The Chief of the Armed Forces General Nuuh Ismael Taani rewarded top military athletes with trophies and plaques following their victory in a recent athletics competition.

The military team known as Gashaan had scooped most of the top slots in the competition held in Hargeisa.

The Gashaan team was hosted at the officers’ mess in Hargeisa where they received their medals.

The competition is held annually for all security personnel in the country. The Gashaan team won 10 of the 12 trophies of the competition.

The athletics competition saw the following athletes win different categories of sprint.

Mohamud Hussein Ahmed won1500 metres sprint.

Abdillahi Abdi Saeed scooped the 800 metres dash.

Diriye Yusuf Muhumed took the 400 metres race.

Mustafa Abdikadir Muhumed won the 10 kilometers long distance run.

Mohamud Hussein Ahmed won the 5 kilometres race and

Fuad Saeed Ali won 3 kilometres race and two other races.

Speaking at the event General Nuuh Ismael Taani congratulated the sprinters for their fete. He said this is the second consecutive year the athletic team won medals.

He awarded the winners with medals and trophies.