“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” Che Guevara

“Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty”. Ho Chi Minh

As I am writing this piece things are getting out of control in Djibouti. As the people of Djibouti were demonstrating against the rigging of the recent elections in which the opposition won. The dictator as dictators usually do unleashed his instruments of terror and torture on the peacefully demonstrating people. This is the beginning of the end of the peoples’ revolution ( Intifada). We are in solidarity with the people of Djibouti in their difficult times. We are saying keep the peaceful rallies or demonstrations you will eventually win. The struggle for democracy and freedom will survive. In Djibouti the two opposition leaders Dr.

Abdulrahman barkhad and Shiekh Abdulrahman Bashir were severely beaten, and in jail. The real struggle for the liberation of Djibouti has begun. Thousands of people were beaten by police and put in jail. Hell went lose in Djibouti on the 25th of February, 2011. Let us pray and support the freedom loving people of Djibouti.

The current on going global democratic process has started in Tunisia in mid-December 2010 and has already led to the overthrow of four long time dictators. The revolution ousted Mubarak, Zhine Al-Abidin Bin Ali, Qadaffi, Ali Saleh. There is ongoing bloody revolution in Syria, and dictator over there Bashar Al-Assad is still clinging to power

Down with the dictatorship

suleiman amin



  1. Djibouti is the only somali region out of the five where pr@stitution is legal. There are thousand of brothel freely owned and run by Ethiopian immigrants where they forced Young somali from Ogaden and somalia into pr@stitution to sleep with french and american forces.

    • Screw this website denying my comment to pirate boy. Gobaad was right. This site has become…LOOOL.

    • widespread Ignorance and hardheadness, obselete clanism made Somalia fall. First rebuilt your country, while Djibouti is feeding you. One day all Somalies will go back to their land. I will give you one advice, STOP TALKING ABOUT Djibouti, you know nothing about this country. Second, if you go back to history of wars in the world, you will see that women and children are the one loose a lot. Int he case of Somali protitute, nobody forced them, it is just a mean to make money, otherwise they will starve to death. Djibouti is a very expensive place to live in. You talked about the lost land of Somalies. To answer i will Djibouti is made of a many people: Somalies, Afars, Arabs, Ethiopians, Eryhtreen, and caucasians. GO TO WIKIPEDIA and read more about the Horn of Africa….

  2. Folks…Surely Djibouti is the only Somali country out of the other 4 star that enjoys full
    sovereignty status quo. However ruled by one party since 1977 post independence
    appears to be working for President Ismail Omar Gelle,so far so good, but sooner or later
    the Arab Spring uprisings could be catching up. The Djibouti Eritrea conflicts could also re-emerge?
    Djibouti is deeply involved into Somalia affairs politically and Militarily and that could backfire is
    quite possible. If Ethiopia Eritrea conflicts re-emerge that could have certain impact on Djibouti
    as well. The only possible sure ally for Djibouti throughout the Horn of Africa to help out the
    Djibouti conflicts could be the Somaliland?..Therefore, my sincere advice to Djibouti is to
    establish/intensify better fraternal close relations with Somaliland while the going is still good
    for Djibouti and before it becomes too late to act. Another option for Djibouti is to unify with the
    nominal Govt of Somalia and make Djibouti the Union Capital? The clock is ticking….???

  3. It is hard for a dictator to give up power. Gaddafi was forcefully removed from hiding in a ditch and sodomized before he was executed. Saddam Hussein hid in a spider hole before his capture and ultimately hanged. What awaits S1lanyo, Guelleh, Faroole, Abid Iley and all dictators and despots in the dark continent? Hassan Sheikh Mahamoud must refrain from succumbing to power and its intoxication, lest he ends up like aforementioned dictators.

    • Hello Jabuutawi….how are you my compatriot…were you on holiday trip bcos your frequent comments
      were missing in action? Btw your comment is valid but for goodness sake keep HE President
      DR Silaanyo out bcos out of that lot he tends to be the only president who came to power through
      multiparty democratic elections unlike all those you mentioned whom you know well how they
      assumed power. Jabuutawi I know that yourself is from the Issa henchmen of Djibouti,
      better watchout, Somaliland is your real Soul brother saviour, if the tide goes bad against your
      one party rule anytime.

      • Mr. Cheers good to hear from you. Doraashada Jabuuti baan isku sharaxiiyee, madama tuuga jogaa meesha aan rabna inu kasocdo oh uuguro G@ragland kkkkkkkkk.

        Brother you darn well know that S!lanyo was mostly elected by one clan. The elections in Saylac and eastern part was travesty – rigged to be politely.

        • MR Jabuutawi,..nay you must be kidding bcos no problem..IOG is home in Garadagland
          bcos the Issa and the Isaak are Afro-Arab semitics Hashimites of the bani Ahmed Adal
          Alquraisi rulers of the old Arab World. That is why the Isaak would keep close watch and
          keep tracking the Djibouti politics. DR Silaanyo was elected from the top Kulmiye Party
          and you damn well know that his tribe alone would not give him landslide victory.
          I also disagree the elections in Zeila and Eastern parts were travesty-rigged…sorry but that is
          not true. Now the Issalanders of Zeila are playing follies which are wrong bcos after the Udub
          Party collapsed the majority Gadabursi switched to join the Kulmiye Party and its affiliates and
          that Gadabursi smart tactical initiation did the overwhelming majority victory. Therefore the Zeilai
          Issalanders have no excuses to complain but to accept the results. Tks all the same et nice
          talking to you. Remember Djibouti is my 2nd home. take care.

          • @Mr Cheers

            look at you getting all excited what happened to the great Dir? Isaaq running after white trash to worship and the ciise traitors who completely abandoned the somali language, somali heritage and somali culture and even deny being of somali origin just to obey their french colonists masters.

            Gadaabuursi are the true representatives of Dir Clan and they have proud history too as they fought against the white trash colonists.

            Viva Axmad bin Ibrahim al-Ghazi.

        • lol Jabutawi how u can compare ur tribal state and dictator IOG with our democratic system in Somaliland who elected Silanyo. Warabeeland is a big joke we know your opposition is just made of greedy and clanish Issa. Just check how Afar/Issaq/Gadabursi and Arab vote with majority in favour to IOG party becoz all theses clan consider less worst Issa so better civilized than ur warabee from Opposition like Aden Robleh. kkkk

    • Hassan Sheikh Mahamuod is actually more dangerous than the other leader's you mentioned. I would rather deal with the devil i know than the Angel that has been imposed on the people by you know who;;;;;;;;

  4. @Amirah Istal-Somali

    I have no personal grudge against Djibouti even though I feel bad for them everyday knowing that they are the lost somali tribe voluntarily adopted by the french colonists…..

    But the reality on the ground is Djibouti has no economic, no natural resources. One of the key drivers of Djibouti economic growth is lending its land to foreign troops (American, French) to create their permanent military bases, serving landlocked Ethiopian link to the sea and pr@stitution.

    pr@stitution is legal in Djibouti you see bars and clubs of young Somali and Ethiopian girls striping, entertaining and having sex with American and French troops for money.

    You need to visit Djibouti and have a look for yourself.

    • if you care about Djibouti then you have a funny way of showing it homeboy, as far as I concern Djibouti is our great neighbor and I hope one day they'll join us until then you need to learn how to respect.

      damn I keep correcting you all the time. LOOL

    • Its a bit rich coming from someone who claims a land that doesn't exist nor is recognized *puntland*, every country has its weaknesses, you don't judge an entire nation with the few examples that u have used, which actually shows you don't know much obviously. i suggest u do your research properly and stop relying on what u heard! lets talk facts not storys.

  5. @Jabuutawi

    get rid of the white trash (American AND french forces), destroy all the Night bars, clubs and brothel.

    enforce sharia law in Djibouti.

    Allahu Akbar!!!

  6. Stop talking about matters you know not. Guelleh said in Jeune Afrique, time and time again that he will leave power and that he he identified a successor. There are no Spring in Djibouti Only Heat and Cool temperatures. Arab Spring isn't applicable to sub saharian Africa. We don't need wars in the Horn Africa. If anything would happen to Djibouti, know that the Horn of Africa would starve… Djibouti is feeding you remember.