The Ministry of public works and national housing has awarded a privately owned firm the authority to issue national driving licenses.
The awarding of the Contract was confirmed by the minister of public works and national housing Hon Ahmed Abdi Mahmoud Haabasade in a telephone interview with

The Public works minister when asked why he chose to depart from traditions of the issuance of the national driving licenses, he replied by saying “Our decision to award the private firm came about after many considerations on our part with the main focus remained on Road Safety.

“The decision is also based on finding a Standard structure of issuance of driving licenses at the national level to deliberate on road safety, taxation ,assume ownership, take a stand and act decisively, to mitigate the avoidable human suffering,” said Hon Haabasade.

Public Works minister enforced his position by downplaying by the risk of exposing citizen’s private information by saying “There is nothing wrong in awarding a private firm the right to authorize driving licenses as long as they work in accordance with our guidelines.

Lastly the minister denied allegation which purported his ministry was planning to increase the fee charged while applying for new driving licenses.

Goth M Goth


  1. Probably the private company that is entrusted to issue the drivers liscences is the same one owned by Silanyo's family which was using wheel barrows and shovels to renovate Hargeisa airport that is closed since 2009. Is the airport open yet?

    • Typical Somali. Stop worrying Somaliland achievement. I understand it Is usual for Somalis to accommlishments.

      • Typical Somali. Stop worrying about Somaliland achievement. I understand it Is usual for Somalis to hate Somaliland accomplishments. I know Somaliland is doing good because of the number haters since new government come to power.

  2. one word for Habsade ''TRAITOR'' go jump off a cliff you gave us Bahararsame a bad name and Dhulbahante in general, just because you had a disagreement with your cousins in Puntland does that give you the right to betray your country and flag.

    • How about ALI KHALIF, he already changed his position toward Somaliand . I hope you watched Minneapolis conference.

      • HABSADE IS AN EMBARRASMENT!!Ali khalyf is a great man and im proud to be related to him! I know for sure he will be a traitor.

          • What about Dhuloz living in other side of Buhoodle where Ethiopia flag fly high and their people like kissing daily habashi.. Are they traitors too? lool.

          • What ethiopian flag? if they sympathize or support ethiopia then why did they fought the ethiopians and the SNM at once? and still they could not get through to Buhodle ecause they are true blue somalis.

  3. Two roles here, The contractor prints the DLs and Vehicle plates and everything else remains
    under the Ministry? Is my assumption correct?

  4. WHAT driver license, there is no ROADS to drive vehicle in Hargeisa/burco/berbera.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. what a crazy folks.kkkkkkkkk

  5. There are so many other more important things regarding Driver and Vehicle Licences:
    Left hand driving vehicles should be banned from the country or replaced within very short time of importing. They are major cause of accidents because you can't see oncoming cars in some places eg overtaking or we should change to British road system where we keep on the left and overtake on the right just like Kenya or the UK etc. Secondly ban importing vehicles older than 10 years, we see 20 years old cars imported … we are not scrap yard. Thirdly the government needs to enforce road traffic laws regarding safety of vehicles. eg any vehicle not meeting the required standard should be deemed unfit or not road worthy and so bounded until repaired, this could be achieved by introducing yearly tests or on the spot tests by trained Police. How many times have you seen cars without brakes or head lights or even worn out tyres etc. Then there should be strict tests both theory and practical for new drivers before they are given Driving Licence. I welcome the move of contracting the issuance of DL as long as the company concerned adheres to standards set by the ministry of public works.
    Somaliland Guul