President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) has met with the CEO of a Turkish oil exploration company GENEL Energy Mr. John Hayward in London, UK Capital.

Top officials of the Turkish owned company hosted a luncheon in honor of President and entourage at the headquarters of Genel Energy in London.

During the luncheon President Silanyo spoke of the potentials Somaliland holds in terms of natural resources which currently remains unexplored by the outside world.

President Silanyo also took the opportunity to reiterate his government commitment to work with all those who are ready to invest in the country by saying “Somaliland is open for business”.

The chief executive late last year while visiting Somaliland reiterated that the company will kick off the oil exploration and in which the company pumped more than invest forty million dollars into the project. He thanked President Silanyo and people of Somaliland,he added” We(Genel) expect that the project will bear fruit and that we will successfully produce oil for Somaliland people by the year of 2014,.

The Turkish owned Genel Energy entered the farm in agreement on the 12th of November 2012 after both sides agreed to farm for 50 per cent of Jacka Resources Limited’s (“Jacka”) license interests so as to explore for and produce oil and gas in the Odewayne Block, this paves way for Genel Energy to substantially increasing its acreage position in Somaliland.

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    • Hi moron! Somalilandpress has no permission to use the related pictures of this topic, so they are showing the old pictures of the same individuals which they hold in their records. Anyway, nobody interests to buy your BS. Go and look for water to drink, capito moron!

  1. Good news, Tony Hayward is very aggressive person and I hope he will leave no stone turned in these two blocks. I wish , Ophir Energy will act soon in the Guban block and gush out oil from my ancestries grave in Muriye.

    • Are you a descendant of Bullaale Baarjeex? If so, then expect plenty of applications and I'm the first to do so.

  2. Genel Energy is fast expanding Co. in Africa and Asia, including Kurdistan and it seems committed in unearthing, the bottom of whatever is buried in the Somaliland Soil. So the people of Somaliland with their cash starved Government have to support it.

    • If Genel can create a $9.6Billion GDP(2010) in Kurdistan when the Territory of Kurdistan is divided between
      Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Armenia.

      Kurdistan is a Region and not even a unified country, they are waged in war on 4-fronts, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

      Yet their region has began to develop far better then the recognized states that claim it's territories and is on a trajectory to becoming the Dubai of the future.

      May Allah award greater success to Somaliland-Republic amiin.

      • The only Kurdish area with self autonomy is in Iraq the rest are brutally suppressed but the next one to watch out to get its freedom is the Syrian Kurds one which Turkey is trying its utmost best it doesn't.

        • In essence if a Kurdish Region split between 5countries can generate $9.6Billion Gdp.

          Then BerBera or Odweyne alone will generate that much money even without recognition 🙂

          Insha'allah Khair and may Allah make that day a reality as we await our Recognition patiently. Somaliland will always remember to help the refugees and drought victims of the horn of Africa therefor a wealthy Somaliland will reduce Horn of Africa's AID dependency at the very least…

    • Don't you see the problem is not Somaliland-Republic nor the various provinces of Somalia.

      The problem of arms proliferation and resale have always been the problem of the weak transitional governments and this current "Replacement Provisional Government" [RPG] is non inclusive and non-representative of the people it proports to govern.

      There is a higher likelihood that any weapons that are given to the [RPG] will continue to find their way into the hands of insurgents and militia who have the $$ to buy these weapons. The UN special report on Somalia uncovered the level of Arms resale by the Government soldiers is as high as 80%.

      To be honest no civilized reasonable person will be advocating the supply of more weapons to undisciplined criminal security forces that are alleged to commit 90% of armed robbery, rape and murders.

        • samale.

          If you think centralize moryaan goverment will rule all of somalia than you need to think twice, because it's not gone happen. all semi-autonomous states will run own local affairs that's for sure.

          Somalis know how's supplying weapon al-shabab, i don't need to go into details.

          • Samale,

            This shows how stupid your and the problem is you hardly understand anything. did know 90's rhetoric's is well and live now than ever before since culusow took the wrong direction. but the good thing is IC told him clearly to stay away local semi-autonomuos states affairs.

            As long IC running and controling moryaan led goverment than very thing will be smooth.

        • Abdi in a Democracy that is what happens we have 22-years of experience 🙂 The level of opposition and their destructive power is visible in Somaliland.

          Is Somalia prepared for multi-party ELECTION???

          You have more Clannistic issues then we do. If after 22-years Mucaardnimo is causing so much headache i feel sorry for Somalia or Djibouti when they try Full-Democratic elections.

          Somaliland-Republic will survive the storm unfortunately a few passionate citizens might experience heart-attacks or strokes but the Majority will smile on. Gaining Recognition is Live, it is the source of our energy to be engaged in politics, it is the source of our desire to develop and it has been beneficial for 22-years… it will not harm us if we are chasing it for another 22-years.

          🙂 Enemies of Somaliland-Republic get excited when ever we exercise our democratic rights. We fought for this right and neither our government nor Road-Map's pretend government will ever effect our rights.

          The big question is for how long will the people of Somalia be content with 1-party rule ???
          – Hassan will wait til the last day of his term to beg an extension of term.
          – Hassan will wait till the last month of his term to allow only another SELECTION process.
          – Hassan will never support a multi-party state in his term
          – Hassan will amend road-map constitution to support a 1-party system

          Silly questions i guess the people of Somalia will receive more services from Dahabshiil then the Vila-captive government.

          KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK We are all swinging in sewage as far as the Somali name is concerned it can't get any worse.

          • Buxi.

            It's big slap on the face somaliland project from IC specially the brirish your masters. somaliland never held genuine democracy election it was all one clan election system like the way somali Elders use to do hundred years ago.

            If somaliland region did get"recognition" the last twenty years it will be impossible to get one now, because the ODDS are ( one in a thrillion).

            Dahabshill is one of somali money transfer company, i don't think somalis rely on dahabshill they are other bigger companies in somalia it's childish to say that. also bare in mind dahabshill they are in deep trouble since british and american announcement about somaliland region.

            Hassan culusow will go after four years that is for sure. they are two things ppl can't avoid,one is death and the other one is taxes.

            As we speak somaliland fake mission led by seccessionist is GONE for GOOD, it's unfortunate it has come to this. ofcourse all somali name is painted with sewage, but same are still swimming the in SEWAGE such as s/land while others are washing of.

      • You're somewhat right their role was pouring more gasoline on top of the fire to make sure it keeps burning.

        About the lifting the Embargo first of all the reason why the SNA were/are selling their weapons ammunition's is because they weren't getting payed for months but with this government getting recognized changes all that because of the $£ that's about to come their way with the recognition.

        "We will need to help countries like Yemen, Libya & Somalia provide for their own security." -President Obama the West is very serious about getting Somalia back on its feet why well i could write a whole book why but lets just say its political.

        Also the West will be keeping a eagle eye on the weapons it's also helping that this new government has so far proven to the IC its not corrupt maybe down the line but not his cabinet.

        • 6-Months and you are claiming they are not corrupt?

          – Hassan Mahamoud won a SELECTION process by buying 190votes out of 271.
          – Hassan Mahamoud won his post as part of a Road-Map process which was held for and only conducted in the Somalia-territory (Italian-Somalia) that gained it's independence from ITALY 01-Jul-1960.
          – Parliament contains diaspora residents who are being paid $2000/month while they continue to live in the diaspora.
          – 2 Parliamentarians namely Ahmed ismeal samatar and Ali khalif galydh have alleged on international tv that Hassan mahamoud purchased the 190votes and the UN, Arab-league, EU and AU representatives have all witnessed the vote purchase process.

          Not even 6months in office as such the USA recognition is not a reflection of the Replacement-Provisional-Government[RPG] capability after all:

          – 1.5million idps still depend on food aid in the Capital of Somalia-Italia-federation
          – Constitution is still transitional as such will be changed.
          – 20,000 AU troop still keep the Vila safe
          – Kenya is still occupying the Juba valley
          – Ethiopia is still occupying the south-central regions.
          – Somalia security forces are still committing 90% crimes including murder, rape, extortion and arms proliferation.

          USA simply needs a "puppet government" able to sign away state & public rights so they can continue to violate state territory land, air and sea. CIA will continue to control the Airport and port and it's allies will setup base in as much as Djibouti and hence another cribbled state is born. Just as Ismael Omar Gelleh can remain in power till his death so will Hassan Mahamoud only to be replaced by one of their Sons.

          • Stop lying to your self yes SHSM had powerful people behind him but the number one reason Sharif lost is because the speaker and the Pm made sure in the second round all the people that voted for them in the first round went to SHSM

            The rest i'm not even gonna entertain you with your usual rhetoric all i can say is go and see your GP for more prescription

  3. ha….ha…..ha……
    All Siilaanyo can do is to meet petty traders….kkkkkkk
    Will Cameron be the next picture? I bet noooooo…….LoL
    Mr. Siilaanyo, please just rest and sleep in the house you built from the looted snm money!!!!!!
    You need it……..Ha…..ha…..ha…..

  4. This is too real and happening fast track. Woes to all those wailers and haters of Somaliland.

    • Bro no disrespect but this guy Hayward is the most business minded cutthroat savvy of the oil industry who wont give two cents about the environment.

      This is the same guy that was seen having fun yachting when the BP gulf crises was happening and that is against the Americans imagine what he would do against a third world country ?

      • Kaboon maybe there are Redlight districts in Muuqdishu?

        Every African is running there like it is the NEW Taiwan…

        On the way:

        – Nigera
        – Siera Leon
        – Ghana
        – South africa
        – Congo

        Maybe they are serving some super Ugaali shuuro?

        • You know what he's there for don't lie to your self have some dignity you tribal enclave days are numbered

          • LOL Your people have been waiting for 22-years.

            MAY Allah reward your land with what ever you wish on ours. Amiin

            16-Districts in Muuqdishu and 15 of them are governed by Hawiye how the hell is Muuqdishu the Somali capital,,, it is the Hawiye Capital and 50% of Muuqdishu properties belong to non Hawiye…

            Now tell me whose lies and project is about to fail and burn down to the ground.

            Personally i would like to see a beautiful totally rebuilt Muuqidshu because there is no real point of burning down a rubbish heap!!!

            Please rebuild Muuqdishu 🙂 it will be more enjoyable that way… Put every penny you have into Muuqdishu please… Good

          • P.s

            Has Hassan Mahamoud received the $3Million aid donation promised by David Cameron?

            Hassan looked like a Romanian hustler in the UK he was only missing his fake gold teeth 🙂

          • lol these guys are the worst deluded people i have ever come across bro for the last 20 years we were concentrated within ourselves.

            Firts of all it was £ not $ second don't get watery eyes when the World banks start giving SHSM billions of $ and the IC starts equipping the SNA as soon as the Arms embargo is lifted

          • 1. I would like to see Muuqdisho built to look like Dubia.
            2. I am happy to see SNA given land mines, helicopters, tanks, scud rockets, nerve gas etc.

            You know why i will keep a clean heart???

            Because every success Muuqdishu makes the Isaaqs, Daroods, Dir and Rahanweyn who had their properties stolen will burn from the inside, you see i will give my blessing to Muuqdishu because there are enough people who will be trying to burn it down.

            Muudisho the Somali capital where 50% of the properties are stolen or bought with Kacaan proceeds 🙂

            Please invest all your Ic donations and world bank loans in rebuilding the Stolen capital 🙂

            A State capital with 15 out of 16 Districts governed by Hawiye 🙂 Muahahaha

            Good luck

  5. Tony Hayward, former BP c.e.o. is a big player in the oil industry and can make things happen just like that. Don't worry you haters! you'll soon all work for us as cheap labour from Somalia.

  6. wasn't Siilaanyo supposed to hook up with his mutual friend david cameron?
    I hope this will cheer the cockroaches Ethiopian stooge (SNM)

  7. @Irir Samaale

    do what you gotta do but do it quick that arms embargo need to be lifted up ASAP to confront the Ethiopian stooge (SNM). I got me list all prepared of what weapons I need to rumble Hargeisa into ashes.

    • PuntlandGeezer,

      Stupid and silly. Stupid because you never seem to be able to realize who you are and whom you are talking to. The natives of Hargeisa, Burco, Berbera, and Ergabo were those who deteated you, delibilated you, and dragged your dead bodies on streets of Burco, and who wiould tame you and your likes, if the need arises, in the future.
      Just keep wailing, ranting and raving after Somaliland. You are a hopeless man who hate has just overshadowed. Nothing else. Blow up yourself. That would better for you