By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central, Labour Honorable Paul Blomfield in a parliamentary question and answer session a day after the city of Sheffield councilors voted  in favour of recognizing the republic of Somaliland asked the leader of The Leader of the House of Commons ; South Cambridgeshire, Conservative where the present UK government stands on Somaliland yesterday, following a resolution passed by its city council, Sheffield became the first city in the United Kingdom to support calls for the international recognition of Somaliland. Since 1991, the people of Somaliland have made great progress in establishing a stable country with a freely elected Parliament and an independent judiciary. May we have a debate on how the British Government can do more to use their influence in the international community in order to secure recognition of Somaliland?

Hon Andrew Lansley ,The Leader of the House of Commons ; South Cambridgeshire, Conservative)had this to say to the Honorable Paul Blomfield  while responding to the  questions raised by Sheffeild Mp had this to say , “ I am, of course, aware of the issue that the hon. Gentleman has raised. He may have an opportunity to raise it with Ministers during Foreign and Commonwealth Office questions next Tuesday, and also with other Members who may be interested in Somaliland and Somalia, and, in particular, may welcome the progress that Somaliland has made in recent years.


  1. Well done Somalilanders for the great effort in Sheffiled city. i ask Allah to reward us with the recognition that we deserve. This person that calls himself YUSUF!! customise yor messege please. the man who wrote this article is a man that work day and night for the sake of somaliland SO respect.

  2. Yusuf you are very angry walaweyn aren't you? soon when Somaliland is recognized you will kill yourself.