By Goth Mohamed Goth

The government of Somaliland has stopped a proposed seminar by Imam Idris Mohamed and whose purpose was to train future couples on matrimonial issues.

The fiery cleric who recently flew from the USA has in the past two weeks holding sermons in several worship places across the country.

Mr. Jama Ahmed Abdi, the Maroodi Jeh regional administrator speaking to press said, “The government hasn’t at any time-barred the cleric or any other cleric preaching in any mosque but the case with Sheik Idris is different.

He added, “The cleric had advertised in social media sites on the purported training on matrimonial issues without consulting the proper authorities which is against the rules and laws of the country thus why we barred the training from taking place today.

The Maroodi Jeh regional administrator denied that the cancellation of the matrimonial was due to the Cleric pro-unionist stance.

The cleric was charging would be participants $10 dollars for the attendance.