Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon Abdillahi Jama Osman (Geeljire) has announced that a French University which teaches Marine Science and Technology will in the near future begin to make provisions for advisory and research services with Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy.

Hon Abdillahi Jama Osman (Geeljire) who is currently in the UK, said Somaliland will benefit from lately forged partnership with EU countries during the recently held Paris conference on Maritime and piracy issues affecting the Navies of EU countries of which Somaliland was among the few countries invited.

“During the conference, I had the opportunity to meet with the head of East African Desk for maritime affairs and development and also the head of anti-piracy department in the French navy of which we discussed many issues which the French will assist Somaliland e.g. the French government can provide logistical support and steps to tackle piracy since the sea carnage has proven to be a a threat to international maritime security”, said Hon Geeljire.

Hon Geeljire stated “Somaliland is a country of agro-pastoralists with a strong nomadic tradition and there is a huge potential for the consumption and export of fish and our friends (French) are ready to provide assistance and to develop this crucial sector”.
According to the minister, i n addition to these pledges by the French government, Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy will in the near future be the working together with a renowned French university which provides a single base for all education, innovation and research related to the sea and will also provide a friendly and flourishing research culture.

Goth M Goth