The country’s law reform committee has recently been working on reforming the country’s general penal code, with a view of doing away with outdated and obsolete ones that are no longer tenable.

The General Penal Code as a law has worked mostly in the courts of the country for ages in litigating cases but is now deemed no longer tenable due to various changes in lapse of time.

The committee charged with the task of the reforms is now in the process of completing the realignment of the General Penal Code.

The chairman of Somaliland’s law reform committee, Prof Mohamud Hussein Farah, on Wednesday chaired a meeting to discuss the completion of the works mentioned.

The meeting that took place in the conference hall of the committee was attended by the deputy chairman of the committee for the reform of laws, Mr. Muhyadin Abdi Haji Ali, the director of the department of review and reform of laws, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed, and the director of the department of Sharia and theology of the committee Mohamed Mahdi Hassan.

During the meeting, issues related to the General Penal Code and how to appropriately complete the code were discussed.

In essence, the Somaliland Law Reform Committee is a committee tasked with reforming the country’s laws, especially the outdated laws, in line with Islamic Sharia, our culture and the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland.