President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud has today received the credentials of five ambassadors’ all from the European Union countries at the Villa Somalia.

President Hassan told the new ambassador’s ,I am happy to see Somalia still has friends in the world and we are ready to work with all those from countries who have been supporting as during the past ,I hope you shall continue to work with us.

“I urge other countries to follow suit as this proves that Somalia is becoming a normal country,stated President Hassan.

The five new Ambassadors were introduced to the new Somali President by his foreign and international Relations minister and also the Deputy Prime Minister Madam Fozia Haji Aden and the Minister of State in charge of International Relations Dr. Mohamed Nur Gaal.

The Ambassadors names are as follows:

1. H.E Margit Hellwig-Bötte will be the Germany Ambassador to Somalia
2. H.E. Etienne De Poncins, Will be the new French Ambassador to Somalia
3. H.E Javier Herrera García-Canturri ,will be the new Spanish Ambassador to Somalia
4.H.E Bart Ouvry ,Will be the new Belgium Ambassador to Somalia
5. H.E Sofie Emmesberger will be the new finnish Ambassador to Somalia

Goth M Goth


  1. its good to see somalia is coming back i hope all somali's support this renewed effort. if somalia somehow managed to come through this difficult time than we can at least have someone representing the somali speaking community whatever they call themselves. can i just ad whatever differences we have among us im sure we can all move on rebuilding our country live peaceful somalia.

    • Somalia's people can build their country…

      We will continue to focus on our country…

      All that remains is how the TWO countries and their governments work as peaceful neighbors together.

  2. Masha Allah Good work by the President and PM Shirdoon. SOMALIA IS BACK! I am loving this new Government meanwhile the Ethiopian stooges are still waiting for recognition in the morgans house nobody is coming for you, better get out of the container you are in living in before the SNA is sent there to flush you out.

    I bet some Ethiopian stooges like Buuxiye, M Cheers, baboon are gonna lose their minds when they see this article Lool.

    • Build your country, be happy with what you have and keep it for yourself…

      I have never seen a people using their own country as a weapon. Your country's success or failure should neither be a weapon nor a tool for use against your neighboring states.

      You still have:
      – Over 20,000 Africa troops occupying your country
      – Over 7 African countries occupying your state with more on the way.
      – Over 1.27Million of your population as Refugees in Kenya and Ethiopia.
      – Over 1.5Million of your population as IDPs in shanty towns around Muuqdishu.

      NOW in comparison when Somaliland is successful or fails at anything we do not use it as a weapon against your people. Our country is ours and will always be ours, we do not wish to share it with you nor do we wish to share yours.

      What is ours is OURS…
      What is yours is YOURS…

      So do not ask Y because we do not want anything to do with You.

      • Buuxiye, enough is enough. Just because you was abused by a military regime who abused most of Somali tribes, doesn't mean you should abandon your brothers in the south. Be the mature one, and come back.,

        • Truth dude you are welcome to enjoy "Exodus" Muuqdishu to Dadaab a second time like a fool.

          You have not learnt your lesson yet. Good luck

          • Buuxiye, stop being childish. The exodus in dadaab include all tribes of Somalia, including Is@@q's if you didn't knew. Only the poorest of every tribe are there, those with money aren't there.

            Don't worry, I was expecting such a reply from you anyway.

          • Develop your own cities and educate your people.

            There will never be another Kacaan to help you.

            Muuqdishu belongs to Abgaal forever until there is a Darood President who can kick them all out and make them refugees in Afgooye… however they will then bring back their Shabab masks. Amisom will always favor an Abgaal president until there is a Strong Abgaal SNA.

      • I don't have any problem what you stated above and to be frank we need more than 20000 AMISOM troops as you know these H@wiyee thugs and !!dor terrorists are menace to the Somali Republic and don't want to live in peace with the world. So we as the brains and natural born leaders of Somalia its our duty to keep the nation united so that we can compete with the developing nations.

      • Djibouti is brotherly nation to us and they are proud to be Somalis unlike your people who are full of traitors and crazy people

        • I am from Djibouti and i dont hate south somalis.But i think they focus too much on Somaliland. Be happy about the progress you made,even thought you have å long way to go.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire…..Shut up and mind your language. NO SNA will attack our brothers in the north-west. They are our brothers, and if you seek to kill any of them then you are the enemy of Somalia, therefore it is you that should be eliminated. We trying to build Somalia from Zeylac to Raskamboni, and I do not take from you or anyone anymore calling for the destruction of any Somali tribe, regardless of their view.

      • LOOL looking who is talking now, warya you are talking to wiil mareexaan did you forget that your people used to wash our feet, so am happy to announce again that your jobs are coming back since we are the govt now so know your place and shut your ugly mouth.

        If these Ethiopian stooges don't stop listening to their khaat deprived brains we will have no choice but to invade and recapture the 3 dusty villages at any cost and I think my brothers in Puntland are ready to executive the mission.

    • Unlike you, i will take this opportunity to pray to Allah that Somalia becomes stable for the sake of all those poor, suffering, innocent Muslims. While you are busy counting your chicks before they hatch you might not realize that you are day dreaming. Somaliland is there to stay, you can start bunging on you drums but those Ambassadors will need toilet paper to wipe their asses in the morning. Before you start jumping for joy you need to look at the situation of Somalia. It will take no less than 50 years to stabilize the politics of clanism before you can supply toilet paper to your new Ambassadors. They will give you foreign aid with a million strings attached. Somaliland on the other hand is being built by it"s own, we do not need riba money from the IMF. May Allah protect Somaliland from the ugly shaitan. Ameen

  3. My warning is: be aware of al shabab." They are still there, and formidable. Accomodate them if you cannot beat them. Amison will not build Somalia nor will protect diplomats. Thas is for sure.

    • Al-shabaab gained power only because of the lack of no credible Government. Now that we have it, it's just a matter of time when they will vanish from Somalia as a power group.

  4. A united Somalia is in the works, this nation will stand on its own two feet in the near future with the help of international groups and country as well as the intellectual Somalis that find a united Somalia to be a better solution than the tribal institutions that currently exist within Somalia.

    • I would like to see Somaliweyn with Djibouti, Kilil and NFD… anything else is a fraud similar to what happened in 1960 and it will always fail.

      – 20,000 Amisom leave and then we will see if a single White person will remain in Muuqdishu!

      • First lets straight out Somalia then look outwards, in the case of Djibouti whether they unite with us or stay independent, they will surreally always need a strong Somalia. You never know when Ethiopia or Eritrea might turn their eyes on them.

        • BS Typical reaction from walanweyn and Faqash who used to say well let s see if Djibouti traitors want to come back or not, (by the way Somalia waited them from 77 to 91 lol) however Somaliland is part of Somalia as never Union exited..Boy there is some probalitity Somaliland join Somalia again than Djibouti decided to join Somalia..Otherwise 0,000000001% chance kkkk. No more Bs somalinimo love, 3 Somali union states (forget 2 occupied region now) and 3 independent state..

  5. Somalia was back when SHSM was elected this is just for the outside to see it is actually true and not a fiction.

    I tell to those destabilizers who are trying to destabilize Somalia because of clan reasons to stop with what they're doing and join the progress or else find yourself sitting in a empty train station.

      • Puntland you are a lying ignorant individual. Pleas don't claim to be from Somalia, just claim your clan, since your loyalty is there instead of to Somalia.

        • Puntland no one owns a single thing it's all for the Somali people, but yes they do form the majority just like others in other regions. So don't get caught in their Darood antagonizm tactic.

      • Centralized federalism will happen then when the Somali people become able to choose with their own feet there will be a referendum on whether they want this "federalism" at all with a minimum of 60% majority required for those against it.

        Remember this federalism was spoon fed upon the masses by people from the outside with the help of a few technocrats on the inside

        • Irir bro whats happening in Mogadishu? Shouldnt HSM be control over most areas that are not under these separatists?The next step he should take is bring puntland into Mogadishu's control.

          • @kfc

            There is already an operation underway which is gathering pace as i write called operation neutralize Faroole and bring back Puntland to the fold. Ps to the retarded i don't mean kill him

            If H.E SHSM wasn't dealing with a more urgent threat called Shabaab he would of achieved it by now and Cabbie Faroole knows that reason why he is beating his weak chest towards H.E. SHSM.

            This map is as accurate as it can get of Shabaab control… and shrinking by the day

            In the day or even hours the SNA will capture Buurhakaba which Shabaab has abandoned upon hearing that finally linking Baydhabo with Muqdisho while at the same time cutting the Shabaab in Half which will hugely damage them maybe even to the extent of breaking the camels back .

            After that i'm hearing Baraawe is next also Baardheere (but not 100% sure) which will most likely finish Shabaab in the Jubbas lower shabelle and Bay because of losing Baraawes port bro these last few weeks hasn't been generous to Shabaab at all lol.

          • Puntland will always be semi-autonomous state NO matter what 100% sure. they already created current addmin in mogadishu. Puntland will never ever go under Mogadishu it's like some try to touch the sky. Puntland have full functioning goverment but will always work with SOMALI FEDERAL GOVERMENT as they stated long time ago.

            Hassan culusow have to solve a lot of problems but it looks he is not Capable somalis are divided more than ever. most westren nations are watching very closelly, the event in Jubbaland.

          • You should learn the meaning of semi-autonomous cuz we know what it's. and stop using different names one time your advocating Dhuloz next your calling Id@rs ina abti this shows how many names your using. so get your act together…..

          • Don't be mad cos he told you to learn the meaning of autonomous which by the way is slowly disintegration because of the collapse of the pirate economy.

          • semi= half free

            autonomous= free of influence

            over all meaning= Puntland exercises specif rights over puntland affairs, but does not have full sovereignty. just like any other provinces in any other Federal State.

            Now the problem causing this clash between the Federal Government is lack and none fulfillment of creating the other Federal states of Somalia. Because once the remaining States of Somali are created, they will form the upper house of parliament. Then and only then will powers of States and Federal Government be negotiate, this will be also the time when other things like resources sharing and things of that nature will be negotiated.

            But until then Puntland has stated they will run their own affairs. In others words the Federal Government incomplete and until such a time Puntland will remain Autonomous in their affairs.

            Now let me simplify it, no upper house parliament means no full government and this still is transition. Yes better the TFG days but still not complete.

          • the fk?I have always had this name what are you on ninyahow?

            1. Partially self-governing.
            2. Having the powers of self-government within a larger organization or structure.

            Simple,it does not mean you are Sovereign from Mogadishu rule.

            Dhulbahante were one of the pioneers of Puntland but since we saw that it was hijacked by Mjs.Puntland which was supposed to be for ALL harti.faroole is a traitor and the guy who killed the Strong Bond between the harti people.

            I Seriously dont have grudges agaisnt the Mjs,Hawiyes,or isaaqs who are land grabbing in the name of Separatism and even calling for Ethnic cleansing of Dhulbahante.What we need is a Somali Political group , sort of like the SYL who work for Somalia only. I mean this Political party must put their lives before Somalia

          • To some folks debating here, learn the real meaning of SEMI-AUTONOMOUS you jackaroos.

            Semi-autonomous mean self GOVERN within FEDERAL SYSTEM understood.

            There is difference between semi-autonomous & Sovereighty.
            – Semi-autonomous= self governance within federal system
            -Sovereighty= full independence,own flag,own currency, own constitution,own seat in the UN.

            This samale person or persons just keep uploading comment made by individuals. MINI-STATE eventually will form strong goverment, no one is interested Centralized power most somalis will not nor the IC, BECAUSE repeating the some process will kill again somalia..

  6. As an Isaq and Somali, I have been very impressed by the new Somalia govt, now I hope they can convince Somaliland which is "once beaten twice shy"' to embrace unity rather than isolation. The devolved federal system is ideal for Somaliland to elevate their status as truly remarkable nation amongst other great fellow Somalis. I hope the Mogadishu govt realise the reason behind Somaliland's reservations by offering in exchange for unity the seat of govt to be removed from chaotic Mogadishu to Hargeisa. This is vital in regaining trust between our communities while ushering more integration away from clan enclaves, Ishaalah our ignorance have seen the light of day.

    • No Thankyou.

      In 1960 2-Equal sovereign states joined to form a Union.

      We want nothing short of Dissolution of the Union along the same borders of those two states.

      We declared Re-independence 18-May-1991 and this cannot be undone. The reasons was based on valid and legitimate concerns of Security, Economic, Justice and the power distribution between the 2-states since the Union.

      Somaliland-Republic is at a disadvantage in a Union and are not willing to repeat the fruitless venture which is no longer viable nor feasible. The Union originally intended to include Djibouti, Kilil, Somaliland, NFD and Somalia. This is not longer the objective as such we no longer wish to sacrifice our sovereignty.

      When such time comes that all 5-Regions of Somali settled lands are willing to discuss a political alliance then we will show greater interest until then "You to your federations… and Us to our pursuit of a Democratic Republic".

  7. I totally agree with Hanad. Al shabaab might be down but they are certainly not out. They are capable to strike at will within Mogadishu and continuously conduct guerrilla attacks across south-central Somalia.
    This gov must negotiate with them and compromise with the nationalists and isolate the ultra-extremist.

  8. Make DUA for our people in Djibouti for they are in their most delicate time fighting against the dictator Guelleh whose party has been in power for more than 3 decades


    • Actually lets pray for all Somalis in djibouti,Kilil 5,NFD,Northwestern Somalia and South Somalia.May my people be blessed with Happiness,Prosperity and Peace.Ameeen

      • Boy there is not so called Northwestern Somalia but Somaliland , different country from Somalia seriously ur clan are so tribal minded, u could not even recognize Somali Rep ( and never only Somalia) was made of 2 country Somalia and Somaliland. Unbelievable..

        • I am from Northwest Somalia fool. The reason why i separated NWsomalia and south Somalia is because they are both suffering but from different diseases. One is clan interests and separatism while the other is Terrorism and outside intervention.

  9. @Ttuth10

    Again, I am not tribalist i'm just stating the facts here.

    The Garowe road map is the one that brought the failed state (Somalia) back from the dead.

    The Garowe road map is the one that established the post-transitional national government in Somalia led by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud .

    The Garowe road map
    (1) Federalism states was agreed
    (2) The number of lawmakers were reduced.
    (3) Mogadishu shall not be the capital of somalia.

    Failure of the Garowe Road Map
    (1) could lead to renew fighting in Somalia
    (2) would certainly result Alshabab regaining their stronghold in Somalia.
    (3) The seeds of hope and the progress made in Somalia will end to be worthless.

    which city should be the capital of somalia

    Puntland government press release.
    Abgal elders violating the Somali Constitution.

    The Garowe Road Map must be respected by all parties.

  10. It is good to see that foreign ambassadors flock back to Mogadishu once again. However, Hassan Shiekh Mohamoud's adminstration must realize that they need to stabilize the country, restore the Somali National Armed Forces and put all their effort to get the crippling arms embargo on Somali to be lifted. It does not make sense to have foreign representatives in the country or to recieve inside AMISOM armoured vehicles when you can not guarantee the security of Somali nationals.

    Somalia is facing many enemies within; Al-shabab fundamentals and their foreign jihadists are not defeated and its terror army is active in many regions in Somalia. Separatists in what is called Somaliland (sic.) are not only carving up the country illegally but are massacring innocent civilians in Sool in order to force the people in the region to be part of their misguided project of dismembering Somalia. Puntlanders and outsiders from Ogaden and NFD are engaging on tribal land expansion in Lower Juba displacing the original inhabitants of the region and creating chaos and fresh confrontation in the south.

    AMISOM can help but can not liberate Somalia. Given the gloomy picture above, recieving foreign diplomats should the least of wories of Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

    • Allemagan u like playing ultra nationalist somali but I will respect u the day u start to call Somali traitors of Djibouti to go back in Union as It was supposed to be. Focusing only on Somaliland show how hypocrite u are. No more BS somalinimo love. Viva 3 Somali states and 2 Somali regions.

      • hornid this what i think we should do in the regard of greater Somalia.

        1. Somaliland and inhabits work out their issues/ also muqdisho and other regions sort out their issues

        2. Somaliland, Puntland and Federal government sort out their issues and come to amicable solution

        3. Then after a period of peace and prosperity, we should ask Djibouti to join us.

        4. Build a strong and advanced military, with representational of all somali. also the ranks should be filled in by all even the wagosha community, even the inhabitants of islands that fall under Somali Territory.

        5. Support Somali regions out our territory, covertly through our secret intelligence apparatus and if possible our way peace fully, get the somali people to call and insist on a referendum, knowing Ethiopian Government they will react violently and we should use that against them in the eyes of IC. Also if push comes to shove we should take them by force, obviously we would do such a thing, only when the world was busy with something else or watching ethiopian hostility's to somali people. So not to repeat the past mistakes, we should make sure we have good support in the IC, so not to repeat soviet blunder. Oh by the way the only reason why i didn't mention NFD is because at least they are not being treated as bad and hopefully we can get that territory peaceful through a referendum

  11. (1) 1991 Abgaal and Habar gidir two subclans of hawiye destroyed Somalia

    (2) 1991 Issaq declares a colonial white trash village

    (3) 2004 Majeerteen brings back Somalia from the brink of death

    (4) 2013 Abgaal destroyed somalia for the second time

    Puntland government press release.

    Abgal elders violating the Somali Constitution.

    • For you to either talk about about Issaq or Hawiye, shows the level of tribal minded you are. You just another blind supporter of his tribe leader, even if he is gaal (not that i'm saying he is). Honestly you need to change this mentality of yours bro.

      • The 2nd President of Somali-Republic was assassinated by a Puntland citizen.

        The first bullets fired against the Somali-Republic in 1978 was done by the combined military of puntland province.

        Federalism to weaken the Government of Muuqdisho was created by Puntland.

        We all know there will never be another MJ President in Vila-Abgaal… Now you want to call for Independence??? Faroole is even begging to join somaliland.

        🙂 I am not against whatever you wish but just be more realistic and hold on to your principles for a change.

        • Buuxiye, you know Somaliland will have no choice but to join Federal Somalia, i also know you see how the attitude of the of Three cities are changing.

          Puntland geezer, we have a constitution and if any clan goes against it and tries to force their will on all others , this will mean the end of Federal Somalia and Somalia it self. Also to be honest Puntland state is doing good and bad in regards to Somalia. I personally rate Faroole 50/50 as president, he does good but also at times causes unnecessary tension. But then Puntland is the only current federal sate that has the voice and political power to challenge and keep the federal government in check. Hopefully soon their will be more federal sates and all eyes won't be on Puntland.


  13. Mr Mohamoud should welcome the whites to Mogadishu, then next task is to extend his authority beyond that Villa. This man thinks he controls all of Somalia. Shabaab still controls parts of the South, warlords control Kismayu, Sufi Militia controls Dhuusa mareeb, Puntland is controlled by Pirates and criminals. Khaatumo Milita controls part of the North, and last, but not least SNM rebels control all of the States of the North, so what president are we talking about? What country are we talking about? I bet this five whites will bring in especial forces from thier country to protect them.

  14. are you all today..just grinning at all the responses..I shouldn't bother bcos great
    Buuxiye is around who, praise be to the lord, in one stroke rocks the the gimmicks boats into
    the junk basket. I tell you, these Darodism inspired conspiracies against the Govts of Mogadiscio
    and Hargeisa didn't work well successfully since 1960s unifications between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio to the current 2013 and there can be no guarantees that the inspired Federal States
    in persuit by the darodism coup de etat dead end could again find itself bcos of disasterous
    consequences for the genuine Mandeeq!. …Think with me fellows and stop wasting your energies.
    If Djibouti is willing to unite with Mogadiscio for gaining the Capital instead of Mogadiscio that is
    fine and probably Hargeisa might rethink their policies..this is speculations no gurantees attached.
    Otherwise forget Somaliland going back to another reunification with Mogadiscio.

    • FYI: Djaibouti is not like somaliland since north somalia is part of somalia and can not be comparison with internationally recognized country ….somaliland will always remain part of somalia forever

      • lol Eritrea was supposed to be always part of Ethiopia same than South Sudan. Infact there is same probality Somaliland to join Somalia again than Djibouti to join Somalia. Otherwise 0,0000001% kkkk

  15. The west already decided to stablish some sort of diplomatic relationship with somalia as a whole. all these embassies they will not operate in mogadishu for security reason No offence , i was born in mogadshu and grew up all my life. but embassies will have direct contact with the addmin.

    Even when few days ago came mr shah the head of USAID, he did not go villa somalia but instead met Hassan culusow and Shirdoon at separate meeting at the airport for security reasons.

    Hassan culusow sent his interior minister to kismayo, the minster asks want to meet KMG kismayo he waited more four hours at ksimayo airport than KMG kismayo show up. he the minister told KMG there is invitation to come mogadishu about Jubbaland, they told the minister IF any meeting will be held about Jubbaland the only place can be held this sort of meeting will be in Kismayo not Mogadishu nor any other city in somalia since this concern Jubbaland inhabitants. KMG told the minister to go back his plane.

    • Muqtaar,

      Agree with you, i heard today 28/2/2013 Jubbaland conference started without Hassan culusow intereference. i peronally salute KMG kismayo. your comment were right,

      • For you to salute KMG Kismayo, shows how tribal you are and that you don't respect the meaning of Government. How can view people think that they are above the Government? You ignorant people will always be tribal.

        • It seems your blind or don't know what is happening in somalia. take samewhere else your fake mind set. mogadishu is tribal city, Hassan culusow since he became leader of moryaan addmin somalia is going back era of civil war.

          • The only tribal minded hiding behind fake somalinimo is you mate. At least have the balls to come out of the closet. If the President was from your tribe, you would have never talked this way.

      • This so called conference is doomed to fail because most of jubbaland is not liberated so to pretend like Kismayo is the only important part of jubbaland doesn't make sense. Also without fair sharing & allocation of representatives from all true inhabitors of jubbaland not few individuals from Ethiopia & Kenya is un acceptable and the Somali federal govt will not recognize it.

    • Gedo, judging only by how disrespectful you are towards the Presidents name alone, says enough about you. Go away you tribal sick individual.

      • I would advice not to insult the word "disrespectful",because you have no clue what the real meaning.

        Someone said long ago "old behaviour never die", Hassan culusow created more problem than good since he still believes moryaan style leadership. but thanks to IC still incharge.

        Don't buried your head in the sand, because if you do that will not solve any problem.

        It's lies and MYTH tribal this that, you just trying to sell something unsellable.
        No one believes tribal system but the worst one is those usually sell back door tribal Agenda.

        • Since we disagree on everything how about we leave it and rediscuss it when the Jubba is finally created by either IGAD and their warlord Madobe or by the genuine people of the region with the help of our government.

          • OFCOURCE we have to disagree many things because your DRIVING the wrong side of the road.

            Formation of Jubbaland started without the DELAY this time. people in Jubbaland will decided with the help of IGAD+UN. Ahmed madoobe is individual and he's part of Jubbaland community without question, but the people in Jubbaland will say final word and that is the way it should be.

            I reckon Hassan culusow is more worst than Warlords because atleast they have little bid respect somali society. culusow addmin lost kismayo issue in a big time even IC told him either support or stay away Jubbaland affairs.

            To remind you people who running Jubbaland are the genuine one not Ghost ppl like those Hassan culusow and xaad keep mentioning.

  16. some people can't deal with success of the

    isaaq waa xaasid iyo cancerka somalia..unless we cut that part somalia cant be in full swing..

  17. SNA Will deal with Faroole’s Ass soon inchallah.

    That prick is trying to pass his own tribal and selfish point of view as the puntland state stance on federalism. The Guy feels his end coming because There is Riot in Every puntland cities !

    Inchallah we Will have a True patriot like abdiweli

    As the new puntland président !

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Let them first fix moryaan state,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. @hornid

    Let's talk business we know each other. Your clan (Isaaq) declared a colonial white trash village back in 1991from Somalia and has been at war with Darood clans ever since.

    Your white trash Isaaq village composed largely of Hargeisa, Berbera, Erigavo, Gabiley and the small mud village Burco.

    I don't need that crap of how you were under white trash colonial rule because Somalia and I don't give a f@@k toss.

    I have had enough with your moaning and weeping so why don't you take that Isaaq village and shove it up your ass.

    PS I am the son of Faqash lieutenant and I am not fan of your expansion into Puntland so why don't you do us all a favour JUST stick to your Issaq village or you gona see aircraft routinely fly over YOUR trashy Isaaq mud villagers.

    • lol Pirate boy you think we live in zoo or 200 year ago where no border existed yet and we can create Issaqland or DIRland, Daroodland or Hawiyeland countries. Border is based on colonial rule and you respect it everywhere except for Somaliland as Habashi, Bantu and Somali Djiboutian will shoot u on spot or put in jail if u enter in their territory Kil 5/NFD/Djibouti whitout appropriate Visa. they don t care if u are Darood or Somali..kkkk

  19. You know some folks are so sad, they think that because of a photo op, Somaliland will cease to exits. Dream on. First and foremost, it’s the people of Somaliland who have created and sustain Somaliland. What they want goes, and they have their sovereignty back, and it will stay that way. They are in charge of their own destiny, and if some folks comfort themselves into believing that a few diplomats based in Nairobi will change the reality on the ground in the region, then they are barely holding on their sanity. Somaliland is here to stay. It is a de-facto state awaiting de-jure recognition. Nothing will change that.
    So kudos to Hassan Sheikh Mohamed for bringing some credibility to Somalia, but there is a long way to go before it reaches the stage that Somaliland is at.

    • Saleeban,

      Don't waste your responding to these Somaliland-bashing morons. They would have found a solution for their country if they were thinking human beings. You do not have to reason with a herd of monkeys.

    • Correction….It is view separatists that created and sustained Somaliland, by oppression and manipulating the rest of the people of that region. Have the balls, to speak the truth.

  20. Many of whom they call themselves “somalilanders” have witnessed the failure that was always going to come soon or later. The ones with brain like Fowziya, have repented and preferred to serve her country instead of being an Ethiopian stooge.
    That’s why, as a brother, I told you a long ago, don’t be a sheep, be the master of yourself, and just be the Somali of your desires. Don’t let Ethiopians rule your destiny, don’t let them play the divide and rule game on you.
    What you asking for are over exaggerated, none-realistic, and simply an impossible thing to happen.
    Because north Somalis at the time of the separation had no other option, but to continue their live in Pease which was not happening down the south unfortunately. Now, things have changed, and every Somali person have realised that there is something huge on the way of all Somalis, otherwise there would have not been such an international gatherings in our capital.
    Everyone is looking for themselves’/children’/families’ interest. I don’t think they would put a lot of bid on silaanyo and his gang.

    • Fowziya went for the money, just like all the other before, and we she makes enough, she will leave. If you think Somalia is gonna work again, you must be dreaming. There is nothing there for Somalilanders, there is nothing for ordinary Somalis.

      • There is a big difference between wishful thinking and been real my friend. Somalia, is not an isolated country as it used to be in the past. I don't blame you when you say that about a woman, that is somali, and politician and she already met people that your silaanyo only in his dreams can talk to them. She is not habashi, that's the difference.
        North somalis' uprise is on the way, to clean out your silaanyo and his gang.
        Keep bidding on your silaanyo

      • I know miss Fowziya family since she lives in the same area I live in London. And I can assure you, she didn't went for money there but Somalinimo. Beside, the era where people use to be paid ridiculous amount. They only get 3 thousand a month you fool

          • LOL Abdi, that's your respond? My English is better than yours mate, so come with credible argument or hold your retarded mouth shut. Clearly you just showed how retard you can be when run out of argument.

  21. A clarification first: The first time I heard of Sade is when Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud came to power, I was told the Sade group are sub clan of the Sab group of clans like Weciris, they used to claim to be a Mareehan sub clan when Siad Barre was in power, but now decided to become an independent Sab group. Therefore, Sade is non Somali but a Sab group.

    Please do not soil the good name of the Daaroods, you have waged no war and will never be able defeat anybody, just stay within your untouchable status and do not go beyond your limits.

    You can not talk face to face in front of Darood, Hawiye or Isaaq, because in reality you understand your status Mr. Sade Extraordinaire. KKKKKKKKKKKK

    • Buhoodle

      There's three men in this website who're use at least each 7 names. Sometimes clan names other times whole regions, So my advice to you don't attack any clan or region please.

    • What on god's green land is this ethiopian stooge talking about. You call yourself darood & you never heard about sade, the eldest child of darood, n!gga plz. You are inagumeed who bites the hand which feeds him when we made you something before you guys were maids for the HJ all thanks to prez Siyad Bare so we would like to call on the HJ to take back there slaves.

    • Unfortunately Buhoodle you are a replica of Abu Jahal. You think that your Har does not stink, no human being is untouchable. Shame on you and make istighfara. May Allah guide you from the ways of Abu Jahal. I am a Somalilander and I love all of my Somali and Muslims brother's equally for the sake of ALLAH. I support an Independent and robust Somaliland, and I wish the same for Somalia. It is my hope that we will re-unite in the future under the banner of Islam when we go back and seek Allah and gain knowledge. Then Djibouti, Ogadenia and Northern Frontier Distric of Kenya will also be a part of the umma.

  22. The Isaaq nutter Ahmed Abdi Godane was sentenced to death in absentia by a court in Puntland along with four brainwashed youths and one woman who were also sentenced to death by execution.

    Listen to the death sentence being pronounced.

    The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) has close ties to Godane and are secretly sheltering him in safe houses in burco. The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) actively provides Godane with funding, weapons and the training of
    galgala terrorists who crosse from Somaliland to carry out attacks in Puntland.

    Puntland appeals to the people and the government of United States of American to give Puntland a drone so that they can monitor Godane movements in Somaliland since Godane and al qaeda core leadership elements are hiding in Somaliland.

  23. Waxa la yidhi: "gobtii ba aragnay waa se garaad Faarax". Ileen waxaan daddka caayaayaa habeen iyo dharaar waa Majeerten, San gadhuudhi iyo Sadde. Ilaahow na astur.

  24. These ambassadors must have done something really bad to end up in Somalia, Just kidding..looool well, at least the government is trying to reach out to the global community, lets give a credit where it's due, ……… Government now should focus on internal affairs like bringing all Somalis together.

    advice to my fellow Somalis, the situation of the country is critical in many ways and the government is new and there is great expectation from all over the world so patience is the key to SUCCESS 🙂 May Allah guide us to love one another and support one another in order to reach our full potential.

  25. Really sad to read all this hatred, where is Islam ? no wonder the umma is in such bad shape. I take this opportunity to congratulate Somaliland on achieving peace and welcoming all their Somali brethren. As for those who propagate tribalism, you will not achieve a thing. Why so much hate against Somaliland ? just let the people of Somaliland live in peace and fix your own backyard. Reminds me of the man who went to put out a fire at his neighbours while his was burning to the ground. Stop the Fitna. All the tribes in Somaliland are one and the territory is one.

    • I agreed on most of your pint, until you said ''all the tribes in Somaliland are one and the territory is one'', that itself shows the level of lies you yourself are spreading, while pretending to be a good Muslim. Subhannallah