Somaliland Security forces have conducted massive overnight raids for the past two nights arresting a few dozen people.

The security forces in the capital had last night imposed a curfew raid in which the Rapid Reaction unit popular known as the RRU by locals headed the search which was centered in Ahmed Dhagah suburb of Hargeisa.

Security Personnel blocked all major roads in the city stopping and randomly searching both civilians and motorist alike.

Security forces surrounded a Hotel were unspecified  number of men suspected to be affiliated with Al shabaab militants were  staying,a  firefight erupted when they  realized that they were about to be detained.

Two suspects  affiliated to Al Shabaab were later arrested at the Hotel while a third believed to be armed and dangerous escaped in the ensuing firefight which is believed to have lasted more than half hours while others are still at large.

A policeman who agreed to talk to Somalilandpress on condition we won’t reveal his identity, said more than 54 people suspected to have entered the country illegally from neighboring Somalia were netted in the last night operation.

Relatives of those arrested by security forces had gathered at the Hargeisa Central Police Headquarters’ to enquire about those detained.

Earlier this week Somaliland security forces arrested the son of prominent opposition leader in Las Anod and a woman after foreign secret services tipped off local police, the duo are suspected have links with two other suspects arrested also in Las Anod a fortnight ago and are believed to be involved in the cold blood killing of the grant Mufti of Garowe recently.

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  1. Why aren't our borders guarded from these scum. Put 80% of our army in the border between us and somalia and the 20% of the army left in the djabouti border. If somalis want war, we should give it to them. Also start sending those refugees home, we have accommodated them long enough. Lastly, a new Bill must be brought in declaring that all traitors to be executed as soon as they are found.

    If they want to dance, we shall dance with them.

    • LOL, why don't you got to the front-line, instead of acting all brave behind a screen. Typical separatists, always bla bla bla bla

    • You should know, that the so called scum's are Is@@q's terrorists, who were cornered and defeated in the south. And now they going back home to their masters. The masters must be pissing in their pants.

      • F off us willing to share what we Dhulbahante have with our reer konfur brothers.
        you thought there were alshabab in dhulbahante areas? Now look at hargeisa, you finally gave up 54suspects right infront of Morgans house

      • Hey Truth10, why dont you get sick with severe form of malaria like your Grandfather ina cabdille xasan waal, and shut the hell up about Isaaq, by the way, did Isaaq men rape you when you were young?

        • No isaaq men are killing my people. Is that sufficient for you or do you need Al jazeera/BBC to prove it for you?
          javascript: postComment(1);

          but i dont hold any grudge against REER waqoyi because people will do anything to get a Feed.

      • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

        daroods are crying because i said close the border, they are scared they will not be able to smuggle their habashi alcohol to somaliland

  2. Somaliland Press:

    Thanks for the great reporting, checked other websites and so far you have the news scoup. These terror nests should not be allowed to debase and create unstability in North, like they did in the South.

    These people are Sheydaan not holy as they would like to be known.

      • Have you ever heard of the phrase no matter how much you try to lie the truth comes out of your mouth in the end ?

      • LOOL @ country. Seems like the so called country is only in the minds of view Is@@q separatists like you. Even your last hope (Gadaburse) are abandoning you. Mate, by the time Khaatumo is fighting you and Gadaburse shouting out loud ''no to separatists'', you should have known, it's game over.

        • Truth10

          You darood mother lied to you mate, Gadaburse are the best somalilanders and then it is the people of sool and sanaag that are next best.

          I am gadaburse and my wife if dhulo so i know everything going on.

          I heard puntland is going to implode very soon

          • Claim what you want you lying imbecile, I have enough gadaburse friends to know the real situation on the ground.

          • LOL"Gadaburse are the best somalilanders and then it is the people of sool and sanaag that are next best" more like the best Somalis, when are isaaqs going to stop this BS that reer SSC are going to support hargeisa when their sons are getting killed behind lascanod.

  3. The relatives of the terrorists must have been arrested too, because they gave them support and sheltered them.

  4. Congratulation to Somaliland's Interior Minister, Mr Duur.
    Hang them all, not leave them. No room for remanding them. No room for convicting them. Any suspect must be brought to the court in letter and spirit. Let law obligation take its immediate procedure. Somaliland should not tolerate any activities or indications or intentions of terror. No mercy at all.

  5. Well done Somaliland police force, intelligence agency and public. Continue hunting these thugs from every city and town, until we blow the whistle of all clear. Somaliland security apparatus must work hard to gather information and act swiftly. God protects us, every time our enemy tries to harm us, this wicked people were after us since we proclaimed our statehood, but Allah was always to our rescue.

  6. The Warsangeli people of Maakhir State i think are the most confused Somalis

    One day they're with Puntland the next with Sland

  7. Ain't it funny the section of H-town, the terrorist were found, hmm. Something smells fishy. Pretend government gets to get rid of a few individuals they didn't like.

  8. Irir Warsangeli are not with the terrorists and hate mongers in Hargeisa. We are 100 % Puntlanders and not anti-Somalis like F.A. Waraabe and the terrorists that are active in this site.

  9. It seems the threat that Al Shabaab has issued few weeks ago and the UK, US security warnings are just coming to light . Somaliland intelligence may have failed in anticipating the current security situation after Al Shabaab have been cornered in Somalia and were forced to flee to the northern highlands . … Lessons should be learnt from these incidents . Mo
    Related :
    Al Shabaab vow to carry out suicide attacks inside Somaliland

  10. Folks, uptill now all that is going around is apprehending suspected terrorists but yet these
    rounded up people have to be thoroughly checked for the real crimes that were committed
    through the judicial legal justices. Just bcos the law and order policing their responsibilities
    should convince the Somaliland peace and justice loving Nation what proved crimes were committesd
    by whom? Until then, all those apprehended are innocent citizens. The human rights watch and the Media should monitor what's really happening in Somaliland but honest reporting is urged in
    earnest, fair and free from vicious mischief.

  11. Who is behind all the mess in Somalia ? – Can't point the finger at any one country , BUT … I think that
    many young men of Somali /Somaliland origin , among them brain washed , manipulated and needy young immigrants that have crossed the high-seas and the deserts and then found themselves in the Arabian Wahabist den are causing the Mayhem , supported by radical Asians who found no place for themselves in their countries …. This is aggravated by the Ethiopians , the Kenyans and Ugandans who are used as proxies against the Somalis …..
    So the warning is : Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones as the saying goes or else their glass houses will be stoned leaving their lives and glasses shattered … In other words those fairly financially well-off neighbouring countries that are playing games in Somalia and Somaliland for their own gains should know that cornering a lion has its drastic and deadly consequences …..

  12. like I said before there's cold war between Hargeisa and Burco, those Silaanyo and Morgan house-landers are calling alshabab are Arab Hagsoor supporters… allow Amuuraha sahal reer abtigay sanadkan way ku xuntahay LOOOL

    Viva Somali Republic.

  13. It is amazing how some people will try to transfer and displace everything that is bad and negative to southern Somalia. Someone said in their comment that these Al-shabab terrorists and everyone from southern Somalia should be deported from the north to southern Somalia. We all know that Ahmed Cabdi Godane who is from Somaliland is the leader of Al-shabab. Many of the top ranking officers of Al-shabab and its foot soldiers are from Somaliland and Puntland. Now that this nihilist group are defeated in southern Somalia they are coming back to their homes in Somaliland and Puntland.

    These terrorists are the same ones who were bombing hotels in Mogadishu like Shamow Hotel and the presidential palace in Mogadishu. If you did think that the problem of Al-shabab terrorism will be confined in southern Somalia, you are proven wrong. These terrorists are from your region. No Siree! Your are not deporting them to southern Somalia. These Al-shabab terrorists originated from the region and they seem they are back to where they belong. The proof that these terrorists are from Somaliland is that their relatives in Hargeisa are scouring the prisons in Hargeisa to know their fate and their whereabouts. Deal with your terrorists instead of blaming all your problems on southern Somalia.

    • Sir,
      When Somaliland authorities were hunting for these thugs, your Country Somalia, welcomed them as a hero.
      And if you decided not to welcome this criminals,and think they will interrupt Somaliland peace we the Somaliland people and government knows how to deal with them. We will capture them, put them in prison or kill them.

      These criminals know very well they are not welcomed in Somaliland, any Somaliland enemies whether Al-shabab or other terror groups will never succeed in Somaliland.

    • Allemagan/Kayse.

      Stop for advocating little moryaan addmin in mogadishu. no one will go under moryaanos it's not gone happen. Puntland & somaliland already have own addmin, next month Jubbaland will have one. amd probably Bay & bakool will get one in the future.

  14. Mogadishu is safe and Hargeisa is exploding with terrorism. now you know Britain was right. dont worry syad barre nephew will be in power in 4 years time he will sort out north Somalia kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. Alshabaab members come from every corner of Somalia. What we need to be concern about is, Who's funding, who's leading this evil organization and most important of all is whose ideas was to begin with it. The two of three can be solved by Somalis but the other one is going to need collective effort from all Somalis to understand whose the opposition is. And where we are at right now, not even close and they're counting on that and have being a quite long time. Because when you’re dealing foreign elements, which their main agenda was to radicalized the Muslim world. One they have full control of it and created dependency that's beneficiary for them. They're the one that sits the head of the table, and bargaining on behalf of us. Which you can imagine, what kind of damage they can cost poor and uneducated nations heavily reliant on clan and all kind of problems. Some they created for them self. And some outside forces hand in it. Bottom line is, this is more complicated issue than all of us could wrap around our head and the solution will come when all of us understand. What we're up against and unfortunately we're not there not even close to the vicinity.

  16. Hargaisa is war zone not safe for somalis let alone foreigners. Tourist please take your goverments advice
    and leave the country or risk being caught in fire fight or alshbab hargaisa adminstaration war..

  17. Al-Shabaab flourished in Somalia because there was and still is no affective authority which could/can stop them. The reason why they never bothered Somaliland is because they knew the consequences that they would be hunted down by the Somaliland security services just like they are doing now. There is no room for Al-Shabaab in Somaliland as the government, the religious leaders and the people are well aware of their misguided religious believes. That alone made and is making impossible for them to have any major influence in Somaliland.
    Gone are the days when people used to accuse their opponents of being Al-Shabaab in order to solicit support from some western countries. What is happening in Somaliland is exactly what happens in most countries in the world and Somaliland is vigilant just like all these countries that are protecting their people from these twisted folks.
    What worries me is that Al-shabaab still retain their arms and people in Somalia and are still as capable to create mayhem in there as they were before the arrival of the African troops. They keep leaving their posts without fight and that makes any so called defeat a hallow statement.

  18. where are the suicide bombers? There is a couple white trash folks here in Hargeisa who would like to have an early halloweed.

  19. As Somalilanders we should be cautious and ready to defend the nation, we need to support the police and security forces in their battle against al-shaitan.

  20. There's no doubt in mind the terrorist suspects hiding in Hargeisa sent by the current weak admin. in Villa Somalia. All those cowards will be caught and brought to justice sooner rather than later. I'm 100% certain that this sort of event won't be the last thus Somaliland must be vigilant at all times.. Mogadishu's lack of leadership is a cancerous spot for the entire world in which the effects have already spread primarily in the dark continent I believe it can be contained but it'll never be cured.

    • LOOL@ ''sent by the current weak admin''. Clearly you forgot that, 5 out of the 7 top ranking leaders of Alshabaab including the Emir is Is@@q. UCID chairman Faisal son was arrested in connection with Al-shabaab. Your Silanyo and senior Somaliland officials were threatened with exposure and charges of funding and creating Al-shabaab, and genocide against Khaatumo and Awdal, if they insist on the secession agenda. Mate your lies have catch with you.

    • When a criminal wants to hide, The last place he or she wants to hide is among strangers. that doesn't need whole lot of sophistication thinking but logic dictates. Because if you expose yourself people who're not familiar with you,and who have no clue why are you here and what's the reason behind. Than you most likely would land in hot water,Another word in the hands of the authorities, That would be the last place this radicalized individuals want to be.There fore that will defeated the purpose behind their agenda, Which we all know is to impose the rest of us, their wrong and twisted ideology.And if your government recognized that this people are not fit, To be roaming around your streets Scot free and they need to be detain and investigated thoroughly. than that's wise decision on their part, So just because someone is your own kind doesn't mean they wont turn against you. Especially the way this group thinks that they're doing gods work, and the struggle they engaging is superiors what anyone else can offer for them.Last but not least Alshabaab was never invited by the greater Somali population, Yes it's true some nasty so-called leaders did use this people, For their own gain to enrich them-self but were the poor Somali population are concern.. Where ever they live this evil organization force them-self in, And took over by force their cities. And who ever the leaders are I will leave to their maker, but I also believe they will be expose in this earth too. Because they have too many innocent life's blood in their hands.

  21. Somaliland needs all its friends in times of need, I apologise for my anti-somaliland rants, but we all need to pull together at this time. I am still not in favour of Silanyo, but am willing to accept Somaliland to go their own way.