By Goth Mohamed Goth

In recent Security Council briefing the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon on Somaliland and Somalia had this to say on the current political situation on Somaliland.

“In “Somaliland”, relations between the Government and the opposition deteriorated. The Justice and Welfare Party claimed it had been denied freedom of movement and permission to hold peaceful demonstrations against the Government.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi “Irro”, Speaker of the “Somaliland” House of Representatives and Chair of Wadani (opposition party), announced his support for the holding of a national dialogue conference as called for by the opposition parties. On 18 December, talks held between “Somaliland” President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo and Speaker Irro resulted in an agreement on the holding of a conference, provided that a neutral party would chair it.

From 16 to 19 January, a third round of talks between the Federal Governmentof Somalia and “Somaliland” was hosted by Turkey in Istanbul. The two delegations adopted a communiqué, establishing a joint secretariat in Turkey to institutionalize the process and agreeing that talks should take place every 90 days. Furthermore, the communiqué provided for the establishment of a joint air traffic control board. Italso condemned the “atrocities committed” by the former Siad Barre regime,“particularly” in “Somaliland”.

SG Report March 2014


  1. Well! This report clearly demonstrates the depth of the grudge that Nick Kay harbors against Somaliland. It is therefore high time that we Somalilanders, wherever we are, should put this queer in his rightful place – and take him down a peg or two – as we have done before to David Steven.

  2. First of all there is nothing wrong with being queer and attacking someone based on their sexual preference only shows your ignorance and shows badly on Somalilanders.

    I dont agree with M Goth notice its not Nick Kay (whoever that is) that wrote the article, dont know why you're attacking someone who hasnt even been mentioned as writing the article. I think that last comment showed more about your lack of reading comprehension and lack of character than anyone you were looking to attack.

    I expect more from Somalilanders this is typical Faq ash behavior, lets stay classy!

  3. I don't like the inverted commas on Somaliland. This only appeared after Nicholas Kay became the de facto president of Somalia and went in bed with Puntland. More disturbing is what UCID and WADANI are trying to convey to the international community. They are in the record in back-stabbing the government during Somaliland and Somalia dialogue and now as indicated by this report are putting trying to derail Somaliland independence. We must not forget that Cirro didn't condemn Nicholas Kay, when the latter falsely claimed Cirro was imprisoned and banned to travel abroad.

  4. Question to all Somalilanders of this forum. My question is, who administers this website in nowadays? This website has completely failed to mention anything about the historic and important tour of Somaliland President and his entourage which took from coast to coast of the country that all other Somaliland media outlets have been widely covereing for the last few days. This website used to be a pro Somaliland blog, but now it seems that it was taken over by anti Somaliland elements. If that's that case then it's useless for patriotic Somalilanders to be on this blog.

    • The reason they did not mention about the president tour is because the president slept for four years and on his last year he is running around the country like headless chicken ''put stone here and there'' what Somaliland need is a leader with vision a leader who can unite the nation and Siilanyo is surely not that man and i can see any of the opposition parties leaders looking any different at the moment .