More than 11 people were killed in clashes between rival pro-government clan-based militias in the southern Somalia port of Kismayo on Saturday, witnesses said.

Report indicate that a fierce Firefight broke took place in the center of Kismayo between two rival pro government militia with the heaviest fighting taking place in the suburbs of Calanleey, Farjano and Fanoole ,although it is hard to verify the scope of the damage ,unconfirmed sources say both sides have incurred heavy losses .

The rival sides exchanged fire heavy arms including mortars and artillery last several hours today,said witnesses .
“We saw at least 11 people, among them two senior KMG officers but most were rival fighters, killed in these battles, “unnamed Kismayo residents.

Kenyan army assisted by AMISOM later intervened by persuading both sides to cease fire and lay down their firearms.

The fighting in Kismayo comes as talks to form a regional administration in Jubbaland were about to begin today.

Somali Prime Minister Abdi Said Shirdon called on the two clans to lay down their armsand sovle their differences in a civilized manner.

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      • first of all this is all your wishful thinking there is no raskamboni and ciidanka dowlada who are separate in kismayo. since capturing kismayo they work and eat together. today all the people that were fighting were one clan from my clan actually unfurtunately. the arrested guy,the militias, the police station guards all were from the same clan. the PM invited jubbland leaders for consultation not conference. i dont expect you to know the difference between the two. jubbaland will be built and be ruled by a man from Gedo region whether you like or not.

        • LOL Irir bro why are you against Darod? Why stick yourselfs with reer waqoyi when they despise southerners?Atleast the Darod are willing to share a country with their hawiye brothers and dont mind Hawiye being the president.Wallahi ninyahow if you are a true unionist you really need to change your attitude.

          • I'm against anyone whose against this government just because his or hers clan didn't win.

            People who are trying to sabotage this government because of clan politics are not only hurting SHSM but Somalia as a whole by trying to take it back to a failed state just cos like i said his or her clan didn't win the Presidency Pm or even the Speaker seat

            Mark my words these people will be dealt with with the Rastraitors are already being made an example of now whether you believe it or not today in Kismayo the SNA are fully in charge with the Rastraitors leadership holed up in the airport protected by their masters and with their soldiers on the outskirt.

          • I agree with you Irir Samaale. I guess, by the day we are seeing the rue Somalia patriots and the fake patriots who actually are more loyal to their tribe than Somalia

          • Listen Irir. If you are against anyone who is against Shirdons Gov, then why have you chosen this particular name. Out of all the names that you could chose,you chose one that divides the somali people and in particular one clan,so really it obvious that you only Support Mogadishu because of your clan taken presidency.

            Im a proud dhulbahante and i support HSM to the fullest. Im not against Mogadishu being the capital like reer bari or Hawiye taking presidency. All i care about is Somalis getting peace and development where ever they are in Somalia. I think its too early to judge both HSM and the PM but i personally think this is actually the first legit goverment of Somalia that is not based on clan. This was proven through the PMs choice of only ten ministers, no more BS each subclan gets two ministers.

            Im actually not tribalist because i couldnt care less if the next 100million years a hawiye or isaaq took the position of Somali Presidency ,so long as he/she is doing it for patriotism and not for clan interests.

          • To me Samaale means absolute majority of the Hawiye Daroods Dir/Isaaq clans add that with our Saab Rahanweyns and the Bantu Somalis / .5 clans equaling Somalia as we know it.

  1. Somalis in their history were and still are nomads and wanderers. They never saw a government before the colonists came to our shores. The British used the Ethiopians to round up the rowdy savages when they raided each other’s camels. The Ethiopians learned very quickly and long time ago that they could take advantage of the clan mentality of Somalis and claimed a large swath of our territory. Some of our people in Somali West sold their land for few sacks of sugar from Haile Salassie.

    When asked by the Economist if Ethiopia was worried from repercussions after it invaded Somalia, Meles Zenawi replied” these are people who are divided into sub, sub, sub-clans” and Ethiopia has nothing to fear about”. Sadly that is true; Today, folks from Puntland and Raskamboni holigans who came from Somali territories occupied by Kenya and Ethiopia are grapping regions that do not belong to them and in the process displacing the original inhabitants of the land with their wrong understanding of federalism. These naked savages are far worse and more dangerous to the existence of Somalia as a state than the actions of the separatists in northern Somalia.

    • Allemagan,

      Your argument was valid until you hit the wrong key and regurgitated your venomous hatred towards Somaliland. My question is; when will you learn not to belittle a whole nation by giving them a name and refusing to call them the Republic of Somaliland? Do you think by insults , envy and hatred will bring Somaliland back to the failed Somaliland-Somalia union? Not a smart thought! take a rest and spare us all these cheap pseudo-nationalist slogans.

      • Dhugtame

        Well said dear. By the way I don’t think this haters even possess a little bit of pseudo nationalist slogan. They ate just wild animals.

        They are just like the wild dogs of Namibia running around spewing their hate around who ever is progressive and peaceful.

        Mind you their biggest enermy is peace and progress.

        That’s why they are called zooooooomaaaaalians which equals to zoo people.

        God bless Somaliland and it’s people. Amiin.

    • We have here Somalia , where situations you have pointed out says very well . Human life is nothing to them and many of them do not care who lives and who dies. We also have Somaliland people who made peace under three without anybody's support. I would not be happy people killing each other sake of land. However, I am glad that many of you were wrong. Just America recognised Somalia does not mean that much. It is going to take many more years Somalis to realise that there are diferent ways to solve dispute between clans, communities etc.

      • @Hoodo,

        Repeating same line of argument and not even attempting to improve on your senseless slogans and trade mark insults toward Somalis shows your lack of imagination more than anything else. You denfinitely do not come across as a mature person.

        Hoodo/Gobaad, I think that Some folks do better until they open their mouths and you are one of them. As I said once before, if you are equating Somali people to zoo animals, you will definitely fit in the first pen because what you call Somaliland is part and parcel of Somalia as we write these comments. People can have different opinions about issues and still maintain some degree of civility and human decency. Know that defending Somaliland will not make you a different Somali. When you insult your race in every comment you post in this forum, be rest assured that you will not deserve respect from anyone either. Hoodo, you could do better than copying Ethiopian spies like Kaboon/Baboon.

  2. prime-Minister Shirdoon fail to recognize his responsibility, why hasn't he visited Kismayu yet? God bless Somalis we trust our precious life the Smiling president and the sleeping prime minister.

    • LOL HSM the guy that Congratulated Hargeisa on its "Peaceful" elections.Its still too early to judge both of these men.HSM on his 4month holiday and shirdon hasnt accomplished anything. But i say bravo to our Firm FM wallahi, she is one tough women.

      • kfc, go away with your tribal judgemental mentality. The FM is bravo purely because she is your tribe and the Prime minister not because he is darood. Go away you fake Somali

          • Finally, you are given recognition to someone from Somaliland. Yes, we do great job wherever we are. That shows we belong to different species. We are humans in Somaliland and you are …… you know what.

          • Truth 10
            LOL war ninyahow im a full blooded Darod,dhulbahante.Im from lascanod. See now who is the tribalist one?BTW i criticise HSM for supporting the fake elctions in hargeisa. How more Darod could i get?

  3. Listen folks the battle was truly between a division Mehran who are Government allies and Ras Kamboni.
    This is all about pro-Jubbaland and pro-SFG, which was instigated by the President himself.

    Because the SFG and PUNTLAND are in a political battle over what kind federalism. SFG and its allies wants centralised Federalism and PUNTLAND and its allies wants Decentralized Federalism. Unless it' resolved soon, their is a bigger storm ahead. I personally hope the situation of which kind of Federalism gets resolved soon. Because the President thinking by instigating this will derail the jubbaland initiative is flawed and will only lead to further unnecessary bloodshed.

    Here is a link that might help you understand a little better. It's long but interesting. I read this last night and this happened the next day.

    Oh by the way even when Daroods kill each other, some non Daroods still feel the need to throw insults around, you guys are sad and pathetic, isn't this what many of you always wish for, and even then you can't keep quiet.

    • Interesting article. In that case I support the SFG for the sake of Somalinimo. It looks like the President is after a centralised Federalism, which is essential if Somalia is going to be a nation instead of tribal regional system, which only disintegrate the people and isolate each tribe from the other one.

        • Centralised power system that is what SOMALIA destroyed. if culusow think centralised goverment will happen than he and others need to think Hard because it' s not gone happen.

          Most somalis they don't want that system so the IC.

          • Speak for yourself mate, because most Somalis (normal citizens) spoke in favour of the government plan. Only view self interest individuals who claim to speak for their tribe are against

          • I am believer in unity first and foremost. I also believe that federalism is a good way keep us united, But decentralized federalism means we would be different nations who hold a loose union in name only. Where centralised federalism is a 50/50 situation, where power is divided in a fair and just way. A future where when two forms of government are in disagreement they can go to the courts to resolve their issues. Where on other hand in decentralized there is the possibility of war and potential for secessionism. Which defeats the whole purpose of unity.

          • Abdi W

            What your thinking is unitary system of governance, where every thing is run from one place. That is not Federalism, now the question is what form of Federalism do we want?

            Do want people say their Somalilander, Puntlander, jubbalander, ect, or do you want people saying I am Somali, but I hail from this region?

  4. Listen folks the battle was truly between a division Mehran who are Government allies and Ras Kamboni.
    This is all about pro-Jubbaland and pro-SFG, which was instigated by the President himself.

    Because the SFG and PUNTLAND are in a political battle over what kind federalism. SFG and its allies wants centralised Federalism and PUNTLAND and its allies wants Decentralized Federalism. Unless it' resolved soon, their is a bigger storm ahead. I personally hope the situation of which kind of Federalism gets resolved soon. Because the President thinking by instigating this will derail the jubbaland initiative is flawed and will only lead to further unnecessary bloodshed.

    Here is a link that might help you understand a little better. It's long but interesting. I read this last night and this happened the next day.

    Oh by the way even when Daroods kill each other, some non Daroods still feel the need to throw insults around, you guys are sad and pathetic, isn't this what many of you always wish for, and even then you can't keep quiet.

    • Honestly you are a retard. You seem to be in favour of a decentralised federalism, whereby there will be no integration of all tribes, and each tribe being isolated from the other one. And the President and the cabinet are in favour of a centralised federalism, whereby the federalism is based provinces and people joining each other, instead of view tribes alone. That way, ''somalinimo'' is protected.


  5. what a coincidence as jubaland formation process underway the abgal elders are planting the seeds of inter- Darood disputes in kismayo that could threaten peace in somalia.

    The Abgal elders are violating the Garowe road 1 and 2 through their centralised government.
    one of the articles of the Garowe road 1 and 2 clearly says somalia shall be a federal state and mogadishu shall not be the capital. If these tasks are not fulfilled adequately then this shall be taken as a declaration of war. Puntland army is well equipped to invade mogadishu and root out the abgal elders who are hiding behind a bantu tank.

    • stop this nonsense and advocating violent. Somali fighting has put enough of our citizens under ground.

    • PuntlandGeezer, honestly this tribal mind of yours will only hurt you bro. The President wants to have a centralised Federal states, and it seems that you want a decentralised Federal states based on tribal system, which will only hurt the integration of Somalis. Honestly you need to study what Federalism is bro.

      • These people who have have only heard about federalism just yesterday think they're all an expert today sigh! .

    • cowards of all somalis are majeerten ur speaking of invading mogadishu of which u cnt fight a sub clan of sacad who are terrorizing n farooles calling harti dhulbahantes to help u fight along rer hilowle of sacad n the last time leelkase were abt crushing u all sensing defeat faroole sent puntland tanks and the whole army of puntland as if they were fighting somaliland.

  6. You HAVE not seen anything yet, this war will spread from raskanbooni to raascaseyr, from NFD to reserve area and beyond. if M@ryaan leadership in mogadishu continue playing MAANGAB card.

    Jubbaland leadership invited M@ryaan leadership to come kismayao, did not show up. soomaalidu waxeey tiraah "kaadi badane waa gogol badshaa", and now how st*pid they are, they want Jubbaland leadership to come M@ryaan infested Mogadishu. the Question is who will go there? no one.

    The IC are watching closelly events in Jubbaland and will support formation of Jubbaland. M@ryaan leadership in mogadishu they don't control 65% somali territory and no one will welcome them in these areas. culusow M@ryaan tried to undo creation of Jubbaland but failed, it looks now the IC will step in soon before all out war break lose. no one can hinder stablishing Jubbaland state nor M@ryaan or their Al-shabab workers.

    Fact what happen in kismayo.

    16:00 time 23/2/2013, few Al-shabab sent by moryaan leadership tried to release one of there own but fail to do so. the leader and seven others were killed on the spot since Jubbaland have well discipline arm forces. some of them ran into Empty building now surrounded by Jubbaland arm forces, they were given deadline to surrounder or The building will be STORM by force.

  7. Very disappointed, I thought this would be the start of a new era, but looks like same old, same old. I am depressed by this news.

    Kayse ultra Somali-Nationalist

  8. Somalilandpress,

    Stop reporting a Zoomalia guys killing a Zoomalia guys. This is tradition and a way of life in that part of the Horn of Africa and not news item.

    It will be worthy of reporting, when these primates stop fighting and learn to sort things out peacefully.

    • You are doing the same in Huddun, Zaylac, Boorame and Hargeisa. You are propably demented and can't remember what happened yesterday.

  9. Somalis should fight the Kenyan army and their western allies. Islam is the only solution for Somalia for get about federalism, it simply another way of clan division so that we could fight forever and resources will be looted.
    We need to have a strong Islamic Republic of Somalia full stop..

        • Co sign Geesi. Wallahi what we need back is the Islamic Courts Union.


          Wahabism doesnt really exist and its actually called Dictatorship. Saudi arabia is the only "Wahabist" country because the King decides the laws.So really its just dictatorship to a whole new level. While you are reffering to the wahabi laws which are a way sunnis are attacked by iran and its shia counterparts.

  10. This is what I mean with fake Somalis. For those who are against centralised federalism, you showed that you are more loyal to your tribe than SOMALIA. And for that go to hell, you retarded imbeciles. Stop claiming Somalia from now and just claim your tribe only, you fake ass imbeciles.

      • Well said, Truth10. Some people come here only to smear northern Somalia until the topic touches their misguided tribal agenda. These folks do pretend to be unionists until you tell them to stop the BS and land piracy. Nomadic savages will be nomadic savages.

        • Honestly bro, it brakes my heart to see such fake Somali people. I'm going to do something about it watch! It will be them against me from now.

    • I'll try given to you my best answer, The only way Somalia can become once again centralized federalism is by force' And I'm not willing cause mass causality on the Somalia population where ever they're living. Furthermore we have a government that hasn't even issue order of decree to give looters notice that the rightful owner of the property's are coming back. So they need to vacated immediately, and soon as possible that we can achieve and give people's belonging .So we get on the more pressing and difficulty issues that's facing this nation, Which he could have been the one that started and was leading the way by example, And telling the rest of other states. If we can accomplish this so can you. Therefore he would have strong platform to represent his case to rest of nation, But at this moment it looks like the only way we can accomplish what you want is by force.Because he wants to created new hiira, bay, bakool, and rest he wants his hand in it. You tell me how is that fair Truth10.

          • Sahra To me Samaale stand for Darood Hawiye Dir/Isaaqs with Saab being Rahanweyn add that with the .5 minority's makes Somalia .

            Yes there are some sub sub sub sub clans of those major clans that came from places like Arabia and what not but believe it or not majority are pure Somalis.

            Did you know were actually more Kenyans than the Bantu themselves ? here is some explained in few detail's
   look at Somalia and you will see that we are 80% indigenous Horners 10% Asian

          • I'm sorry if I offended you.I do believe all Somali came from one place like you do. Our people have being brain wash and is going take little time and till we can teach them who they are. In the meant time we have to find way keep our people alive. so they don't kill each other. It's low threshold but that's were we find our self in and that's the only reason I support federalism.

      • Very disappointed with you Sahra. Property issue is something that needs time, since everyone is claiming is something. Unless you want the government to hand properties purely because of a claim. Beside many have already received their properties and land.

        On the bay, bakool etc, again that is lies. What the President said is on record there (video and audio). If you want the prove go and watch or listen it instead of believing the rumours and lies being spread. The President want's provinces to come together and decide their fate in terms of who they want to form a federal state with. What he doesn't want is, some individuals claiming to be from their deciding for the future of those region. And it is the same reason why Gedo don't want to be part of the Jubba formation. It is the people who live in that region who should decide the fate of their region, not a guy who came the neighbouring countries or up north. When I say the people that live their, I mean by (regardless of tribe), those who right now live there as we speak.

        I'm disappointed with you Sahra, unfortunately you chose your tribe rather than SOMALIA, in this daunting time. And what side you choose in a daunting time, is what defines your Somalinimo.

  11. Guys, why don't you take your Somalia sh@t to your websites not here in Somalilandpress. We are not intrested in which primate killed another primate crap.

      • Sahra,

        I hate to disagree with you inaabt, but I'm reading a different thing on the top of the page. Anyways, love is more important than political talk, so how you doing darling? It is always good to hear from you.

  12. I'm afraid my dear friend that tribalism has got a grip on our society, to the extent that sharia law won't make a difference. What we need is Somali people to start speaking the truth and disown tribalism for nationalism from S/land to J/land.

  13. Irir saamle your agenda is plain as day. Any new HG propaganda and victim cries, no more Abdullahi Yusuf issues.

  14. Tellmetruth,

    You may be right that there are property and ownership issues that are not yet resolved in many parts of Somalia; but you are totally wrong about your assertion that Kismayo belongs to the clan you named here. Yes, some of the members of the clan you are talking about belong to Gedo and Buur Dhuubo. Yes, some members of the clan you are talking about reside in Afmadow and Dhoobley. But definitely Kismayo is owned by the local populace of the region. Tellmetruth, do you know why do we always read about Calanlay in the news about Kismayo? We always hear about Calanlay because it was where few Puntlanders of mostly retired soldiers from Hafun choose to settle down. Your clan came there under different circumstances; some moved there for business, others were airlifted to Kunturwaray in 1974 famine and still others took refuge there after they were displaced by the civil war.

    Let us stop the "90% of Somali territory belongs to my tribe " project. My friend the issue is who owns the city and you and your folks need to understand that you are not in position to invite other Somalis to Kismayo as guests. To give something away, you must first establish legal ownership. Enough of piracy!.

    • Piracy really!

      Then what your saying is the city never belonged to any one and was always just for all Somalis, that's BS.
      Now the question is if it don't belong to Daroods, then who does it belong too ? Don't beat around the bush.

      But please don't give that nomadic,BS. Because if that is the case then no city, town, or village belongs to anyone in Somalia as whole.

      • Now as for for your 90% comment, lets put all the clans on a map, where ever they form the majority, then evaluate.

      • Nothing belongs to darood or Hawiye or any other clan mate. Is just some tribes claimed at certain time the ownership. The land of the Somali people belong to all Somalis, period!

        • I can live with that, I just can't stand or except people who claim certain lands, yet want to cry foul when others do the same.

  15. @Truth10

    Look I am not a fan of a federal system but we all know why Somalia adopted the federal system.
    sxb lets analyse the main reasons why somalia adopted federal system in 2004 when then president Abdullahi yusuf was elected.

    After Mohamed Siad Barre fled from Mogadishu the USC Hawiye militia (habar gidir and abgal) burned, raped and killed any person of Darood background. There were thousands of non Hawiya people that invested their hard-earned money blindly in mogadishu in doing so they neglected their own tribal regions believing Mogadishu was ethnically diverse city, How wrong (Mogadishu was abgal city all year round)
    Now the Hawiya aka abgal wants to jump into bed with those none Hawiya who they killed, looted their properties and chased out from mogadishu.

    Federal is good thing for somalia it will foster a genuine reconciliation and good governance and the foreign aid money will be shared among regional states to improve the lives of the locals people rather than mogadishu alone and lets not forget federal is crucial for bringing Somaliland back to the fold.

    The residents of Baydhabo travel more than 4 days just to reach Mogadishu for medical attention Why? because all the hospitals, healthcare facilities, universities, schools etc are all in Mogadishu so this has to be changed thats where Federal take its course baydabo should receive its share of revenues.

    Those in favour of a centralised government are the sons and daughters of a Hawiya moory@@n as simple as that. Imposing a centralized government in somalia is a disaster waiting to happen it will only backfire and Somalia will be disintegrated.

    • I heard similar story too, not in details as you laid out to us, but I heard couple mariixan's tried to rescue their man's

      • a lot of websites just write stuff. there were no fighting in farjano or fanole. couble of millitias can not fight both in fanole,farjano and calanley at same time. the kismayo police station is in calanley and that is the place where the conflict took place. for example if was a fight in farjano which is the edge of the city near waamo football stadium that means all militias would have been killed because after the stadium it is plain and no hiding place no houses.

        • kismayo is a Darod city,not a marexan,ogaden,harti or hawiye,d&m. I seriously dont understand why we cant share just that one city.

    • @Allemagan/sheydanmagan.

      Going back history kismayo+lower jubba+middle jubba+Gedo we know who are majority inhabitant are no need to go Full details.

      Can you tell how come lower shabeela+middle shabeela became under the control of GROUPS from caliyaale,guriceel,Galgaduud???????

      It looks etheir your lying to yourself or have no clue what is happening in somalia. why Mogadishu 17 district 15 of them control one clan?????

      Whether kenyans leave or stay Jubbaland will always be under the control of the Majority.

    • Allegman, name one city that can be called a somali city? Not hargeisa because one clan is the MAJORITY and the same with mogadishu.wallahi bro i dont mind kismayo being a somali city with ALL somali clans residing there. I actually wish that a city that represents EVERYBODY in Somalia is created.I am from Sool and not Bari,this shows your hatred towards Mjs.i would love to elaborate on why i said kismayo is a Darod city but i have no time. I will get back to you though.

      • @ allemagan

        kismayo is darod city because they r majority.

        you said kenya is helping darod in kismayo!!!!!!!!!!

        last 20 years maje mareh and ogaden were clashing over kismayo. it will always be darod city.

        there is no somali city harfeisa isaq muqdisho hawie etc

        • kfc,
          Hi Sool boy! In regards to Hargeisa and Kismayo cities, which one you honestly believe that is closer to you in terms of distance and culture?

        • Truth10,

          kkk, i was born in mogadishu grew up, from 1960 to 1990 Mogadishu was mix city today totaly different picture even the people they look strange most of them came from caliyaale, guriceel,galgaduud.and even now much worst since culusow came to office a lot of tribas are avoiding to go there that is the reality.

          • NuuX, correction. Allot of individuals are avoiding to go to Mogadishu not tribes mate. See you are tribal minded, and you like to label each incident by its tribe.

    • Ahmed jaango.

      Agree with mate cuz culuzow wants to start war. but the international community will not allow, probably they will tell either respect somalis wish or leave office go back to your bean farm.

    • Allemagan

      the people who were living the area kismanyo when the civil war broke will be back to their homes and if they're daarood or for that matter mj so be it.

    • you're so stuck up in living in the past glory of the Republic of Somalia but the saddest part is somalia does not exist other than in name.
      Somalia needs to be rebuilt from scratch the Garowe road map must play the most critical role in delivering a lasting peace in Somalia.

      federal is the only solution for somalia problems.

      • I hate to agree, but sadly some of my fellow Somalis are cancer to them self. Not knowing that their ignorance will hurt the future generation. Look at Ethiopia and Kenya, they have their differences, yet they know if they fight each other, their enemy will take advantage of them. Why can't we think like that?

        • I fully support your ideas but in reality they are just theories and are only perfect in books like the idea of Communism.

          • Bro it will stay like that until you, PuntlandGeezer, Sahra, Irir Samaale, Kaboon, Allemagan, Sade, me and even Buuxiye, really come together and make some real SOMALINIMO changes among us. Big changes come about like that. We should stop waiting for others to reconcile us. Honestly is 2013, and this need to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I will admit you have Great ideas sxb. But the reality is very different. Im all for Somalinimo as long as everyone in somalia is considered equal and have representation.

          • If you, I and those I mentioned stand up for every qabil, then no one needs representation. This mentality that no one but a person of my qabiil will stand up for me is falls. All of those who claim to be standing up for their qabil are liars. They don't even visit the men that fight and die for them let alone being there for their qabil.

  16. centralised government can still take place but only if the capital mogadishu is moved to other cities of Somalia.

    Saylac will make a great capital the seat of Adal Sultanate aka Axmad bin Ibrahim al-Ghazi the warrior who left a mark for Habesha Pigs (raw meat)

    Baydhabo a city agreed to host the seat of government, a city also favoured by then president Abdullahi yusuf.



    Ps I am hawiya, my wife is Issaq and I got three kids one girl and two boys (Irir saamle can take you through the rest)

  17. This federalism version of IGAD aka Nairrobbery/AidsAbaba which has been in the works sins the 1997 Cairo Peace Conference / Cairo Declaration or even earlier (which i'm sure of by the way most of you never have even heard of and think this federalism came in 2004 or even 2011) stands for the Balkanization of Somalia into clan states.

    Why ? simple to weaken the Somalis to the limit where we stop challenging them about the occupied Somali regions and instead keep concentrating on each other which is exactly what they have achieved because it is happening.

    And the thing is they've got the full backing of the West because Somaliweyn faces not just 1 but 2 of some of the most strategic sea routes in the world (let alone its natural resources) add that with Somalinimo/nationalistic = to the West the USSR version of Africa believe it or not and so is also in their interest for the Balkanization of the Somali people under various clan states.

    I can write a whole book about how many enemy's the Somali people got on the outside but none is more dangerous than the few in the inside that are willing to compromise with the enemy in order to either rule or fatten its pocket.

    Remember being able to rule is not just all about the money but also about the power it comes with reason why dictators never leave till they're either dead or ousted even though they've accumulated enough money throughout that time for even their grandchildren to live on.


  18. Every Somali parent want their kid to become a leader..explains much about the current chaos in Somalia LMAOOO. Salaamad Ka dheh looool My Dream is to become the president of Somalia One Day.

    Somalis have three problems: tribalism, poverty and ignorance, poverty can be solved with sharing, and ignorance by education, but tribalism is a monster that can never be overcome. just like 'Abdulahi Suldaan Timacadde said nearly a century ago ''Dab markuu bakhtiyo meel kalaa, dogob ka qiiqaaye,”

    We're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel so let's take this opportunity and bare in mind we are on the way to recovery from civil war, starvation, drought, poverty, violence and corruption so patience is the key to success. I believe uniting South Somalia requires more effort than bringing Northerners back to UNITY. Northerners are tribal minded but patriots.

    As for Jubbland, like Somalis say ''OODI SAY U KALA SARAYSO AYAA LOO KALA QAADAA'' let the people of Jubba regions and Gedo reconcile first without any interface. it's not a secret that the civil war in Somalia created mistrust among Somalis. As a result, it created to those who are close to each other to be associated tribally and regionally and so on.

    All government can do now is,
    1.Avoid anything that can create conflict, like what happened in Kismayu yesterday

    2. Focus only how you can bring all Somalis together.

    3.Do not oppose any administration or group or regions wants to get together, they have better things to focus on than a bunch of Odayaal Koofid Bacle getting together in Kismanyu.

  19. @Irir Samaale
    Somalia was doing fine till the USC moron appeared out of nowhere and decided to stood up in solidarity with the ethiopian stooge (SNM) then after a very short marriage the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) declared a colonial white trash village heheh man they played us.

    what happen so happen man you can't turn back the clock but we hawiya have a chance to redeem ourselves like acting honestly and in good faith not to take sides in clan battles and most importantly not to poke our noses into other clans personal affairs.

    Jubbaland belongs to Darood we as hawiya can't tell them what best for their region thats their hood man. How you feel if someone asked you how to run your damn house? YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT. I am sure they know what's best for their region and even if they like to go the extreme path of deporting the Jareers, again we shouldn't get involved.

    We should be putting our energy on Somaliland How to stop them from gaining a white trash recognition.

    For Jubbaland let nature takes its cause.

    • What a fantastic Comment!!!! Yes it is true and very true that Union is created by the will of the people and it can not be forced or imposed. at least they can understand that they could not be any argument to The People of The Republic of Somaliland as they have decided and it is their decision no one will revoke it

  20. Folks…I can see that you folks are all stuck up between federal centralization Governance powers from Capital Mogadiscio and federal decentralization of powers by the regional Provinces???
    The former pro Hawiye and the latter pro Darod???. If I may cast light on which one is workable
    with less hostilities is the Mogadiscio centralization, otherwise escalation of hostilities would
    continue as were in the past. Simply put, Mogadiscio losing the Capital makes no commonsense
    and the President HSM should not allow Garowe,Kissmayo,Baidoa to get away with their bad
    agendas to undermine the central Govt of Mogadiscio and what it stands for???.

  21. Piracy really!

    Then what your saying is the city never belonged to any one and was always just for all Somalis, that's BS.
    Now the question is if it don't belong to Daroods, then who does it belong too ? Don't beat around the bush.

    But please don't give that nomadic,BS. Because if that is the case then no city, town, or village belongs to anyone in Somalia as whole.

  22. Back, who missed me….I am glad to report that the strategic city of Kismayo is back to normal & under our control after recent skirmishes orchestrated by a few kab+laax thugs from Ethiopia. It just took less than 45 minutes to clear them of the city and are now headed to afmadow where they belong. Kismayo is a Sade city & only then a d@rood city and nobody is gonna form or create a state without our blessing so the so called juballand state will not be allowed to undermine the federal govt of Somalia headed by Saciid (RA).

    • Dude all you had to say was the SNA (don't matter which clan part) finally took the refugee over stayers to the dumpster and i would of agreed but you had to go all clannish and ruin it sigh!

    • LOOOOOOL @ Kab-laax, kab is a shoe right and laax means a sheep. brother the tribe name is Kablalax.

      Kismayu is back to normal now but the fight were between two Marehan tribes brother. pro- Shirdoon and pro Shiekh Ahmed Madoobe. If Darood can't share Kismayu they should hand over to Jareer to avoid further bloodshed.

      • The city sister is good enough for all Somalia to share whatever the compaction was before. But what I'm just hoping is the president will do the right thing in the capital. And if anyone thinks I want enclave after enclave than they don't know me, My only concern was why having he issue decree of order just to sorted out. The ones who have papers and other who don't, If this new administration can put together enough support for centralized government where our nation behind is.I'll supported all the way.

    • Why you keep showing us the son of a warlords website.

      Talking about Faroole tell him to have some balls against his real bully Mr Silanyo instead of beating his weak chest against Mogadishu yesterday he took Laasqoray today could be Boosaaso and tomorrow might even be Garoowe itself the seat of his throne.

  23. Allemagan,

    You are funny hell of a guy. You know, what goes around comes around, you are now getting strongly defensive when others claim what you wrongfully claimed as your territory. Have you learned not claim Somaliland Jiriir boy? It is too late my Bantu friend or what other fancy name they call you now a days, you have to play by your rule and move to Kenya, where your ancestors originated, Kismaayo is for the Somalis from Somalia. Definitely not yours or Buglanders'.

    It is funny to see all the anti-Somaliland hypocrites on each others throat and their stupid argument shattered into pieces. What happened to the one religion, one race and one language dishonest argument that you used to promote strongly? Doesn't this show how shallow and narrow- minded you Somalians are?

    You do not possess the intelligence to mange your country and should live under UNO trusteeship forever.

    • Dhugtame

      I'm not again Allemagan he has a good heart.So I'm going to make myself as clear as can. Any one who can afford to buy land and built can live any city that is part of Somalia as they want . like we all diaspora have the ability to do it, if we can afford in the western world, What I'm not for it' Is people who took advantaged of the civil war and hold on to other people's property and claiming like it's their own.That's exactly what's taking place in hamar. I'll give you example my neighbor is Yemeni by blood they lived hamar four hundred years his home they have destroy, Some one else is building a new home and he has the papers in his hand. The good thing is his fighting like hell. Therefore my only concern is why don't they adders the land they are ruling at moment , Before you started micromanaging other part of Somalia ' When you have not done what you need it to do the land that's in your grip than it's hard to be critical the people who're running jubbalant at this current time . And btw dear we do possess the intelligence to manage our country, but it will take little time getting the right kind of leadership. After all this nation has gone through nightmare and Rome wasn't built a day.The rest we will talk about another time.

      • Sahra darling,

        I'm well versed with the history and the current situation in Somalia. I'm not interested to debate all that with you, so why don't we go fast forward into our shared interest. I hope you will agree with me on this.

  24. @Allemagan

    Don't be offended but are you one of the Jareers bantus captured by Arabs traders and sold in large numbers to Jubaland?

  25. @Dhugtame

    Tell me why you're crying my son I know you're frightened cause the unionists clans have flooded your trashy website LMAO but there's nothing the white trash worshippers or the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) can do. we the unionists clans are the majority now and we are going to set it right so Somalilandpress is to be renamed as faqashPress.

    so why don't you run away in exile like Gobaad hehe.

  26. Allamagan,

    Now I think we are in the same page the same reason that makes you decide to move to Kenya has made to separate from Somalia. I have no animosity against any Somali tribe, but I try to put people on the shoes of others and if you finally realized and saw what is wrong with Somalians, then I'm a happy man and hope some other reasonable people will realize their mistakes and follow your footsteps.

    To late bro I was argued with you for months now and I was telling you all along the Somaliland-Somalia isn't workable, because this people in Somalia are dishonest and have fiber of nationalism. In Somaliland nobody is grasping anybody land, what we all wanted was to take back what is rightfully ours and for all Somalilanders irrespective to what clan they belong to.

    • LOL then why isnt Buhodle in your hands, if they are part of you?and why is your "Opposition" leader refusing to support development of Buhodle and taleex airports and other project in the sool area?

  27. Sahra,

    At first I thought it was a bad regime and forgave them all. I wanted to move on and planned a better future for all Somalis, then the straw that broke the camels back was when Aideed and Ali Mahdi formed their own parallel governments and disregarded consulting with Somalilanders or even recognizing what we went through. From there on we understood it was cultural problem we were dealing with and it was impossible for us to continue political union with Somalia. At that point we thought our Somali brethen will understand our case. That did not happen, those who killed us yesterday are still bragging about what they did to the Somaliland civilians and still are threatening us with violence diregarding our existence and self determinations.

    Coming back to your question, I have lost a brother in the 77 war, a brilliant SNA officer. He was among the eighty military officers who were executed there sin was they were from Isaaq. I lost another brother in Burao civilian carnage. I also lost cousins, uncles and other close relatives in the SNM-Faqash war. I have no animosity against any Somali tribe and since have reconciled with my fellow Somalilanders, who were in the wrong side, regardless the gravity of the crimes they have committed.

    All I want is my children and grand children not to inherit what I inherited from my father, who by the way was one the leading pro-unionists that created the Somali Republic. I hate to see people who destroyed the Somali unity wanting to annihilate me in the name of patriotism and i will not let them do that again, it is all this simple.

    • Dhugtame

      Thanks for responding to me. It's not what I was hoping but at least you gave me honest portrayal how you reached your decision, and that's all you can ask in life.anyway inaabti thanks a lot once again.

      • kfc,

        You do not belong to the same league as Dhugtame, he is a heavy weight and you are not even close to a fly weight. Please stay in your league with Keyse.

          • Dhugtame,

            All your points are very valid and I concur with you. The least we can do is to respect the Somaliland self-determinations. They are the ones who created the union not us. And they have the right to leave it.

            Instead of focusing on Somaliland we must deal with our problem, these people in Somaliland have solved their problems and we did not. Let us agree on something first, shell divide Somalia on clan bases or shell we act as civilized people and learn from our brothers and sisters in Somaliland and move forward? I'm for both solutions unless you decide to flip-flop as usual.

            Af xumo waxay tari majirto ee cayda ka dhafa Somaliland.

    • Dhugtame, you right, it were Is@@qs who were bombed. But you should know, it was a military regime that done that, not the south. And many Hawiye and Daroods refused to participate, and as a result they were killed by the regime.

      Things have changed since then. I understand your grievance, and you have all the right to dismiss the unity, but as a fellow brother, I urge to do the right thing, by not holding accountable the Somalia of now. The majority had nothing to do with it, its just view self interested individuals that have inflicted this on you and the nation.

      • Thanks for the good intentions. I have learned my lessons and i am not going to look back. Somalia clans can not solve their own problems and I think your being sarcastic by inviting me to go to hell. No, my friend if you think you live in a paradise please keep it for yourself.

        I am not bitter and have nothing against Somalia becoming prosperous and in peace with itself and with its neighbors. But you guys are kidding yourselves if you think Somalilanders will come back to the failed union. That is a done deal. Two states living side by side in peace and collaboration is the only solution. That is good for Somalia and good Somaliland too. The failed union has brought all Somalis nothing but a disaster and disaster will continue unless you learn from your history and solve your own problems, instead of inviting Somaliland to your hell fire. I am done and will never discuss this subject with you guys, so long!

  28. @Dhugtame

    Everyone lost loved ones mate I've lost older brother and baby brother when USC morons throw a hand grenade which landed in our house back in xamar wayne but regardless you shouldn't separate yourself from Somalia and revive a colonial white trash Isaaq village.

    • We do not give a sh*t to Pirateland, this not new they always release useless press releases. This will have no impact on the realities on the ground. President Hassan Sheikh is on the steering-wheal and Pirateland is one of the smallest passengers sitting at the back of the dump track. They should hang on or will be thrown under the tires.

  29. Hassan culusow failed completely Jubbaland issue, few days his interior minister was sent back with no good result. KMG Kismayo told they are not interested coming to mogadishu and they will not. so hassan culusow his moryaan mission failed badly. what a dramatic end.

    KMG Kismaayo said meeting will go head but this time we will no accept any Al-shabab moryaan base intereference.

  30. Sade Xartarione.

    Stop using different , we know your not sade person. and if you should follow the law of Darood nation. Jubbaland will always be firm hands of Darood not MORYAAN or their cousins.

    The movie have not yet started

  31. my question goes to madobe n faroole why ur making those noises 1st if u have the no.s since politics is abt no.s why are u worried n excluding indigenious clan who are majority in jubaland compared to majeertens who r living in a street of kismayu and they r ten households n the refugees from ethiopia lying to themselves thinking badade n afmadow is whole of jubaland.madobe ogadenia is now peacefully n melez is dead go back to ur country they need ur energy n faroole jubaland isnt majeertenia so focus on ur enclave clannish state u dnt have a right to speak for somalis since hsm and his govt were elected by somalis they are sole agents of somalis affairs