The Kenyan government last week sent an expeditionary delegation consisting of diplomats to Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Both the governments of Kenya and Somaliland have not issued a statement on the alleged visit, The Horn has obtained reliable reports confirm the purpose of the trip was to open a consulate in Hargeisa by exploring the ideal environment for them. The visiting delegation was received by the Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation.

The three Kenyan diplomats are said to have flown out of the country last Friday. Although the Somaliland government was reluctant to comment on the issue when contacted by The Horn, it has been confirmed that members of the visiting Kenyan delegation discussed the matter with Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs officials.

The government of Kenya has on numerous occasions announced that it was planning to open a consulate in Somaliland, this is the first time it had officially sent its own diplomats to assess and lay the groundwork for establishing a consulate in Hargeisa.

Several countries have already established a permanent diplomatic presence in the country such as Ethiopia, Djibouti, Turkey and the United Kingdom all of whom have consulates in Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland.