A new dawn for the security servicemen,in a double celebration at annual festivity
The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud has established the long awaited ranking system in the security service in the country yesterday at practically a double festivity celebration.
He also created three new deputy commanding posts hence named their occupants.
The Head of State put the lapels on the shoulders of top military, police and prison commanders on the occasion of celebrating the 19th Armed Forces annual festivals since its inauguration on the 2nd February 1994.
It was indeed an overwhelming happy moment for the nation and the security arms of the country which was best described by the President himself.
“I am extremely happy to preside in such an occasion (of establishment of ranks in forces hierarchy) during my administration”.
The President reminded the audience that it was part and parcel of his pledge during the Presidencial election campaigns that has been realized.
He thanked all who were concern in the preparations and in the same breath paid tribute to the national security forces for the consistant vigillance in keeping peace and security for stability in the country.
The Defence Minister gave a lengthy speech that elaborated on the essence, need and the important significance of having the security service and its systems in a country.
Fresh from being made a Major General, Cmdr. Ismael Mohammed Osman, the Chief army commander spoke of the development steps taken by the armed forces in the past year.
Apart from Major Gen. Ismael, other commanders newly merited hence made brigadier generals are:-
National Police Commander Abdillahi Fadal Iman,
National Prisons Commander Mohammed Hassan,
Army Commander Abdillahi Mohamed
Deputy Army Commander Amed Yusuf Awale.
A total of 12 commanders were given the new ranks of colonels and above.
The President similarly created new posts in the security hierarchy in which he named Ahmed Ali Yusuf as the new second deputy commander of the armed forces.
Dahir Ali Wa’ais and Ali Omar Ahmed were also named as the new National Second deputy commanders for both the police and prison forces respectively.




  1. This is great achievement for Somaliland army,I hope Somaliland haters will see this army seccess and realise Somaliland is not part of Somalia at all. The president has given first 12 commanders flowed by more than 5000 lutant cornels for the next few days. I wonder what will SL haters are going to say this achievement. Viva Somaliland army.

    • 2 million mooryan brothers and sisters starving. 50 Bantu soliders in BUQDISHO raping mooryan sisters.

      Not a good day to be mooryan

  2. This is the last coffin, for those who are still dreaming that Somaliland will reunite with a failed state.
    Long live, Somaliland and its people.

    • Believe me, separatists like you may never unit with Somalia but north-west Somalia will always be part of Somalia. And you will always (as you use now) use the Federal Republic of Somalia passport.

  3. Good news to decorate the Somaliland Armed Forces and law enforcement police Forces
    with the right rankings from top to bottom. Kudos to the current Govt under the wise leadership
    of DR Amm Silaanyo.

  4. I wonder what the guys like Buuxiye, M Cheers, Kaboon aka baboon are doing today to celebrate 3-village medal distrubution! The sure thing is enough khat is going to be chewed there today, either via aid money or DEYN from poor mothers, selling this destructive drug under the steking sun, the average daily expense on Qat per chewer is $4.95 in a region where more than half of its 3.5 Million populations earn less than a dollar daily.

    • you want to know what i am doing to celebrate. It involves 13 sisters from the darood sub-clan preforming sexual act on me and my 2 other friends.

      • No you have to be a man to do that and we know you're playing for the other team. but that OK.So coma out of the closet, because you people have been gaining a lot of support lately .

    • hahahahahaha you made me laugh Sade.

      They feel during Siad they didn't have any official titles so now is the time to experiment and allow each man to create his own title. It is like the divorced wife that never received enough diraac and gold that went mad retail therapy crazy….

      Magaac aad isku yeedho waxa ka ficaan mid lagu aqoonsaday, this is a case of blowing your own trumpet…ama ri isnuugtaay.

      They are desperate.

  5. Its a militia, you do not qualify to be call an army, sorry if i am angering you, but that's just the truth sometimes. May be if they were a bunch of consolidated militia from all the people of the the north west, maybe then we you could called them an army ready to defend serve its people, but right now its just a criminals enterprise, lead secessionist crooks. Clan militias don't qualify as an army, an army is something bigger and better, the Army is an institution of its own, not the servants of crooks.

    • Normal fake unionit call opposide side as militia same as Ethiopian used before to call Eritrean figther and North Sudan call South Sudan secessionist. Somalilander re independence is just a question of time so u can call our people or army as u like, nothing will change on the ground. Time of Faqash rule is definitively over.

  6. You do not see the flaw in creating a ranking system for your police and so called security forces 22 yrs later. How did it function this long with out proper command structure. Which brings back to the conclusion that it's a clan militia, who now want to play Army. The pretend government of Somali and it's pretend armed forces are a joke, in the eyes of Somalis, IC, and anybody with common sense. Because instead of cheering like girls, who were told to do so.

    You should be angry and furious that your so called army, has been roaming around with no proper command structure to discipline, train and hold them accountable. I wonder if they even have a military court , if they did it wouldn't make senses, because you can't have one with out the other.

    People think about this, in how many cases may a soldier have done something against a civilian with no one to answer to ?

  7. More imaginary titles and just twisting and playing around with Somali names, titles, regions, towns and ideas. Nothing new here. It means nothing. Just another wild circus show by the Tigray offspring.

  8. @hornid

    I don't hate your people, it would impossible they are also my people, Somalis.

    I just dislike the secessionist and the crooks, who pretend to be Government who represents the people, when in reality there is no freedom of speech, and also they like to act and to pretend to have the full support of the people, but in reality they are like Assad and his cronies, its only a matter of time before the people rise and topple the secessionist.

  9. Viva Somaliland! A new milestone for our Armed Forces. As for those who have nothing better to do than to run after Somaliland like a mad animal, Somaliland socotay. It really takes a certain kind of person to talk about something that has nothing to do with me. Is dabo qor!..No one asked for your opinions and further no one cares about your opinions. Have more confidence in your own lives and go and visit your country's website. Is Dabo qor, a long time ago we kicked them to the curb.

    • Certainly, you have given them the best advice, however, I don't think they have ears for it since their minds are tuned to the days of Siad Barre rule when their camel boys used to become generals and their street boys were the only millionaires. Hadda arrinkoodu waa naag masayrtay iyo bakayle ma leegyahay, therefore, they're measuring everything with Afweine era. Anyway, don't waste your time with these crabs.