By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Assistant Minister of Energy and Minerals Resources Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hassan termed recent comments made by furious Puntlands official while responding to the recent visit by that President Silanyo to the eastern regions in which they alleged that the head of state had sneaked into the coastal town of Las corey aspure lies which lacks substances .

The Deputy Minister speaking to local reporter’s yesterday evening in the VIP lounge at the Egal International Airport moments after he arrived in the country after two weeks in China termed the recent Presidential tour as a victory for the people of Somaliland as a whole.

“It’s a high time this man who says he is a Minister in Garowe that H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud is a man of actions and when he came to Las Gorey initiate much needed development projects for his fellow countrymen and let me remind this man that President Silanyo will be coming back soon rather than later to open those projects upon their completion which he had just initiated.

The youthful Assistant Minister is among the Ministers in the cabinet who hail from the eastern region of Sanaag.



  1. The assistant minister of (energy and minerals) doing the job for the top guys like the foreign minister, silaanyo, or his close comrades, what sort of country is this. This somaliland is so funny

    • The sort of country where the locals do the talking. The issue is concerning Sanaag not Woqooyi Galbeed or Togdheer. So what better person to address the issue than the minster of “energy and minerals” who hails from Sanaag. What’s really funny is your Reading comprehension.

  2. Let the fugitives SNM cockroaches who are holed up in Hargeisa bark all they like god willing we will clean them from the entire Somalia.

      • Are you stupid don't you see we have a government now? for 23 years the fugitives SNM cockroaches were running wild now we will put them in a big zoo in bari.

        • Which government? Are you talking about the Uganda government in Mogadishu or the government of Puntland, the one giving all their land away to Somaliland free of charge.

        • Just like we put pirateland Geezers in jail in Hargeisa for stealing seafood get a life instead of being on our website hating ever article stop wincing cry baby