. Warn all aicraft not to cross our airspace without our permission or risk getting shot down. Iook the other way about piracy and make a mint on the side the way Puntland did. This will guarantee us the full attention of the 'international community' which so far has been humiliating our people with a yawning indifference. But is this the legacy we want for our country?

    Whatever we choose we need to come up with new ideas apart from begging Blighty. It has chosen Mogadishu over us already. Lock, stock, barrel, cash and embassy. It bungs us few quid every now and then out of sheer guilt.

  7. I think the recognition that somaliland got shevil is like tea with out sugar because every thing depends to our honor. Government of somalia,so I would like to say our honorable brothers and sisters there is no something to say somaliland. Somali are the people and land is the somali land or ground of the somali so don't waste time empty place like shevil come to somaliweyn and make decision inorder to be good provenance.but donot waste the time in dream and try to wake up inorder to stop the long sleep that is my advice thanks this the Engineer somali

  8. building grassroots support like in Sheffield is not begging its community activism! Signing petitions is not begging.

    Inviting nations that are horrible to their own population into our country and handing them over to our people is also wrong.

    Stay the course and stay sane!

    recognition will come slow and steady. As long as Somaliland doesnt become Somalia I will be satisfied if I never see it in my lifetime

  9. Hi
    Even though am not Somalilander but it seems to me it is the time and the moment that all Somalilanders have been waiting so get with it and support to Somaliland's independence you cant ignore all the achievements and the developments that formal British Protectorate of Somaliland had been reached for that years its one of the democratic lawful countries in Africa let me put another way (IF AFRICA WERE UEROPE AFRICA COULD UNDERSTAND SOMALILAND) Because its very good sign of all African Nations to have such unrecognised country which reached there its what Africa needs but they don't understand.