IREX Europe, IREX and KMC (KOW Media Corporation) are excited to hold a second edition of the

Somali Peace Festival.

The 2014 event will promote the Horn of Africa as a land where peace and reconciliation is possible.

The main festival will take place in Hargeisa, Somaliland in the late summer.

Hargeisa is a fitting location as one of the most peaceful cities in the region and in Africa. Two successive

events highlighting the best entries of the festival will follow, one in Mogadishu and one in Nairobi,

Kenya. Artists and amateurs from the Horn of Africa and the Diaspora are being invited to submit entries

to the three categories; film, photo and art. Their work will be displayed at the festival, along with

performances by famous Somali musicians, poets, artists and actors. The events will welcome not only

local spectators but also attract visitors from the Somali diaspora communities as well as the international

community. The 2014 2nd Somali Peace Festival follows the success of the first festival organized in

Hargeisa in March 2012 by IREX Europe and KMC (KOW Media Corporation). Entries by participating

artists portrayed messages of peace and tolerance, showing images of courage and a vision of a better

future. Finalists saw their work displayed at the three-day festival in Hargeisa, with an awards ceremony

capping the final day attracting a large audience.

For more information about the festival and how you can participate, please contact KMC or IREX Europe

at the following emails: /