Somaliland’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has apprehended two men with alleged ties to Somalia’s intelligence service, according to a recent statement.

The NIA disclosed the arrests of Abdirahman Jama Kulmiye and Sahal Ahmed Abdilahi, citing their purported involvement in undermining Somaliland’s sovereignty. Both individuals were reportedly associated with the Somali Intelligence Agency (NISA) and had connections to its former director, Fahad Yasin Haji.

The NIA’s statement did not provide specific details about the arrest, such as the location or circumstances.

The agency emphasized that these arrests are part of the NIA’s ongoing efforts to combat espionage and are linked to its broader investigations into foreign intelligence activities within its borders.

Somaliland NIA also noted a recent increase in the number of individuals detained on suspicions of espionage. Earlier this week, the Somaliland NIA arrested three individuals suspected of aiding SSC fighters during armed clashes in Las Anod. The suspects, identified as Abdifatah Ali Abdi, Abdifatah Hassan Elmi, and Abdirashid Muhammad Ibrahim, were arrested in the Oog district.