Nimo Ahmed Ismail, 4th year student at Abaarso School of Science and Technology, just received her acceptance letter to Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio.  In the acceptance letter, Oberlin noted that Nimo’s “intellectual curiosity, social conscience, and personality made her stand out as a particularly impressive and well-rounded student-citizen.”  Oberlin’s tuition, housing, food, student activities, and health insurance, normally costs a student $60,000 per year for a total of $240,000 over the 4 years needed to graduate.  Nimo will be getting all of this for free.


In its most recent rankings, US News and World Report ranked Oberlin the 26th best National Liberal Arts College in America.  Oberlin was established in 1833 and its famed history includes being the 1st American university to integrate black and white students, as well as the 1st American college to teach male and female students.


Jonathan Starr, Abaarso’s Headmaster and Managing Director, said, “Nimo’s acceptance and $240,000 scholarship to Oberlin is a great success for Nimo, her family, her school, and her society.  Without Nimo’s hard work and that of Abaarso’s current and former staff, this would not be possible.  Nimo is a wonderful person who continues to make us all proud.”


In addition to Nimo, Abaarso has high hopes for a number of its other students being admitted to strong international universities and provided with scholarships.


TO    :        Managing Director,

                   Abaarso School of Science and Technology,

                   Abaarso, Somaliland

Sub.: A Letter of appreciation


The Ministry of Education is writing this letter as a sign of appreciation for the good news of Ms. Nimo  M. Ismail for her hard and diligent  work to receive full  scholarship to Oberlin College, USA.  This is an indicator that Abaarso School of Science and Technology is really competitive in educating Somaliland youngsters and at the same time, the knowledge offered here is accepted by International universities.


May I take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Oberlin College and Abaarso-Tech.   In this regard, I would welcome if more similar scholarships are offered to the girls in Somaliland in the future.


Zamzam Abdi Adan

Minister of Education & Higher Studies


  1. Since Somaliland is gaining more and more fame and accredited reputation in almost everything
    by the progressive Western Nations, I congrats MS Ismail and her Abaarso TECH Scool
    for the scholarship to Ohio Colombus State. Looks like the IC is opening its doors to the progresses
    that Somaliland have achieved over the years when Somalia is still dug in dirty dangerous warfares
    with no real solutions in the short term.

    • Just to clarify, the article says Oberlin College, not Ohio Columbus State. Oberlin is one of the most competitive colleges in the country to get into.

      • Oberlin college arts & sciences primary arts and their specialty is to give admission young underprivileged African American youths. on the other Ohio state is one the riches university in the Midwest and it offers variety of subject. it existed longer Oberlin and it has more diverse faculty and student and it also have one of largest campus and they own their hospital. not mention one of the well oiled machine program college football and basket ball. the BUCKEYES are the bright and joy of the State of Ohio, and it's a matter of fact without Ohio state the capital city of the state Ohio Columbus will have tough time existing at all the period.

  2. Kayse stop this stupid comments. Zamzam is the one of the best ministers we have ever got since 1991, and she does not differentiate between the students. You are sick and menace to our society, and I don't understand why you are doing this? Because few youngsters from your Abdalla Ishaaq were arrested? Is that all your problems with the Somaliland?

    The government of Somaliland must trace your whereabout and complain to the country who gave you refuge when your country Somaliland was destroyed by those people you are praising now. We should stop you one day, and that is not far away.

    • hahahahaha and what can few habro from Gabiley and Garadag do to me when they can't even take on few horsemen in Hudun???

  3. Mansha'Allah…That is Somaliland for you. Our kids are heading to such esteemed colleges. Onward and upwards.

    Must not rest on our laurels, more work to be done, youth employment, health, education, opportunities for all , the essential services of daily life.

  4. Tribal ministers trying to take credit….when not long ago she was trying to close the college because it was not in her tribal minded Gabiley folks' favour…

    I would advise this woman to keep her imaginations limited to her house and stop this pretending game she is no minister and no one recognizes her.

    Maybe for Gabiley farmers…tribal minister who represents them same way suldaano and Garaad folks do.