A Big Thank You to the Sheffield City Council for Recognising the Republic of Somaliland as an Independent State

With much appreciation and gratitude we, the Somaliland Society in Europe (SSE), are delighted that Sheffield City Council voted on 2nd of April 2014 to pass a motion to support Somaliland’s bid for an international recognition and for calling the UK Government to play a major role in this effort. It is a historic motion.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Council, its leaders and Councillor Moroof and all Somaliland community in Sheffield for their hard work and excellent campaign for the Sheffield City Councillors to pass this motion.


The motion is a significant symbolic ice-breaking motion that will certainly send a clear message to the UK government to shift its policy towards the Horn of African nations of Somaliland and Somalia which are at logger heads over the question of two-nation state solution to the political conundrum in the region. We expect other city councils and government will follow suit.


SSE appeals to the rest of the government of the United Kingdom and the International Community to heed the call of Sheffield City Council and re-consider its stance on the Republic of Somaliland. The re-recognition of Somaliland does not violate international law pertaining to state borders. Somaliland has become an independent nation in 1960. 


Yours sincerely,

The executive committee


  1. Start grass roots campaigns in places we have large populations and start from the local governments. Lets try to even elect Landers to local government posts. It might take 10 even 15 years but once you establish that you are a force, a population that needs to be heard its hard to avoid your demands. Then we can start seeing more areas demanding Somalilands independence and they will see that Landers are not only British and serving their communities well but they care about what happens back home to the families they left behind.

    Same goes for the United States and Canada etc

  2. i congratulate my friends and families in sheffield for this step. i agree with you but hopefully it will not take 15 years!! i would like to see somaliland emmbassy in london next year inshallah.
    long live my somaliland