By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh today during a press conference held in his office welcomed at a delegation from GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY CO LTD a Chinese energy company consisting of 20 persons who are in the country to start work on the exploration, mapping and extraction of coal.

Hon Hussien Abdi Dualeh speaking to the press said ,”As you see with me here today are 20 representatives from GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY CO LTD which is a Chinese energy company which had previously signed a contractual agreement with Somaliland government to conduct a nationwide Comprehensive survey to map the mineral potential and to develop the country’s energy sector.

The Energy added Minister , “When the satellites and geological survey are completed ,then only then shall we be in a position to determine the mineral types that exist and the quantities which will hence be of important significance in the signing of future agreements and contracts between our government and would be interested groups the mining sector.

Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh went on to say, “Our Chinese partners assured us of their commitment to begin the compressive survey of minerals in the country which will be conducted by Chinese owned satellites also known as remote sensing which will be used to map the various types of minerals present and their geographical location in the country this will be the first phase and will be followed by deploying engineers and geologist on the ground to conduct geological assessment of the presence of minerals in the ground. The Chinese energy company in partner with two firms of Chinese origins one which known as the China Remote Sensing will start the exploration of coal in the next two weeks.

The Somaliland government is committed to working closely with its partners to help facilitate and the continued success of this important national project and I would like to use this opportunity to urge  my fellow citizens to embrace and welcome our foreign friends and assist them will implemented an extensive exploration work program and completed environmental impact assessments and aerial surveys in our country for coal of which if found shall be of great benefit for the Somaliland people, so I urge once you to welcome them with open hands.

“A section of Hargeisa residents have been without electricity for nearly one week now due to constant power outages hence the need to put in place a reliable power source and during our numerous meeting with the management of Chinese energy firm, we reaffirmed the need to develop our coal industry by the extracting, production of coal Somaliland, our government and the Chinese firm will enter agreement for the construction of a power factory which will produce electricity through locally produced coal”, he said.

The 20 experts from GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY CO LTD shall split into three grouping while conduting the explorations work.


  1. what about somalilanders to watch there work and also to employ somaliland experts to work with them . we need extraction of employment in our country thats is main goal mr hon !!!!!!! we should also watch what there are doing in our reserve natural resources and see the contracts to take off eventually !!!!!!!!!!!!hon minister natural resources belongs to next generation should be very keen in this issue for alert attention !!!!!As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.