Somaliland Chief of Staff Major General Ismael Shaqale and the chief of operations for Somaliland forces Brigadier General Abdullah Haji Jama accompanied by unspecified number of senior officers have left the country headed to Ethiopia.

Although the exact reason of the visit is still unclear unconfirmed sources indicated top military officers representing both countries are thought to be holding discussions on how to find ways of strengthening existing military cooperation between the two countries.

The visit to neighboring Ethiopia by top echelons in Somaliland army comes amid the recent awarding of ranks to senior officers by President Silanyo which introduces the previously absent administrative leadership structure that not only marks categorical status while instilling discipline amongst the ranks, but is also an incentive catalyst of (and for) enhancing performance within the service by individual servicemen.

Every year Somaliland sends more 150 cadets to the Combined Army Academy in Awash, Ethiopia and Somaliland cadets are known for performing exemplary well in Ethiopian Military Academies.

Goth M Goth


  1. Probably, this delegation is taking part in the annual celebrations of the Ethiopian people's and nationalities as they gather in Addis Ababa. In other words, why a Somali general is meeting the army of an occupying force if he is not betraying his people and his country?

      • You see, even if that was true Kaboon, we the south aren't sick minded (Calool kuqaad) like you separatists. We've moved on and reconciled. This sick mind of your filled with tribal hate, will only in the end destroy you. It won't harm anyone dear, I suggest you go back to your deen, and study how damaging and self destructive holding grudge is.

        • After you resolve what you will do with the progeny of the 20,000 Africans in muuqdishu?

          Are they Somali?

          • Buuxiye, sick, tribal terrorist sympathiser like you aren't not concern to us. Besides, do something about the rising half Ethiopians kids born everyday in Hargeysa and Berbera, if you are so concerned about the Somali race

          • Mogadishu will never get peace unless the Ugandan-darood and Burundian-darood children born out of wedlock grow-up and fully occupy the villa Somalia they were born in.

          • Hassan liijo.

            Darood territory there is no Ungandan or Burundian. worry about fatherless children in hargeis and burco left by the ethoipians.

          • one track policy is in progress, meaning hargeisa's regional administration is so submissive to the orders gave by the new government in muuq-disho.

            4.5 is well in its early stages, and that's called modern-day failed state getting back to its knees.

            Americans call this democracy in progress

    • Allemagan
      Ethiopia is not occupying Somalia , your president begged them to help you get rid of alshabab without the Ethiopia there will be no Somalia , Somaliland wants to take part in peacekeeping in your country too .
      After all we share the same religion , right , we won't rape our sisters like some soldiers do.

  2. Allemagan,

    You are on the wrong side of the agenda. The General has a special mission? Guess what this mission.
    Amrs and ammunitoin to kill all haters of Somaliland? Weapons to eeliminate all remanants of Faqash, like Puntlandgeezer, Kayse, and like..

    • LOL, gosh, you separatists always manage to elevate your fairytale dreams. And always fail to realise, that it is a fairytale what they talk about. You see ''Kayse and like…', which you meant also Allemagan, are pro unions, and you are willing to literally eliminate them purely because because they refuse to be divided from their brothers in the south by view handful separatists like you. I guess that itself highlights enough to know how people get oppressed and silenced in north-west Somalia. Glad you showed how pathetic you separatists actually are.

      • The sister TRUTH10 is just delutional and sad because Burger-land is never discussed i any political event

        • LOL, I'm a southerner dear. And as far as I know, the rising stars are they, you just the past. Hahaha

          • I know is hard to believe that everyone is going against you. Keep believing in your imaginary thinking of that only Darood is against your land stealing secession bs.

  3. Nothing wrong with visit..Do not be worried…waxay tahay in dadkani tooso..war collaad wax ay baa'bi'so mooye faa"iido inneyna lahayn Amerikadi aad taqaaney weydi..waa lagu faqriya…Cadaawa da berrigi hore jirtey iyo geeli la kala dhici jirrey waxan moodayey in laga gudbey…dhulbahante iyo h/jeclo meel iyo daaq wey wadaagaan hadana sheekoyinki hore ayaad mooda in la so cusbeneyey…lol..Annigo Ethiopian ahay waa sidan u arkayo sheekada…Issaaq iyo Dhulbahante wale inneyna jirrin ruux isaga dhow xatta daarrodkana dhaho..waxay tahay in laga gudbo…Somaliland waxa hadda la hagaagsan in ay gooni isu-taagi dib u dhigato at least…salaad kastaba wakhtigedey habbon tahay in la tukado..Wixi kugu dheerraada waxa la qaattey in laga hadho..dhibaatoyin badan aya soo baxaya..ruuxna wakhti sabab looga dhiggo lama joogo..Waxa la hubbiyey in isku duubnaan wax weyn lagu gaadho halka kelidu ayna far ku qoynen. Yacni ma xuma iyado federral heshiiskiisa la xaqiijiyey o aad isla marka degmeddaada addigu maamulkeeda gacanta ku haysid hormar aan la qiyaasi karreyn ayaa la hubiyey in ay leedahay…Ha laga waantoobo wixi kala kaxaynaya dadka..Xummaato ruux aan soo dhadhamin ma jirro..Maskax aya illahay dadka siiyey..Timmirti hore dab lo wa…See Eriterea…SeeTimur wax ay gaadhen waa la sugaya..Viva Ethiopia…Halka warkaasi idinka so gaadhayo waa nin u dhashay Ethiopian laakin si wannaagsan u og- deeggaanka. …wat do think? It upto you…believe or

    • SAFE YOUR COUTRY …….SAFE …………..YOUR SELF………………… watch sooon………

  4. The guys went to their abtiland, so im not so sure why would you call it unexpected visit. They are just renewing their allegiance to the new master, and beg him to follow the path of meles, and kill all somalis in the horn.

  5. The ethiopian stooge (SNM) are piece of cake compared to Al shabaab they are not well-equipped or organized but just collections of rag-tag Issaq militia so somalia can defeat these muppets in no time. The Ethiopian (SNM) cannot hold Somalia hostage, the only reason they are occupy khaatumo state is because khaatumo has less arms. AS soon as the embargo is lifted from Somalia the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) will flee from sool, sanaag and cayn mark my f*** ing word!

    • Still better army then darood+mooryan kids being forced to rape their own women. Kony 2012 stopped last year

      • Look at your use of language. You just showed that you are a true separatists who known for even cursing the Prophet. Nacalad ligu dhacday idnkoo dhan. And believe me, you are all suffering mainly because of the cursing of the Prophet you do.

        • drivel again, it is a well known fact that you daroods are the biggest kuffar in the horn so don't you dare mention the prophet, achole is being smuggled daily to somaliland from garowe and boosaso, darood women are selling their bodies in the streets of burco.


  6. Allemagan,
    Your so-called government is the one who is begging Ethiopia to give arms to kill those Somalis who are not with her. Somaliland no need arms to kill its people.

  7. Somali people are only good at killing other somali people…

    Weapons, Ranks, Uniforms and respect should be reserved for those who deserve them.

    NFD – Colonized by Kenya
    KILIL – Colonized by Ethiopia
    Djibouti – Colonized by France & UN
    Somalia – Colonized by Amisom

    Shanta Somaliyeed only has Somaliland left to be Colonized… 20% Remains Free.

    • all five regions never had united front for greater Somali- state,

      nowadays they say- the diaspora controls somali politics,

      is there a hope left among current stakeholders to united the four regions except

      • To be honest the people in Gerowe or Boorame or Beledweyne do not care that much about politics. They are more interested in supporting their families as best as they can. If these people meet someone from another one of the somali-states they will give them respect and threat them with kindness.

        The Illness and disease of Qabilism is in the diaspora communities…

        🙂 The real Cudur, Cuqdad and Calaacal is all outside Africa. We send Millions in Remittance so we feel we have a right to dictate to them what policies to implement.

        SNM, USC and SSDF were all created by Diaspora in foreign countries 🙂

        As soon as they stop listening to our demands we will cut off the monthly life line of $1,5Billion that we send. The Diaspora are the Illuminati with the influence of the World Bank. We have greater influence then the USA and UK put together. Since their direct AID package is not even Half that of the Diaspora.

        UK promised Hassan Mahamoud $3million in A~I~D 🙂 Muahahaha what an insult and on top of it they put it in every NEWS paper.

        Guess what Dahabshiil processses $8.91 million of remittance every single day… 🙂 so tell me were the British taking the piss out of Hassan Mahamoud or not?


        • SNM, USC and SSDF run Somali politics of cause

          the triangle has no angle no matter how had they brainwash the youths

          wallaal my somali brother one clan secessionist dont work
          biggest donor of somaliland region is Ethiopia, considering Ogaden majority of somali-region of ethiopia

          • D-Block

            UNION was born because of LOVE not HATE.

            UNION was Majority choice no Minority demand.

            UNION involved 2-EQUAL states no 1-state owned by the other.

            The problem is the state of Mind that wishes to disrespect Somaliland while claiming to represent UNION. If Somaliland is not perfect then all Somalilanders should first try to fix the problem before they fire bullets.

            Peace is Unity.

  8. anything Somali people want from Ethiopia government they should go through Jigjiga HQ administration , therefore this mop head is war criminal and I'm counting my Ogadeen superpower blood do something about it immediately.

    • Without PEACE your landlocked Dried up desert dust bowl will remain a backward village.

      There are people who are happy to keep your political share and your economic share so long as you keep firing bullets.

      War only makes more widows for you to feed.