Government system affects almost every aspect of our lives therefore the citizens of Awdal, Salal and Gabiley need to establish public power by electing intellectuals that understand the deceptions and tactics of The Government.

Government is an integral part of every society. it makes Laws than interprets the way they think that will work for them and caries them out, their rules affects every aspect of our lives from collecting taxes to controlling our imports and exports to sacrificing our lives in time of wars and conflicts, so the government system might therefore be viewed as the master control system of society but having said that, the government can prevent us further more from achieving our most cherished goals such as opening new ports, building new roads, employment growth and above all taking care of our safety and security measures.

To justify, our government leaders became dishonest, they practice injustice among citizens, innocent people have been murdered and no one brought the criminals to justice, they play a rule of power as well divide to rule, they try to convince people that we have democracy when there is no democracy exist and some elected members don’t even understand the definition of democracy.

Government officials have a bad habit of exercising excessive force whenever they want to do so. Consequently why not the public use similar force? A force of gathered intellectuals, a force of united citizens, a force of people and power, in order to oppose government excessive force and tactics? It’s up to the people to elect intellectual citizens who understand the tactics of government. Today; our people have the leadership of elders which don’t match with the hostile strategy and deceptive leadership in existing government.

Our economy is affected by government, our youth depressed, our development limited by the government practicing unfair regulations as a result of one person rule just like a gang leader which is the principle of one man rule that in philosophy supports the use of power to whom all swear obedience and loyalty to that person, in this case the leader is superior to other people and organized crime is only one example of success of this philosophy and that’s why we see killing without justification In Hargaysa,Borama,saylac,Ruqi(semaal) and the unforgettable massacre happened near kalabaydh etc. .

To modify this horrible system or demolish, Awdal citizens must build an effective social system practices, it’s a way of reaching policy decisions in which all adult citizens are entitled to participate government decisions and if government denies this entitlement the citizens have every right to deny paying taxes and other duties to the government.


Abdikarim Bakal


  1. Hey presto,

    Then what is worthy of comment? Is polishing or prasing a public figure for nothing weorthy of comment? When we see a public figure who got around one project once he has been victorious in another, that is worthy of comment and credit,

    Somnaliand must not be a country whose wealth politicians and public figure covet. It must be a country where diversity and democracy dwell, where the creative reesources inherent in our individuality yiedl a nation greater than the sum of what certain people covet. What all of us must unsderstand is that it is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. Common sense understands this. If we define ourselves by clans, ethenicity, etc, we build walls of suspicion and shun opening doors. As a result, we chip away at the shared values on which we stand tall.

  2. Awdal is part and parcel of this country. Why he needs Awdal to be special case? He is one of those lost minds who roam around the west and does not know anything about his people and how they live in Somaliland. He is someone whom we should not give any chance to say more stupid things. Awdal will not fly to Mogadishu, but will stay foot in Somaliland.

  3. So let me guess, it's clannish because he talks of the government in a none flattering manner. Freedom of speech people, express yourself don't be puppets of others and their propaganda. I bet you every person who is offend by this article are members of the section of Isaaq that rules SL.

  4. I leave this forum for the less intelligent Somalilandpress readers to argue. I have no time for Faqa@sh excrements to crying wolf.

  5. As a citizen of any nation in the world, you can express your view in a democratically manner and I suspect this is what you are exactly doing. But do not try to stire and incite racial hatered among Somalilanders by using our name . Awdal is a an integral part of the formation of this society for decades and if we think that our rights have been violated by anyone, we know how to perdue this by using the right channels. Please do not patronise me and stop writing this garbage and keep it into your Marfash

  6. Try not only to condem your free elected goverment BUT try how to improve or better find a solution for the major obsticales of your progress……….
    I am not from Awdal or sahel But i always the wonderfull intelectuals from that part of my counrty.
    If you disagree something wit your goverment than you should have have stand for your rights ( according to your democratic constitution) and show your goverment the right way…..
    Somaliland means…..freedom of opinion… We are not in Siyad Bare era……………… Please take the lead and stand for Somaliland….
    God save Somalilan

  7. Ppl in Awdal are the most corrupt in SL. Every corner they have kids discussing how to each exams and pull other scams. No wonder why the grown ups are themselves creating crisis for everybody else.