By Goth Mohamed Goth

The government of Somaliland has wholeheartedly welcomed the noble gesture made by the people and council. The Foreign Minister who was the first to welcome has since been followed by Guurti speaker Hon Saleiban Mohamud Aden and Deputy Parliamentary Speaker Hon Ali Yusuf.

Government ministers from Somaliland have thanked the people of Sheffield for recognizing their nation’s right to be an independent state.

Several dignitaries from Somaliland attended a Sheffield Council meeting on Wednesday, where members passed a motion acknowledging Somaliland’s right to self-determination. Sheffield is the first city in the world to recognize this.

Hon Mohamed Behi Yonis, Somaliland’s FM, said in the council chamber: “Somaliland is a peaceful, democratic nation, which has been striving to be recognized by the international community since declaring independence in 1991.

“Sheffield’s decision will help strengthen our campaign for recognition.”

The Chairman of the Guurti, Somaliland house of elders, today in press briefing expressed his profound gratitude to the city of Sheffield in which he said, “I would like take this opportunity to thank members of the Sheffield City Council for under taking a very bold and unprecedented motion to recognition Somaliland’s independence and achievements.

“Somaliland Diaspora living in Sheffield have worked in relentless manner lobbied for our national aspiration and not forgetting those noble members of Sheffield  city council have worked so tirelessly and passionately to show the rest of the world that Somaliland deserves  international ”recognition” so that our nation can assume its rightful place among the league of nations,” he said.

Hon Suleyman finally said , “ The  vote of confidence by Sheffield city Council to recognize the independent statehood of Somaliland was a clear and resounding message to UK foreign policy makers that have made a serious diplomatic blunder by not putting Somaliland case for recognition before UK parliament and at the UN”.