We stand in solidarity with Somaliland’s foreign minister Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar’s unequivocal denunciation of Britain’s Foreign Office which was later echoed by Somaliland’s ambassador at large kaysar abdillahi.

Somalilanders wasted no time in taking to streets to express their unified displeasure with Britain’s political expediency.
The UK’s current maneuver is mere a political cover rather than an identified substantial threat that merits the distressing of their nationals in Somaliland.

In a one size fits all approach to cover all basis the UK’s foreign office has unfortunately attached Somaliland to the fluid situation in Mali where the Islamist have been advancing, the siege in Algeria where dozens lost their lives, and the aftermath of American tragedy in Benghazi. Once the UK’s actions are viewed within this context it becomes quite clear to comprehend that there is no imminent threat to foreigners in Somaliland, but that this is a political cover vaguely couched to deflect blame in case something were to materialize.

With all the superlatives bestowed on Somaliland none describes it better than “Oasis of Peace”.

Discernibly Somaliland’s status is not fortuitous but the reality that beat the odds and sustained prolonged peace by adapting to changing condition. 2008 we witnessed the coordinated terrorist attacks that tore through Somaliland and due to that all Somalilanders are united and remain steadfast in maintaining their hard-won peace and security in a close proximity to the World’s Failed State where the chaos is the norm and pirates and terrorist roam.

We are not naïve or impervious to the threats that face us, erected in the heart of our capital city is fighter jet which stands as testament to value and virtue of peace that we unreservedly seek. The ideals that we hold dear and idioms of peace and prosperity(nabad iyo caano) that our language profess are all shaped by historical context in which our perspective is framed and there is no differing perspectives on this among Somalilanders. The security that prevails in Somaliland is a tangible asset that was born out of rubble built by consensus and safeguarded by all with unwavering resolve and unmatched adamancy. It is only in Somaliland where large sums of money of every denomination are left in streets unguarded, and people of all sorts walk the streets after dark unfazed.

I commend Somaliland’s foreign minister for his timely and explicit repudiation of Britain’s rhetoric.

Geleh Ali Gulaid


  1. All the hate mongers towards our foreign minister have failed, and will fail more, after the latest british unsubstantiated warning to their citizens, because there is nothing true about it, but a wicked intension that our people and those of us who are UK citizen, will not forget, and will fight back in the next elections.

    Dr.Mohamed Abdillahi Omar is a serious diplomat, who does his job honestly and skilfully, without listening to those of us, who unfortunately do not understand how things go in this complex world. He will succeed, and bring our country at shores of New York.

  2. The British government declared that they do not recognize Somaliland (sic.) or any aother region of Somalia as a country as recently as this week. Yet again, we are talking about the Garadagland's Extraordinary Ambassador to U.K. here. Go figure!

    By the way, which one of the two gentlemen shown in the picture is the fake ambassador?

  3. Very nationalistic article and very timely. Somalilanders need to show that they are united for their country

  4. Amazing, !! we cant pray in our mosquesin Hargaysa peacefully because Walwayn beggers swarming people like flies, and yet they are bad mouthing Somaliland.. Please take these gypsies from Somaliland, then say whatever you want.

    • Your mentioning gods home and prayer while you badmouthing those who are in difficult position and in need of assistance and it doesn't matter where they're from. I guess you don't know the place you going and the message behind. no wonder the so-called Muslim countries are in trouble all around the world. because we're in the time god said they might look like they doing everything the way it suppose to be but the last place they would end up is heaven.

  5. why do people deceive others? Mohamed Abdillahi Omar is a crook and a liar for deceiving my people (Issaq) for 21 years, he does nothing but lie. Everybody knows the white trash village won't be recognized so why lie Mr Mohamed Abdillahi Omar?

  6. It is not must do thing to be a member of UN. Switzerland is not a member of UN and it is functioning and prosperous country. What our Foreign minister should do is to defend the image of our country. It is very simple.. Somaliland has many friends so let us not worry what one country says about us at one particular time. Secondly, Any one who is old enough should remember that our foes-Somalia was more stronger, more united, more hopefull than 1993 . They had Politicaly motivated Boutros Boutros Qali, UN secratary on their side , In 1993, Addis Abbaba Confrence, Qhali tried agressively to bring us into their fold, but he failed badly and undoubtedly any one who takes the same course will fail again. Despite our leader's triumph of mainting peace and order, Somaliland survival depends on 2 things: The army and the economy.. And both are doing relatively well.. Its doesnt matter if we have bad leader or good leader. Leaders come and go. As long there is growing economy and well fed army Somaliland will exist.

  7. For the time being, no worries for DR Omar. The man has been long enough on the job now since
    July 2010 and should have gained real confidence by the day to deal with the Diplomatic World of Nations. Besides, the Polices and Politics of his Govt is always consultative for all the country's affairs on the National and International levels.

  8. Mr Omar is doing very well and we stand shoulder to shoulder with him and I would like to advice Somaliland Press webmasters to filter option content as freedom expression comes with responsibility.

  9. No one in the world wanna listen to this poor guy.The United Kingdom Prime Minister and Somalia President will discuss the future of fake land in the coming days in London and that is the end of the road.Dead end—————-No turns on red.

    Ingiriis Cadoow adaanu kuhoos joognaa maxaa kadambeeyey?waa wax lafilayey Somaliland sheekadeedu mar uun in ay soo-afjarmeyso.THE END.

    • Your comment is some how provocative but one thing Somaliland is not your concern and you do not belong to it and your comment it does not catch water so shut up.

  10. how carers about uk is another western countrey who dos not care about muslem world .what uk do for somailand .nothing

  11. If an ambassador appointed by his boss the Foreign Minister says the minister is good, then Walaahi he is right!!. Any serious person, with an ounce of common sense knows that under Dr. Omar's handling of our Foreign policy, its all been downhill and the recent step taken by the UK is the final nail in his credibility.

    As for the usual lost souls haunting the Somaliland websites, Somaliland has long gone, and won't back. Find something better to do, And remember the Somali proverb "hadal badani haan ma buuxiyo". If you have anything other than talk, bring it on..

  12. Somali president is in UK to restore Somali-British relations once again it appears the separatists have failed miserably and they only have support from few Welsh elders…

    When you don't even have a country how can you have a foreign policy? Let the imaginary guy continue with his imaginary dream and job…