When Abdirisaq arrived in Las Anod, the quagmire worsened, says Minister Kore


The Minister of Information, Culture & National Guidance of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland, who is also the Spokesperson of the Government of Somaliland, Hon Suleiman Yusuf Ali Kore, accused the Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdirisaq Khalif Ahmed funding insurgent adversary forces’ fuel and arsenals using national assets.

He also called on the WADDANI party to come out clean on the political stance taken by the speaker who was its member.

In a press conference held in Hargeisa, the minister stated that Speaker Abdirisaq Khalif had already made it clear while in Turkey that he would not indulge in the calming and pacification process in Las Anod by collaborating with the Somaliland government.

“He came to Hargeisa to cunningly mislead. He made recommendations to the President, which the President accepted because he understood the value of his leadership role, and the President gave him all of the advice and support he requested. The problems however multiplied when Abdirisaq arrived in Las’anod,” said Minister Kore.

Minister Kore went on to say, “It is clear that the national assets that were handed over to him were used ‘to buy ammunition and fuel’ to bolster groups fighting the National Army”.

He stated that Abdirisaq Khalif’s final words contradicted everything he had sworn to as the third most powerful man in the country.

He said, “Abdirisaq Khalif’s latest words contradicted everything he swore to uphold for the nation. He was supposed to bring a solution as the country’s third most powerful man, and also, owing to being someone from the region, he was to bolster rapport with the community. He was supposed to mediate negotiations, but instead, he sided with the insurgents, as attested and evidenced by his own words.”

Minister Kore also accused Abdirisaq Khalif of previously working more on the development of the Somali governments, particularly that of Sheikh Sharif’s administration.

“Abdirisaq Khalif committed a gross misdemeanor against the National Army, and he committed treason against the people and the country of Somaliland,” said Minister Kore.

Minister Kore stated that Abdirisaq Khalif informed them that Al-Shabaab groups were fighting in Las’anod.

“Abdirisaq Khalif made it clear to the Cabinet of Ministers that were in Sool that Al-Shabaab forces were fighting in Las’anood,” said minister Kore.

He charged that the speaker told them that ‘there was a large force of Al-Shabaab fighting in the city of Las’anood, and all the Dulbahante traditional leaders are communicating with them, and they are among those who are advocating for the federal government of Somalia’.

Minister Kore observed that the people of Somaliland have been brethren for more than 700 years and will continue to be so.

He noted that history would always judge and document those who unite Somaliland as opposed to those who are bent on rendering them asunder.

“As the Council of Ministers that went to the region, we sought to mitigate the difficulties faced while also shouldering the responsibility of whatever took place. We met the relatives of those who died at the beginning of the unrest and pledged to compensate them,” said Minister Kore.

“I call on the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Abdirisaq Khalif to resign because he has violated every provision of the Constitution that he and his office stood for. If he does not resign, I appeal to the members of the House of Representatives to remove him from his position, as he has violated the constitution as both as a member and speaker”, advised the minister.

Minister Kore stated that the President and government had removed troops from Las’anod in response to the Sool traditional leaders’ request saying, “They requested that the army should be withdrawn from the city. The president complied and directed that the army be withdrawn from Las’anod. What is needed now is for us to enter tangible dialogue and for the unrest to end.”

Minister Kore urged the WADDANI party to clarify their stance on the position of Abdirisaq Khalif’s policy noting, “The WADDANI party, which Abdirisaq Khalif belonged to, is required to clarify whether they support his stance, or denounce him because he has lost the national trust that put him in office in Somaliland.”