If you dig a hole for your fellow brother, remember to dig one for yourself.


We, the people of Balligubadle, do hereby condemn in the strongest terms possible the decree number: JSL/M/XERM/249-2296/032014, issued by President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo, on 3rd March 2014, regarding the Ministerial-Level Steering Committee and The Task Force (hereinafter referred to as entities) responsible for the registration of Somaliland Citizens for the purpose of issuing them with National Identity Cards/Voter Identification Cards, in which Arab clan was calculatingly, deliberately and deceitfully excluded from these entities as though members of Arab clan are non-citizens, and therefore treating them differently is legitimate.


Let it be known that these two entities do not concern the people of Balligubadle  and its activities and/or services will be robustly resisted by all means necessary in all areas populated by the people of Balligubadle from east to west of the country.


We equally condemn the exclusion of other clans from both these important state entities responsible for the registration of Somaliland Citizens for the purpose of issuing them with National Identity Cards/Voter Identification Cards.



We particularly point out the following:


Knowing that these entities were secretly formed in a smoke-filled back room, outside the proper channels of the government, and that no consultations were carried out involving other Somaliland clans concerned,


Notingwith concern that the composition of both entities in question was knowingly, blatantly and calculatedly designed in such a way as to tip the scales in favour of certain clans while deliberately excluding others from the equation,


Stressingthe fact that the people of Balligubadle have no trust or confidence whatsoever in these entities because of the recent experience regarding the massive election fraud and irregularities that occurred in the last Local Elections held in the country on 28 November 2012 in which many Arab voters were disenfranchised by deliberately and criminally dumping and burning their voting papers in the dry-river bed of Hargeisa,



Cognizant of the fact that, in this day and age, clan allegiance is still unfortunately vitally important than the national interest of the country, coupled with the indisputable fact that the sole objective of those overrepresented in these entities is to vastly inflate the size of their respective clan-families in anyway they can, whether through multiple registrations or other fraudulent means, so that they could demonstrate their numerical strength and subsequently enhance their clan prestige,


Reaffirming our unwavering commitment for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity of Somaliland,


Emphasizingthat peace and stability within Somaliland, the strengthening of State institutions, economic and social development and respect for human rights and the rule of law are necessary to create the conditions for a durable state and further emphasizing that this can only be achieved by treating all Somaliland citizens equally and fairly,


The people Balligubadle have decided to completely and utterly reject the legitimacy of the Ministerial-Level Steering Committee and Task Force which do not fairly represent members of all Somaliland clans.


We believe that honesty is the best policy. In this case, there is no scintilla of doubt that these entities were founded on deception and manipulation from the outset and are therefore devoid of the slightest moral legitimacy to conduct a vital task such as the registration of Somaliland citizens. The criminal elements that formed these entities do not have the interest of the Somaliland people at heart but rather their own clan interests.


If there is no secret evil plan involving scheming, deviousness and Machiavellian practices, then there is no reason why equal representation for all Somaliland clans should not be accepted without fear or favour. 


The registration process is fatally tainted by corruption before it has even gotten off the ground.


We call upon all western donors not to lend support to this undemocratic and non-transparent process as failure to do so will only lead to unnecessary disturbances in Somaliland.



For and on Behalf of

Balligubadle Peoples Council







  1. Blligubadle community is not speaking for herself but the interests of all Somalilanders. As a member of the Oodweyne community l similarly disenfranchised and we were not consulted either. What we are witnessing are the execution of the Garadag manifesto.

  2. As a member of Oodweyne Community I also fully agree with the people of Balligubadle for their bravery to call a spade a spade. I feel sorry for the people of Balligubadle to have joined KULMIYE. We would love to welcome them to join WADANI with open hands.

    Nevertheless, I salute the Balligubadle boys for defending all of us- all Somaliland clans.
    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  3. Accept fraud and legitimize daylight robbery and you will reap the rewards; the scandalous result of the last local election should not have been accepted. Silaanyo and his misguided administration were emboldened by our lack of reaction and our inability to oppose fraud and injustice in that last election.
    Let us not allow them to repeat their criminal manipulation once more and falsify the wishes of our citizens.

  4. We believe unless the Silanyo Government seroulsly consider the composition of Somaliland clans and treat equally and fairly, the government will fail, no matter whatever development or other contributions it made.
    It it very obvious the agenda behind the formation of the committees discussed in the press release that it is against the interest of Somaliland. We know from experience that no clan can dominate the others and to live in harmony, there should be transparency and equality among Somaliland clans. It is unacceptable to form a committee like that and these actions can only lead the nation into suspicion and disharmony. These are the signs and symptoms of downfall of administration.

  5. I think this is unacceptable and unfair, what allow Somaliland to blossom is by respecting and maintaining the harmony and co-existence of its beautiful, dynamic and generous clans. The day we dare to deviate from this path, is the day we foolishly began to dig a wide open grave for Somaliland. And to sideline one of its toughest and selfless constituents and one of its last defense lines, when the going got tough such as Baligubadle fortress is unthinkable.

    We urge our smart and shrewd President who proved to world the possibility to swim and hang in the turbulent Red sea waves calmly with Macawis and may be with no belt, to simply go back to the drawing board and come up with better balanced committee and acceptable for all, from Lawyacado to Laasqorey, this is what empowers the managerial aims and intent of the our government including this ones and enhance the smooth and constant integration of our dignified people on a daily basis, and not the other way around, based on manipulation and unfair game which will eventually backfire.
    Imagine if we have today what we as Somalis have lost in terms of resource, manpower, peace, dignity and life, just from Independence Day (1960), and why the root cause of this lost needs to re-examine! And is there a room also to direct a legitimate question to all Somalilanders – what will construct the possibility, to lose what we have achieved from 1991 that is different than Somalia? The answer of this is even more pressing today to inquire. History will repeat itself if not learn from it and think differently and in accordance.

    Yes indeed, honesty is the best policy and Allah (swt) never let down honest move or deed and he is watching as always and closely. Insha’allah the rainwater will continue.

    Long live Somaliland as always.

  6. We support Baligubadle community and all others to defend their rights. The communities from Eeerigaabo, Burco, Berbera, oodweyne and east and west of Maroodi Jeex will never accept this kind of conspiracy. Let Siilaanyo and his hotch-potch administration must understand this.

  7. This is nothing more than me too cry baby manifesto. Why base everything we do on tribe. If I don't see a member of my tribe in there or at the top then it is a none starter. This is just beyond ridiculous. It's stupidity pure and simple. People grew up and show some decency.