By Hassan Ali Mahad

The Justice and Welfare Party UCID Presidential candidate Hon Jamal Ali Hussein has criticized the current government of President Silanyo spends $2 Million dollars yearly on lavish welcoming of government  ministers money which would otherwise be spend on other mean full purposes.

The banker cum politician said those words in a press statement which stated as follows-

Nearly $2 Million Dollars are spent yearly in lavish welcoming of government minister equal to that extended to head of states each time they return to the country after a trip abroad in a country which lacks even the basic infrastructure let alone the ability to feed its own people this kind of extravagant spending should cease because the country can’t afford it.

It’s a known fact that nearly $5000 is spend in welcoming each time a minister arrives in this country and considering that every minister travels out the country a least 4-5 times a year, calculated the amount spend and you will see its $ 1Million plus the allowance allocated to them when embarking on regional tours and it’s another additional $1 Million which total to $2 Million.

The Presidential aspirant urged the current leadership to be accountable to the people of Somaliland who most live below the poverty line and have strived worked hard over the years without any assistance from the government or international community.  


  1. Please check your grammar and spelling before publsihing articles. Use all facilities including peer proof-reading. Reemember you are the best we have and you are read interested parties like local embassies etc.

    Anyway back to the story. I think Jamal has a very good point. He just needs to back it up with evidence