The government of Somaliland has described the withdrawal of military forces from Lasanood and on the frontlines as part of a plan to implement the ceasefire it announced on the 10th of this month.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland Dr. Issa Kayd Mohamud, said that Somaliland has the ability to reach a full solution to its internal disputes, while talking about the situation in Lasaanod.

He said, β€œSomaliland has always had the power, and was committed to solving its internal issues, as we have done for seventy years, while maintaining our peace and democracy, the government is confident that the situation in Lascaanod will be resolved.”

The Minister, who specifically emphasized the withdrawal of the Somaliland military from the front lines of the city of Lasanood, said that it is a step to protect the safety of the people, after calls from the people and the international community.

He said, β€œIn order to reduce the suffering of the people, and when we realized the calls coming from our people and our international friends, this morning ( Sunday) the Somaliland forces withdrew from the previous positions and gathered at certain bases.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland Dr. Issa Kayd Mohamud said that the government is determined that Lasanod should not be a refuge for terrorist groups, and he said that they are calling on the armed forces of the community in Lasanood to evacuate the city.

He said that the military forces have full capabilities to protect the independence of Somaliland, but, they did so to show their commitment to the implementation of the ceasefire