Perhaps the Public Works Minister ought to shed more light on the matters of the issuance of driving licenses in the country before it boomerangs in the future.
This appeal is logical given that matters of personal, national and inter-national privileges, security or rights to private information may be infringed or, largely, put in a precarious situation.
If given the similitude of Hon. Habsade equating the private company’s issuance of DLs to that of the vehicle number plates, does he mean that the agent would ONLY supply the driving licence books (or cards) whether digital or not?
If so, it is well and good. If not, then we should not succumb to hasty decision whose most probable future may have in store serious security and legal repercussions for the country.
This is because we believe that those who supply the number plates are not privy to personal information hence do not hold the log-books to vehicles nor process their application forms.
It is clear that the registration of motor vehicles are sensitive since the applicants have to supply information on their personnel selves (e.g. IDs etc where necessary).
This should be things to be entrusted only upon the state alone.
Given that the national identification system is still absent, how should the DL issuance be placed in private hands?
Worse of all is that absence of the personal identification national index makes it difficult for the criminal investigations department to issue fool proof certifications of good personal conducts for lack of standard and proper finger-printing system and allied systemic data banks, how can the state relieve off its watch over such a core department? More light should be shed on the issue since significant and important line departments have to be established before hand, serious future repercussions notwithstanding.



  1. Risible, really, what is going in Somaliland, the bill to legalize airport fee was also passed by parliament, everyone tries to put his own tube into the public purse. Oh my God!

  2. Probably the private company that is entrusted to issue the drivers liscences is the same one owned by Silanyo's family which was using wheel barrows and shovels to renovate Hargeisa airport that is closed since 2009. Is the airport open yet?

  3. My God, in Somaliland there are no National Security and National interest guardians. This is disastrous!!!!!Private Firm Awarded Contract to issue National Driving Licenses

  4. I do not think anything is wrong with privatisation of the public owned agancies in the future as long as these companies will do their job very well. However, Somaliland is not there yet and so we rather have government run agencies than private companies.