An important 2 days long meeting on economic issues was organized by the ministry of finance and held in Hargeisa.

The symposium seeks to find solutions to the economic problems of the country.

The agenda of the workshop will put emphasis on finding ways to increase agricultural outputs and remove the hinders to trade and economic development.

Minister of Finance Hon. Sa’ad Ali Shire speaking before the commencement of economic growth meeting stated that they were looking forward to finding lasting solutions to the economic challenges the country faces. He added the national economy shares the same challenges with the global community.

The finance minister who is the chairman of the cabinet’s financial and economics committee said that in the duration of the meeting they will discuss the economic barriers and challenges impacting economic growth.

The general economic development meeting is expected to take 10  consecutive days and will end on 12th September 2022.

This meeting comes at a time the country is reeling from an economic slowdown caused by the Covid-19 and global climate which has brought about drought.

Another factor is the fire disaster at Waheen market which razed the economic lifeline of Hargeisa, hence the need to find an intellectual solution to the myriads of economic problems.

Attending the highly charged meeting were the ministers of planning, energy and mineral resources, agriculture and the governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland.

According to the finance minister the meeting seeks to find ways to make Somaliland economical dependent on her natural resources.